World Horror Issues deals with all the things in the world that don’t bring joyance.

Life has a scary positive conclusion not unique to each individual.

The new world order is tailor made to pulverize the earth willy nilly, and we do not clarify our position on this.

The worst cases are most fascinating because they improve with age.

The real horror is overpopulation: people right close by one another.

The world has become a vague world first of strangers.

The universe is black rubbish which we cling to in the purged terror of combat and other spiralling misdemeanours.

Division erupts because people living in multi-cultural societies have nothing in common in terms of propriety of the minds, hearts and souls of the great tormentor of human life.

There is possibly instantaneous sustainable success of escalating problems: chastity

You see how much things hurt if you get a chance to add them all up.

But anarchy and life are still the same thing because you cannot exit from them with featureless focus.

A secluded blend of trouble and mayhem is not loaded with rules and regulations because they can cause even more malice to the imagination.