Neon Demise is a conspiracy to remove the magnitude of neon signs uniformly spread amongst many of the world's major cities at an unacceptable level. 

It is a conspiracy to shut down all things luminous.

Slaughter flashing lights.

Gleaming cosmopolitanism is rendered inert   

Conquer all lights that are arranged in a sequence.

Neon lights only benefit fundamentalist capitalism.

Perfect evenings are when you are drawn into the abyss of an imperturbable hazard.

Cordon off sunlight because it is average in terms of air molecules picked up by the Aurora.

Provide roof patrol of the Aurora, the last free continent of earth.

Yukky elementary forces are not highlighted.

There is nothing on Earth but dark tranquillity which does not change according to the situation.

Do not abide by colour and other lost objects.

Rumbling night time has no light passing in the narrow black hole of earth.

There is a shadowy equilibrium between light and dark which leaves future potential inadequate for our contemporaries.

Observe magnetization of a cult force without reproach and other jargon of survival terminology.     

Neon lights have slightly expanded to the attire of people wearing hi-vis vests, who resemble neon objects. These also will be bought into demise, accumulating many old-fashioned methods of the repulsion of any focal point of light.

Neon colours are ominously shocking. Hi Vis vests offer no protection as you are exiled into brightness with nothing else left.

Uncouth decomposition of light at a functional level cannot exist except as embodied in physical subjects.

Tranquillity is universal mopping amongst the congestion of modern cities rendered undesirable and irrational.

It won't really do that much harm to the cities, it will be an anomaly to marvel without the stage-managing of capitalism.

Neon colours are shocking because they depict capitalism’s absurd grasp on the planet.

This is total resistance to various techniques and integrated systems that are a not tantalizing dark and obscure. Light is deceptive if you interpret all of its instantaneous symbols filled in and gone.

Wherever you add in a constant series of darkness before your life is through is a plus. But you have to be aware of a certain amount of life.

Neon Demise underpins the impact of darkness without repent. Things get worse, not better as far as compelling light goes. 

Yell and scream about wrecking daylight!

With exposure to light your body starts to degenerate along with everything that goes with it.

Light is a tentative small matter compared to the powers of inexplicable darkness.

Light doesn't work here anymore, it is a mere painting.

Daylight is coated with victorious blackness which catches the attention for those with arms and equipment for destroying the light shipments of the sun.

When you begin to experience admissible instances of the sun as an aesthetic experience many questions intrude, actual or contemplated, courtesy of noncompliance.

Remote summer evenings don't have a considerable personal following, they are chronically refused by our venue of night time revolutionaries outside the two-dimensional surface of day and night. 

This is a way of doing all sorts of things with no basis whatsoever in such kinds as these dark examples of human experience with properly formed climaxes with a giddy silver lining before the finale has been.

This is our remedy for interrogated direct instruction of summer night's purely objective matter.