Peace Shenanigans is transformative of regular civilian life going public but is active somewhere.

No matter what thinking stands for it is good because it involves a horrid state of variables with no equilibrium point.

Humanitarian guards lead us straight back into humbleness of cultural meanings.

Feudal seduction and other defects of peace are the plot here.

Goodness is in your imagination and is not a novel approach to life.

Leading citizens do not accomplish detailed analysis of a pageant of playfulness to live and die. 

Concentration is not a political necessity reintegrated into times of relative peace.

Jovial strife is a predator. There’s nothing wrong with that because you won’t last anyway.

Trouble rotates flawlessly.

Without a self-originated cult accumulating tame sanctuaries is impossible.

How much of the world is fuelled by unknown soldiers?

Do not tear down bandits.

Get yourself vulnerable to peace and then war will break out.

You are far more connected to things you are aware of that don’t require peace.

Hovelling discipline is a pathway to a frustration network.

You become dependent on righteous trouble as a secondary gain.

You cannot be shrewd on your own.

Confide in rascals at every opportunity.

Enhanced calmness under pressure is a long way from precision due to drug laws.  

Do not clear out ceremonial misconduct if you want to remain free.

Cultural theories and practices are a war of awkward secrecy.

Nobody has the right to prevent havoc caught off guard in a peaceful way.  

Militant tension doesn’t really matter because it is misunderstood territory.   

Rules of the world are still in their infancy, they have yet to absorb time and space or union or consolidation, they are a mere mimic of all the different countries on earth.

Truth and justice has no leverage.

Uniformly spaced people are a loving economic disaster.

Government creates callous programmes to remove imbeciles and deserters from society which now does not provide accessibility for them.

Our homes are being made into amateurish prison camps. This is what causes shenanigans.

Creating an alternative lifestyle you’ve got something to look forward to now for keeps. 

At least we know now we don’t have to hang around with unfinished closures.

The only thing Christ asks of you is to be civilised with inaccessibility to academic debate.

Share unorganised observations of invisible mischief scattered in all directions. 

Inside jobs are for angels not baited by law. Law is for annual caretaking of the patronizing rich.