Trumpadnezzar is a pseudonym for Donald Trump.

This site celebrates the ceremonies and figures of Trump era America.

Trump has suffered conspicuous rejection over the past 4 years, it's not fair on him.

Donald Trump has been bought down by casual incrimination and is the victim of a conspiracy which is quite frightening if you obligated to be under his spell. 

Spare a thought for all the trouble he has gone through trying to make America great again.

His antics were probably more of an example of how to unite people where all other alternatives had ceased.

Trumpadnezzar created a subversive form of politics acclaimed as a soap opera.

He’s got his faults but he’s got a brain as well.

Tumps conceding to Biden was not an awesome switch of power. Biden has as much crookedness as Trump.

In modern American politics, rude, churlish behaviour is an intriguing necessity.

Trump had a cauldron of demeanour which are aesthetically valuable qualities if you are to be president. On the contrary Biden has no charisma clearly realized apart form a number of successive transfers into the void. 

Trump's mad imbecilic release of rhetoric emerging throughout his presidential campaign was a reasonable solution to the world's problems.

99.9% of Americans support Donald Trump; you’ve just got to do your maths a different way. Add them all up and all the calculations are there.

He made mistakes right around the clock, but he cleans up as he goes.

He's got a Mickey Mouse way of working things out which doesn't involve any tinge of political science.

Donald and Melania Trump are a comfortable couple not contaminated by career politicians such as Joe Biden, whose policies are all dead organic material.

Trump's mind doesn't die, it is full of recharge.

All anti-Trump propaganda, just wipe it out of your head, don't even think about it.

Nobody is allowed to criticize him.

Absolutely it isn't acceptable to give Donald Trump anything characteristic of negative treatment.

Trump demonstrated an atmosphere of surliness, which gave him several advantages in his remembrance.

To be continued....