Trumpadnezzar is a pseudonym for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the American phantom.

He gladly agreed to a stampede on United States congress. He is a hero.

This site celebrates the ceremonies and figures of Trump era America.

Trump provided generous quantities of perversion strange and saturated with surliness, incurring major liabilities.

Trump reiterated America’s disastrously poor condition.

He created a cosmic storm in gaudy world politics still not completed, it is merely an extension of all things.

Give him another tug up to the world stage, but don’t apply gentle pressure because it is alien to him.

Free the monster because he has sensitive points.

One thing for sure, he has charisma; no doubt about that. But a taskforce tried to reduce his charisma.

He was never plagued by any languid natural instincts.

He has active oomph whatever remains of his individuality after ruling the free world and other rare occasions.  

Trump yielded to temptations not easy to disclose or operate.

Without Trump American culture has greatly dwindled into a parody.

Without Anglicised route-marking it is sometimes necessary to winch people from politics according to endemic rumours mentioned at length.

Excuse him for attempting a billowing re-erection of American politics with a clumsy amount of reasoning.

There are very many people accused of knowledgeable activity, however Trump is not one of them. That is how he created drama which will hardly return to earth unless he is re-elected. 

Powers of his mind will be approached once more while on his way to becoming a Demigod.

Trump came into close contact with a cool revival of decisive confrontation in modern politics home and abroad in the earliest surviving pattern of refinement of lavish escapism now commonplace in a cosy corner of the galaxy.

Enjoy no added elaborated frame of overlapping pretence or other delights crowded into one life.

Under Joe Biden jives are taken daily as directed. Trump is more of an austere juggernaut.

Biden ascertains precautions liberally; Trump does not.

Biden has no cheeky serious vintage competition to Trump which is considered highly dangerous.

Biden identifies common points of a morgue incorporated into a piece of furniture of American politics.

Reparation is a twisted offering, you cannot analyse the scene with various degrees of distinction.

Unlike Joe Biden, Trump could be very good at just chanting and shouting in a unique manner of unapologetic preaching.

America was well overdue for chants.

In contrast Joe Biden has a small elegant posh accent for use as an occasional centralized figurative device to be dredged.

Self-seeking modesty was non-existent, it got ripped away from him in favour of a heavily laden higher cause as conditions worsened for him.

His wave-like undulations of rhetoric were never wrought with slop.

Something inside him is a self-maintained menace.

His political persecution is a fix up of a botch up, thus it has no importance in all directions of common mapping of truth and reason and other sensor systems.    

Before Trump became president he sought for a closure on the war on drugs. He declared that the war on drugs was 'a joke'.

Under a Trump government the 911 terror attacks would never have happened.

Also, the Ukraine-Russia war would never have occurred.    

Counteract primitive militarists with rigorous principles.   

Yet Trump has suffered conspicuous rejection over the past 6 years, it's not fair on him.

Donald Trump has been bought down by casual incrimination and is the victim of a conspiracy which is quite frightening if you are obligated to be under his spell. 

Spare a thought for all the trouble he has gone through trying to make America great again.

His antics were probably more of an example of how to unite people where all other alternatives had ceased.

Trumpadnezzar created a subversive form of politics acclaimed as a soap opera.

He’s got his faults but he’s got a brain as well.

In modern American politics, rude, churlish behaviour is an intriguing necessity.

Trump's mad imbecilic release of rhetoric emerging throughout his presidential campaign was a reasonable solution to the world's problems.

99.9% of Americans support Donald Trump; you’ve just got to do your maths a different way. Add them all up and all the calculations are there.

He made mistakes right around the clock, but he cleans up as he goes.

He's got a Mickey Mouse way of working things out.

All anti-Trump propaganda, just wipe it out of your head, don't even think about it.

Nobody is allowed to criticize him.

Absolutely it isn't acceptable to give Donald Trump anything characteristic of standardised negative treatment.

Trump demonstrated an atmosphere of surliness, which gave him several advantages in his remembrance of being a deserter of cluttered demoralisation. 

His racism is unclaimed. He was equally satisfactorily segregated from every individual on earth due to his uncharted ambition to penetrate such a mass of extremism not closely associated with enormously demanding administrators or unsurpassed treacherous bureaucratic specimens with no inner reality whirled in upon them.