Miraculous Dementia is a zone of multiple seizures ripping your mind into shreds without intervals to replenish it.

Geriatric freshness is yet to be discovered.

Envy people that go astray.

People with dementia lose their brain chemistry and other accessories, as a kaleidoscopic quest undomesticated. 

Domestication is on borrowed time.

You sort of don’t think about it as your brain is destroying itself.

Set yourself free from your cranium frontal lobes without requiring a health provider.  

The goodness of communications jutting out from your mind is a nightmare ready to disappear.

The legs and other rigmarole affect the body when in danger.

Jointed legs are the next tomorrow

Dementia is one of the most critical dilemmas of our era which is to be idealized.

Surprisingly enough dementia has not got a lot to do with your brain suffering. It has got a lot to do with the social system you are under. 

What else is at stake in modern life apart from miraculous dementia?

Stop wellness services before they start then you will become a retard of cellular dysfunction.

Retardedness is a spasmodic exodus from luminous social life and its plateau of deep admirers.

Retards are select people, not beasts like the rest of incorrectly chartered humanity.

Emergency reaction is the finishing stroke of susceptibility.

Sadly your brain is eaten away by government. How would you even know?  

Surveys on your brain are guaranteed disproportionate to hindered progress of the mind you once belonged to.

Brains are top quality products at the prices you need before they digest themselves.

Your voice is not forever yours because of encroaching silence of previous lives and further experiments without a conclusion.

Distraught delusions frequent and intense you don't direct yourself because they are too much of a monstrous phenomenon.

Even if you did have to think for yourself, what’s the big deal? You will only have people spying on you.

Even fully developed voluptuous silence has repercussions and setbacks and other deliberately inconsequent inconveniences.

Never remember grandeur, create sanctions against it which juxtapose journalism and other compulsions.  

Dementia is a patriotic chore until you are no longer around after they take you away.