Celebrities and glamourous people are desensitized from the public, there is a cushioning effect between the rich and the poor who are bogged down by dualisms without mutual support being unloaded.

The star-studded become hardcore because they don't allow light to converge on them.

Royalty is junk laid bare.

The power of acquaintance is compromised after being publicized.  

Conventional fame is a conspiracy.

Be free, throw away time and space.

The mobility of embarrassment whatever is not terrifying whatever the result.

Glamourous people are alienated from other human beings because all they do is get peered out and photographed in public from whatever view point because of transparency. In doing so they do not occupy the bizarre, they form shame instead again and again all along. 

Their ordained uniqueness disappears.   

If the glamourous were to appear as general scumbags, wearing gothic and punk clothes, this would be avoided.  

Be somebody else when you venture out into the machine-run public as if it were a weird rescue voyage.

Don’t be upset if your life is applicable over a wide range of blank pressures then you will earn a reputation.