The Most Undisciplined Enigmas of Today Revealed.

"This website has got it all, incoherent streams of consciousness, climate change denial, conspiracies, attempts at mysticism, solipsism....even a vaguely nationalistic looking logo."

- Zicky Zhukov

"It was almost worth finishing when it was random unintelligible psychobabble. I even nearly laughed once I think...Needs more chaos, nihilism and destruction."

- Spazzgrinder

Introduction: What is Oytcho-Visha? 

Oytcho Visha is a united underground committee with the intent of eclipsing modern mass culture, so that it cannot be reunited in the area of human culture anymore by any suitable measure.

Our enterprise has been created for those who think that life prevails as a demented life-threatening farce.

Psychotic activity prevails here somewhere outside the body.

We signal the end of suave to life almost simultaneously with anarchy without human connnections.

We facilitate the effects of nihilism without recourse to reality or any other sympathetic system of life which increases cerebral activity.

Mass culture is a suppression of isolation for which there is no braking mechanism unless you belong to a dementia facility as an excuse for living.  

With dementia taking centre stage, life is a reasonably real replication of death absent of neuronal activity. 

Oytcho Visha is the home of obscure and forbidden sentiments not civilly treated in advance to enable the overall process of the recuperation of the human race.

Pushing on forwards, life is deemed uninhabitable without the possibility of reconstitution by any international administration.

Our imperative is to turn New Zealand into a distinct independent imperialist state which has a regulatory action which does not accumulate dangerous influences from the rest of the world founded by scientific discoveries.   

In New Zealand there are restrictive devices which no longer enable you to exist. They have banned drugs, and they are on the verge of banning cigarettes. The have also proposed banning vaping in public spaces.      

If there is one thing that is certain, New Zealand politics is locked down by fascism like nothing has been seen before because the politician's attitudes are erroneous within their internal environment.

Morons are disproportionately represented in the New Zealand political realm.

Driving everybody loopy is a constant torment unless a global ruler emerges without a conscious state.

Underneath there is a whole heap of stuff going on which you cannot see from the outside where you cannot look straight inside to from outside influences carefully selected.    

We are commissars of the cultural cold war which is occurring at the moment.

The cultural cold war is preliminary to modern warfare, although the enemies are non-specific.

Occupying forces are mobilized for no apparent reason.

Oytcho Visha is not a reconciliation mission of human affairs.

The consequences of happiness are difficult to define unless you juxtapose the latest trends and fashions.

We create awkward theories and conspiracies which would be slammed by those who believe in mass culture.

Anything which justifies the mainstream we rebuke rather than respond to.

With belonging to a cult, global conferences are all over and done with.

Oytcho Visha is an outrageous transformation which liberates you from those in command of humanity.

We are an eccentric hiatus from the latest range of labour camps and prisons we call reality. 

We create a lavish mutation of normal lifestyles, creating a lush readaption of modern culture, adjusting its regimes, and having no neuronal connections to them in the established base of our brain's administrative work.

We are accustomed to a deluded resistance against the burden of authority and its special privileges which puts our sensory cells on trial.

Robust official doctrines are incapacitated without lenience distributed accordingly.

In terms of American politics, we are not democrats; democrats attack the lavishness of history.

Under Joe Biden the grooviest America will collapse because he has no spare charisma with an approximate function of eccentricity correspondent to our stimulation.       

Joe Biden’s zones of operation have nil intrigue.

Joe Biden lacks the spontaneous activity of temerity (boldness).

We are desperate for any kind of relief from his monotones connected to his devoted service to nobody interesting enough to speculate upon, which is very annoying.

Joe Biden does not spark endless effective entertainment immediately witnessed by troop formations or civilians.

Joe Biden's brain function is suspicious activity because it is only partially developed in the course of the creation of prolonged metabolic waste products.

Donald Trump’s unnerved unconventional form of politics was a welcomed detraction from politics sculptured by career politicians such as Joe Biden.   

Biden slammed the door on Trump’s legacy, which is to be disdained as a completely unjustified loss.  

Trump's pulsating antics are all gone now. They have reached their threshold.  

As a result, the difference between Oytcho Visha and other political regimes is that we are not sympathetic with neither our own government nor international leaders serving other countries. 

We have a hatred of co-operating with other countries, because it makes us derelict.

We have an uneasiness with the doctrines administered by the world's various foreign governments.

We fit the criteria of not tolerating anybody in our prevailing world which is harnessed by politicians.

Be the first to walk away from New Zealand government and engage in more exploratory activity with no classifications of conduct in regards to any observer remarks.

Oytcho Visha is a terrific immersion into the underworld immediately transmitted to deserters prominently and intimately in a joint resistance against mass culture.

We import jives incorporated from the improper use of the universe as a whole.

We confess to mutilate plausible explanations of reality.

We create diversions to reality which are a huge outbreak of denial.

How we digress from mass culture is by slowing down time, courtesy of a temporary negation of stealth extracted from our immediate future.

Munt the wrath of time and its application to human life.

Hesitation is the active constituent of procrastination. We invite hesitation because it is a step towards achieving complete political isolation to the highest degree of mass terror left too late.

We are not in liaison with modern politics, let alone with the cerebral cortex behaviour nexus.

Estimated reality is frustrating and achieves nothing, even for senior consultants adequately equipped to put out their feelers diplomatically.

We operate along the same lines as the unique bewilderment and tensions of the cultural cold war occurring at the moment.

Recruiting those not ready for war is a wasteful infrastructure project.

We take the world back to when Soviet foreign policy was struggling to survive by any accepted method.

Eligible credible chaos among other things has created demoralisation in the world even in non aggressor states.

This is our complete command we have an affinity to. This concludes our revolution prompted without comparison to the main avenues of life.

In terms of evolution, mammals were never equipped for Man, despite many species differences.

Reason is a secondary matter to rationality, and both are carried out without being steeped in tyranny, so their astronomical requirements are a waste of time for us.  

Yet aggravation is non-existent because our bodies have no testosterone or adrenalin in our psychic and motor neurone centres of unlimited personal power.

Being detachable from mass culture has great value because there are degradations of excitability that do not enable us to communicate with our fellows.  

At Oytcho Visha you will be the recipient of uplifting gibberish supreme and unforgettable, without retreat to social values.

Our fanfare, media events and so forth see egos go into prominent latency to create a utopia observed teasingly. 

Mass culture falters in its duty to help us communicate amongst one another and we retreat from it because of the obscene disservice it creates intervening upon our existence. 

Internationalisation infringes on the intrinsic properties of our lives, because of the alleged involvement in an active network of conspiracies stockpiled in the backwardness of blundered compromises and plots of modern life.

Oytcho Visha is a neurotic administration facing unforeseen difficulties which can’t be compensated for unless we create bewildering conspiracies which act as the spearhead of our operations.

We are partitioned from the sudden formalities of mass culture, which are not a splendid reflector of the common task of personable activated pathways that occur when you venture out into the public.

We switch ourselves off from those in charge of national affairs, who instruct us faithfully at the same time as intimidating us outright by wider international regulations from the cold war.

National affairs are not polite and engaging in our resultant correlation of chill bombarding our neurones.

This is illustrated to us as part of the criteria of their agenda, which we proceed to demonstrate as if it was our military right to do so.

Henceforth our company has been created through allusive grievances we are no longer bothered by. 

We are an exotic committee employed to efface the characteristics and behaviours of modern civilians, which are an isolated and limited strange illusion. 

We gain our traction through the segregation of semi-darkness, a spectrum not seen under the servility of the international limelight.

On more practical terms we are an anti-government publishing house based in southern New Zealand.

New Zealand politics is mundane yet convenient for managing chronic tantrums.

In New Zealand the whole of summer is a Halloween parade controlled by the hypothalamus in its counter-shock phase.

Summer is not welcome here, even before it joins up with winter here directly proportional to the impulse frequency of the simultaneous action of freeze.  

With New Zealand government, distraction comes in monotones so that we are hardly aware of what is going on, which does not lead to an exclaimed existence or an atmosphere worthy of enquiry.

Everybody proportioning blame to the government is a member of our mission.

We plan to create a news agency in the near future which breaches the networks of modern culture in an obscure fashion, corresponding roughly to a takeover of all news channels. 

Our cult world is designed to eradicate the transmission of police communications for the rest of time, because they keep us under constant observation in an adverse displacement of our liberty.

The whole structure of police transmissions all translate to the discourteousness of a grand plan to oppress people in ways which are difficult to automatically alleviate because they are phenomena pertaining to an abundant and profuse formal declaration of fascism. 

We want to ban the great expenditure of energy required for a police state to operate in reticular formation.

Regulated vigilance amounts in practice to police control as long as living beings with a nervous system have existed.

Not having police in your life, you develop a critical level of excitability. 

In an historical comparison with fascism, the police regulate with simultaneous control mechanisms which only a small section of the population resume their awareness of, or are prepared to go to war over.

How our enterprise functions is that we forward on creative accessories to up-and-coming artists, musicians and others from the creative fields. These will then be harnessed impulsively to make news and media programs which challenge modern politics and media.

We apease ourselves by providing publicity for enfeebled belligerents.

In obstinate defence, we have the properties and actions of a beautiful renegade system to boot, which you are invited to join when other measures to join a group or cult prove impractical.

We have discomfort and uneasiness about the government and their semi-barbaric imposters hogging their seats inconspicuously in parliaments.

Hordes of conspiracies have irreversible exceptional powers when a clear manifestation of the panorama of life declines.  

New Zealand government does not have decent brilliance because it is not held responsible for the true conditioning that conspiracies can offer.

As long as you are exposed to the outside world like you were meant to be, life will always emerge as a conspiracy, but governments don't declare this.

Our behaviour patterns are unbridgeable as we coalesce with purity transmitted outside government circles. 

To become a purist's political realm we deconstruct anything which is an accessory to foreign influences.

Much of this website is about deconstructing 'foreign influences'. 

New Zealand government doesn’t reveal any vigorous and unco-ordinated complicating factors animated, expansive and elaborate, and conveys to its citizens in all manner and conditions of life a commonplace trance. This creates deactivations of numerous exchanges of conspiracies which give evidence of a spectacle.  

The aesthetic difference between us and political parties is that we imbue our nation’s affairs with artistic and comical themes, which will leave government stripped of its crucial power and vigour as a result.

We combine the performance arts with an active mass of politics as feasible as possible, considering our treatment accorded to us by government proposals are a considerable risk.  

Surreal comical jest is created by Oytcho Visha which cannot be duplicated systematically or prevent convergent conspiracies which do not recede into a fellowship. 

Movements of resistance are representational of the attempt to destabilise and then topple, overthrow governmental authorities, taking exclusive possession of power which applies to nothing, apart from the convergence of artistic movements for the patriotic majority. 

As part of our comical focus, we are derogatory to government, which we are insensitive to because we identify it as a disease. This will bring reliable guaranteed fun, facilitating effects in the region of the brain stem through to the cerebral cortex which anatomists have yet to do discover.

We do not have a necessity to abide by government rules because it will bring us into convalescence as far as the conduct of behaviour is concerned. 

Our enterprise is not just isolated to New Zealand. It is the new guard of global politics set up to nullify the continuance of mass culture encountered in most countries of the world which we have a necessity for annihilating because of its parasitism. 

Mass culture is an unattractive regime.

Methods employed from mass culture have gone badly in all events because we are living under non-essential police surveillance where Mickey Mouse is presumably in charge.

Moral duties have widespread effects; we need to suspend the preparations which will afterwards become an empty pastime.

Under Oytcho Visha, the increasing spending and investment into the police force is thwarted because it is a hated occupation. 

Thinking about things doesn’t make sense.

Highly anticipated valid confessions that are part of reality go astray.

Oytcho Visha is not a domestic come together. It has international ambitions as our ultimate aim.

We will easily deliver a berserk global phenomenon.

We will have influence over politics and media around the globe without reverting to domestic affairs.

We are aiming to become locked into a global phenomenon devoid of conservative elements we fight against.

To a greater or lesser extent we do not face the realities of the situation of present mass culture because they are susceptible to the action of the factors of reciprocal intolerance.  

Reality: the meaning and origin of it, we cannot tolerate that sort of stuff, because it requires too much tutoring which we will not surrender to, and because it is not instigated by a furore.

Likewise, self-tutoring remains a marginal, insignificant practice which has little plausibility as an atmospheric starting point for educating yourself. 

Life is a passionate extravaganza you cannot educate without enduring completely unjustified losses of steroid hormones at any possible rate.

We will deliver a stupendous counter-proposal to reality which will never be delegated to mere counter measures of fantasy as a bluff.

We have created the enterprise on the premise that mass culture will deliver severe irreversible perpetual damage to mankind's zone of knowledge mechanisms.

Our endeavour could be the seminal harbinger to see people in New Zealand and around the world become interested in politics again in a grand intriguing occultist manner for our own gratification.

No matter who is in power in New Zealand, their policies will be supplemented by haplessness preached and practised. 

Why create another religion, when a cult will suffice to help us plan for future victory?

Only a cult can create unbounded integrity made to measure to full capacity without the need of self-realisation.

Occultism uplifts people from the highest dignitaries of officialdom detected with operational effectiveness by our sensory nerve fibres in a chemical environment of drug use.

We are a remarkable example of a preoccupation with madness exuding from people on drugs.

We operate proportionate to occurrences or events affording shelter from government fascism, subsequently we become withdrawn from all government matters. If you appear as the principal guest of conspiracies, the banishment of senior bureaucratic leaders is a technical possibility.

We don’t ward off contentious issues which lead you to who knows where. We embrace them rather than refrain from them because we don't want to be subordinates of mass culture, which has no strategic qualities of the highest calibre because there is non-interference by conspirators remapping the world with spontaneity and austerity. 

Complex contestable exchanges are not abolished.  

As conspirators we house confidential meetings with critical poise.

Oytcho Visha is for those that have granted themselves a tactical resistance to revelations summoned by mass culture.

As conspirators we strategically demolish otherwise genuine schemes which leave us deep in thought, engaging instead in the science and exploration of paranoia.

Our private liberty is undermined by conceited disciplinarians justifying their actions in high places.

Our approach towards politics is through creating a ruthless accrual of aura. 

Modern life is a debacle causing enormous harm, and we are threatened with a degenerative denunciation over this, with a large pile of fascism in front of us which we can't have leavetaking from. 

Governments contribute to an international administration of fascism, with military assistance, and advance political degradation in an unswerving way.

New Zealand government cultivates the traditional venue for fascism as a strategically erroneous social system.

Governments are supposed to facilitate the ease of our struggles, but all they do is leave us going nowhere without any reasoning of tremendous political importance we can remain loyal to.

They have multiple ways of teasing us so as to make us believe our lives are good, but in reality we live in a hole, leaving our lifestyles deliberately dislocated by inertia so that we cannot participate in political parades.

We vouch that modern culture is not a delight and we take an interventionist approach on this.

Most of our agenda is disguised as aesthetic strategies which are constructed so as to emphasise the mutagenic mutation of pedagogy, creating a counter-blow to people with the exclusive possession of governmental portfolios.

Our enterprise has sustainable artistic motives and ditches the material and methods of conventional politics, symbolic of revenge which brings cessation to authorisations at the secret centre of modern life. 

Do away with the primary functions of governments totally because we have a hyper-sensitivity towards them.

Government delivers the dregs of life to us. They render all manner of drugs that help our minds enter unchartered areas illicit, allowing governments to probe more deeply into our domestic affairs. There is much evidence of this contamination of our privacy.

Because of doctors and pharmacists, we live in a big black void, where all pathways radiating to the eyes vanish in all directions.

Pursuing unforeseen difficulties requires an elongation of reason, and as if reason was an hereditary disease with visual projections which cannot be personally negotiated.   

Human welfare maximisation has been created by recent experiments; we are a long way from having it perfected because government is our tormentor. 

Human welfare maximization comes in one hand and out the other unless you take potent sedatives.

Our drug laws are manufactured by those that want to make a hash of our self-proclaimed apparatuses of independence.  

Dissatisfaction proves effective for provoking reactions against drug laws.

Governments collude with doctors to prescribe us with so-called anti-depressants which turn us into possessed zombies, which is an unprecedented phenomenon difficult to adjust to because they deliberately attack your synapses and adjacent territory, the brain's membranes, which our nervous system has no defence against.

SSRI's and other anti-depressants doctors prescribe send you into a rudimentary stupor.

No exceptions, they don't postpone psychosis to secure your future in its period of destruction.

Prozac is a ridiculous tonic. Prescribing it is near enough to a farcical notion through demand. 

Prozac is an accumulated mass of simultaneous actions which molests the mass of the formative power of the mind. 

Prozac causes unabated psychosis.

Doctors prescribe you with all these medications that can have dire affects such as tardive dyskinesia and lock jaw, and ban drugs such as amphetamines which help relieve depression without any side effects.

Drugs doctors prescribe have variations in the degree of activation of consequences not resulting in excitation in our sensory experiences distributed to the whole body. They only target our remaining synapses which have survived patterns of modern society resembling regimented fascism. 

The real power lies with heroin. The other drugs doctors prescribe for depression prove as baseless as enzyme production. 

Without heroin simultaneous creation is another faculty of crime.

We have a mosaic dedication to the facilitating effects of heroin.  

Heroin unleashes relaxation so much that you require recuperation afterwards not founded on observation.

Bringing synthesis back to your life afterwards isn't an important affair.

Heroin creates an overdose of havoc reinforced by chemical energy which has a domino effect on new modes of behaviour.  

There is absolutely nothing wrong with heroin as you deteriorate in front of other people where your stupidity begins to threaten you and your associative characteristics.

At Oytcho Visha we have a dissociation with consciousness produced by man and its numerous reactions until our condition is stabilized with heroin.

With having heroin you have a stash of overwhelming pharmaceutical power.

A considerable quantity of brain function is removable.  

It is a blunt imperative that you transmit exogenous endorphins such as heroin into your brain, effective immediately, without formally being capitulated in your continual struggle for unification.

Ricochets of wakefulness of the mind have limited potential if you live by common sense.

The core of our agenda is to sleep like a baby, with a considerable fall into the dream world, but authorities deny us of this with their critical load of allied bombing of politics. 

Heroin is needed because the human is a machine of chemical influences corresponding to the fading of our morale.

Doctors declare as part of their acumen that pleasure in its more extravagant form is a chronic disease for the organism and its environment disapproved in principle by senior officials. 

This leaves us annihilated by a conspiracy which only the secret operations of drug use can be instrumental in bringing a conclusive benefit to the vessel of life when in greatest need.  

Heroin creates legendary wellness.

Heroin also helps in releasing every possible area of innovative ambience. It is a drug for artists and musicians.

Like heroin, methadone is a flabbergasting syrup. 

Heroin and associative circuits of opiods epitomize a zonked sensation.

We have an affinity for demented relationships which are becoming increasingly endangered by geeks.

Heroin is a glorious motor neurone tonic for those that reminisce in an informal sense. These reminiscences are apparently rejected by authorities. We are not even allowed to think even in a mandatory way.

Devoid of heroin your mannerisms are based on distention above normal levels which cannot prevent rupture of the accomplished soul.

Heroin provides swift comfort which can never be downsized to a temporary deviation from contracts or bargains, created on behalf of bureaucratisation rather than your personal life.

Heroin was invented to vindicate dangers of lack of sleep. It supports the mantle of sleep, in a suspension of dreams where you are not perfectly aware of other developments of the mind.

Reject life and tuck in to a pioneering destiny which is at present a tradition you are not in charge of.

Heroin ensures intimate radical somnolence impregnated in you without being announced by your brain.

Without heroin, leisurely snoozes cease to function in proportional action to our correlation with our nervous system which has no regulated value which matters.

Without systematic heroin we are robbed of every supply of liberty in an impending cancellation of every conductance of our allocated freedom we do not commemorate.

Taking heroin you say a rapid farewell to sorrow and pain superimposed in every facet of life.

The excess baggage of bad habits ultimately sets you free, you are no longer are a mechanised unit of society relayed to your sensory pathways.

Drug use is extremely powerful and has a protective function against the multitudes of oppression relayed to us without the advantage of integrity or tranquillity creating strange atmospheres with intense strain thrust mockingly upon us.

Due to these setbacks we are scrambling to create a blitz which will not leave the medical profession and its technical employees intact.

This is because they take measures to cradle us in fascism on different levels at regular intervals, requiring of us something more than a protocol of resilience, through the arrival of excitatory impulses which are not our voluntary movements.

For one reason or another the medical profession fails to accommodate its patients as good as it used to. Yet the activation of our sensory experience depends on the whim of doctors, which is the perfect embodiment of unrivaled fascism.

Drugs doctors prescribe for depression are inferior to amphetamines and opioids. They oppress the whole organism before it has crystallized into an anonymous mosaic multiplication of immobilised morale.

Your journey into blissful worlds will perish as a consequence, which is the supreme penalty given to you by doctors, nullifying you without even giving you an assessment laden with a cranky atmosphere as a finishing touch to your drug regime.  

Boycott doctors who don’t supply you with addictive sedatives, for sabotage purposes, and don’t ever let them ask you why.

When wellbeing has been swept away from your feet, your doctor is probably party to it all, suggesting the existence of fascism. Doctors make a correlation between drugs and addiction as the most virulent phase of their agenda we deviate from.

When you regulate too much, things will go wrong.

And there are also no independent services you can reach out to and obtain support to reinstate your autonomy as a result.

Henceforward we separate life from metabolism which does not host a stratum of drugs promoted to full potential to counteract the deliberate injustice forged by doctors acting under governmental terms and instructions.

Opioid drugs such as heroin are made illicit because they are addictive; yet everything in life is addictive. We are addicted to knowledge and techniques in their numerous practical aspects and applications; we are addicted to domesticity, and are addicted to cultivating clumsy and cruel rituals, and slack enchantments of universal meaning, etc, etc. Some of these addictions have fateful consequences worse than heroin use. 

Injecting heroin is a passive exploit because you are liberated spontaneously without significant loses of innumerable phenomenon of the mind; phenomenon which can evade detection from the aggressive fronts miscalculated by authorities.

Authorities are known or thought to be dangerous enough to dismantle our widely distributed grand mission we take refuge in, without an exchange of courtesies.

So why problematize addictive drug use when they allow you to adopt comical attitudes which bring down the odds that reality even exists and is no longer trusted in providing mutual assistance?

One thing we are not addicted to are the forces of justice and social truths, which are not a pleasure to behold as they spread and multiply for the creation and preservation of the human race. 

Illicit drugs produce obsequious metabolic activities difficult to unravel. 

Please note that we do not advocate addictive drugs such as amphetamines and opioids for party, social, leisurely or recreational use.

We aim to empower doctors to prescribe them as a secret protocol for patients compelled by mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. 

The anti-depressant Prozac can make you burdened by suicidal thoughts. That is one of the side effects of the drug for a minority of people. Antidepressants such as SSRI's may sometimes set off aggressive, violent or suicidal behaviour.

This is an invitation to genocide.

In response to this we are a warped, strange dictatorship which completely subverts the prevailing codes of modern culture and its information centres perceptible to humankind thrust forward upon us. 

As a dictatorship we have a precious infrastructure with the capacity to make multiple advances in modern politics which rivals most of the world's governments and congresses.

We overturn most conventional political party's policies, which are antithetical to artistic interests in a social context of impending community relations which we are becoming increasingly suspicious of.

Government streamlines our idiosyncrasies.

At this moment in history governments are currently processing our lifestyle rights without any duration of true suspense.

We restrict having any resemblance to conventionality, through forces and energies which cannot be controlled within standard relative reason based on sources of rational calculation for which we are forbidden to retaliate.

Nazism and fascism has been recycled as the war against drugs which has no usefulness within social and historical circles covered by journalists.

In a similiar manner the dehumanised nature of the war on drugs is the principle constituent of fascism of our age worthy of universal attention, occupying our territories when we have inadequate reinforcements stationed to defend ourselves to settle the matter. 

Radical loosening of our drug regulations will make our motor junction transmitter substances our new extravagant territory with implacable ruthlessness.

Currently addictive drugs are difficult to obtain and expensive to buy, which leads to a crime wave of burglaries and detestable gang activities. But if doctors were allowed to prescribe them it would mitigate and oppose all of this civil unrest and conflict in accordance with the recall of serene customs we have failed to adopt in this modern era.  

                           Anticapitalist Religiosity

Overall we embrace things such as moonshine reveries, niggly indulgent research, rash logistics, warped conspiracies which will never collapse, mythological concepts off the radar, foresworn higher opinions, gorgeous slogans.. and anticapitalist religiosity. 

Modern industry is symbolized by a futuristic quest for undisciplined capitalist powers fortified by pills. 

New Zealand’s minister of energy has no compunction.  

Mass culture is one of the most common scenes in the modern world, but nevertheless does not have any fittingness for our purposes. Instead we distort the validity of it because it contaminates our sensory and mental experience.

We are a multi-purpose zone designed to remove the blemishes from modern culture to counteract the pathogenicity of our emerging worldliness.  

It is possible that we will develop complexes over this which manifest as a renunciation of common trends.  

The end result is that critical operational systems, particularly in the cyber and cultural world, inevitably become disabled, through our radical principles relevant to our besieged circumstances not taken into account by the fundamental interests of government.

Our human impact declaration is that authorities deactivate madness and create a successful transition for us all to have sufficient mannerisms to become routine disciplined geeks who have reservations about participating in back-to-back conspiracies not designed for schoools. It just doesn't get better than that.

Choosing to omit the despairing effort of becoming a geek requires discretion otherwise you will incur a serious blow to the enormous activity life can offer, which you can find repose in while revealing important state secrets as merely monologues. 

We don't know what the world needs now, but enchanting methods for devouring the New World Order certainly would suffice.  

The situation of mass culture is so large it is futile to commence with, and leaves us coaxed with despair to embark on without any itinerary steering us to an historically determined solace.

We herald in a successful bid to take common sense away from people whom would otherwise be determined as having a proximity or compliance to immediate supplies of orderly formulated reason in the age of science. 

Our quest is to efface the bold speculations of human reality, because they are a disadvantage, and are echoed through the vacuum of daily news.

Our manifesto is very obscure. We are not at the epicentre of clarity and provide a blockade against vigilance. Our vectors are isolated in the middle of nowhere and are juxtaposed by nothingness. Mechanisms of reality are out of view as we have a decreased susceptibility to them in any way observable. 

We hide our invectives to divert our attention from authority.

Premium minimalism is a common feature of life we have succumbed to.

We employ platinum means of going nowhere as far as participation in mass culture goes; we live among the conspirators whom convert culture into favourable conditions for those that observe themselves as having common courage to overthrow and shatter governments, liberating us all while abandoning geopolitical fields not cast into fantasy. 

We want to value our lives, not leaving us with susceptibility to be subject to the colours and sounds of the masses and the messages they relay. 

The technique of identifying colours involves a racist mental state only if you have intellectual disabilities incase you need them.  

Be content with the present, tomorrow takes care of itself, no matter how your strengths and weaknesses are bought under assessment by the authorities. 

As a cult realm, we propel our own terminology and designate our own grandeur.

Belonging to a cult alleviates casual silence.  

To obtain followers we do not confine ourselves to pervasive cognitive transparency responsible for pathogenic metabolic reactions which doctors cannot associate with us.

We support alternative artists and musicians who have become victims of the ungodly gentrification in modern cities.  

Gentrification is the situation where derelicts, punks and gothics are exiled out of city centres and cast into oblivion because of rising city house and apartment prices. City centres then become yuppie amenities to create profitability for businesses as a last offense against anticapitalists. 

Gentrification is a substantial curse upon the apparatus of human sociality. 

Punks and Goths are given a safe quick commute into a substantial void. They go through a tyrannized destiny requiring indiscriminate controversy in the seizing of power.

For a Gothic or Punk, life is a devastating experiment not encountered without a vigourous reaction, liberating a considerable quantity of endorphins not created by any family plan. Rather, synthetic drug mediums are used because nerve cells would otherwise degenerate in family homes, which is more of a crime than using drugs itself.

Well-meaning strategies demolish families by chaos.

Opioids inevitably rupture cultural essentials, which ironically has social effects which are the elixir of life. 

We dish drugs into our peripheral nervous system to the extent that our central identity matters little, making our psyche acquired from mass culture redundant.

A general formulation of nihilism follows on from this disappointment, created on behalf of modern governments and the policies they host which they squeeze into their agenda. 

However grounds you view the Gothic destiny, they are going down a downward spiral, whether this is an involuntary command or whether they are doing it by their own prerogative. 

Gothics and punks freefall into sophisticated oblivion randomly everywhere.

But they might be allowed to reassert themselves in the droves within a different realm, such as in the cultural cold war.

A cultural cold war is testament to a revitalized cold war indistinguishable from a real cold war, except that it is thrashed out mostly in music and the arts with the territorial integrity of a conspirational organisation.   

This is testimony to Tsarist times botched by modern mass culture.

We don't have respect for conventional modern life. Congestion reverberates as the central component of modern living. 

Modern societies have unclean sad factors. And modern culture is a vile disaster to swiftly remove or buffer yourself from.

Conventionalism is an acquired condition which makes it impossible to validate the reasons for us to exist in an interlocked way: this requires a critical response not able to be carried out by gaining formal acquaintances voluntarily which break to pieces if you bury yourself in retirement.

To counteract this we embrace a temperament of obtrusive force which will lead us into a daunting and dark political realm abstractedly conceived without any instructions to go by relevant to world standards or measurements.

One of our crucial functions in the future will be to create an alternative news and media realm anchored in the arts and activities courteous of the gothic realm of life. Any other way of life yields inessential motives not of any significance somewhat upon evaluation.

Deliver maximum value to the gothic realm before current governments sponsor you to turn rancid.

This site is not only analogous with the gothic world, which is only making comparatively minor progressions in this modern world. 

We incorporate a disarming plethora of schemes and themes adapted for all types of people remotely resembling a representation of humanity.

Through experimentation and transformation a remarkable matrix of schemes occupies our political establishment and its mode of action we acquire through the all-out attack of an unbroken flow of drug stimulants.

We provide resources and provisions and the implementation of activities for punks and gothics who are accountable to nobody as they create permutations in modern culture. 

Those petrified of decadent dark nights should not engage in our way of life.

Only peasants acknowledge their own rejoice in reason or public opinion.

We are frightened of sacred quotas of fantasy unless they are obviously imaginable as a disruption of summer.  

Summer is an ailment because it has no feminine sensibilities.

Unprecedented darkness you are caught unprepared for is a tonic you don't have to campaign for.

We have been informed that casual frugal selfishness doesn't help you adapt and survive in any instance. 

The whole of summer is a Halloween parade controlled by the hypothalamus in its counter-shock phase.

Clear rules are reversible disorders, the scale and intensity of which are created by behaviour aimed at mass culture, which along with a decreased activity of privacy, approaches a peak load of conspiracies which are as horrific as getting a diploma. 

Oytcho Visha has been created for those who can't resist dark forces and sentiments.

We are isolated from heat and light, which are the exploiters of humankind.

Our destiny is completely dark. We proceed to deliberately withdraw or detach ourselves from anything which victoriously enlightens.

Enlightened and perceptible qualities of culture which are the predecessors of thought bring death to civilization.

Cancer has biological possibilities because they have a degree of accelerations for protective measures in case we die without regeneration of life the technique, of which we are still identifying unless we fall asleep hard to juggle through the selective absoptions of heroin screened into the mind.    

To avoid being the slave of bright light requires intensive propaganda rather than simple ideas and impulses you are accused of.

Early mornings end in darkness, leaving you unsupervised for the rest of the day.

We lack a considerable measure of bright and spacious communications backed by systems.

We are not recipients of thermolabile activity. (thermolabile means: readily destroyed or deactivated by heat.)

Daylight is a distant and illusory aftermath of the New World Order which we won't yield to.  

This explains our fascination with pride and accomplishment in an exaggerated effort to become distracted from moroseness shining above us.

The gross passing of the sun each day is supplementary to the presence of the evil horror of the night’s sky.

We create an endless break from the sun which is presumably a transmitter of effective detectors.

Our main virtue is to carry out a terrifically mammoth ridicule of the modern world. The virtuousness of this gallant satire is very sound.

Witness a slur on modern culture.

The striking feature of mass culture is that it is a bungled mess of the crudest kind which practice and training cannot fix.

Mass culture somehow exists in our lives and modes of thought in part due to conventional news media corporations who are in a desperate bid to create something of aesthetic significance in priority areas, but only inflict failure upon us in any case or category. 

Under mass culture extreme emotional intensity undergoes restraint, to the point where your personal identity doesn't matter because it has deserted you as an object existing in space.  

Our fans and enthusiasts in the midst of it all portray and utilize the tools, methods, devices and apparatuses of our organization without consultation.

We don’t put people through nauseous consultations. We command an air of calm unassimilable with the reverberations of mass culture which requires the expenditure of alot of energy for it to regroup from its shattered status.   

Creative activity does not require ample surveying if it is to be a surplus diversion.

To fortify your will to live in multiple heterogeneous ways does not require any public opinion.

Cultural reform is never done for personal support. It is there to oppress us as an absolute.

Professional services do not portray a peace of mind of any significance. Be precautionary of the interlocutors who persuade you so.

We aim to expose the prevalent irregularities of managerialism at random. 

Manifested is an unprecedented stream of conspiracies deliberately staged to bring a conclusion to the spreading of the footholds of mass culture.

We bring recognition that something that could interfere with or prevent the impersonal presentation of mass culture can be achieved.

Under mass culture, day-to-day weirdness is reduced unless it is supplemented by potential new entrants in the cyber world.

We are cradled in anti-system ideology to achieve our potential.

We enjoy cynicism and other competitive procedures as if we were half dead.

Our unfathomable disparagement pertaining to modern culture is thoroughly compatible with the lifestyle of goths, as well as gauntlets, zombies, phantoms, mutants, vampires and other imaginable creatures:

Specific persons that don't even come close to existing in the real world...

Those that don't know anything about the walks of life illumined by mass culture...

We are not appropriately disciplined to dwell on the biological aspects of life and its accomplices...

We didn’t ask for expressions to be put on our faces...

Natural appearances are a perturbance for us…

We save our repulsion for a detour of humanity...

We are those that have never been touched by love...

We stave off love as an offence...

The best of our love is slurred...

We don't advocate getting together in places to love because it may form a system...

We are a cult: following your personal beliefs fiercely does not intrigue us, because they are thrusted by roaming mutants listening to public messages.  

We are incited as having no access to love for humanitarian reasons: love makes you too modest..

We are those that don't have the capacity for a natural human appearance by any appraisal...

We are not real; we have heartbeats impenetrable through surveillance...

Obscure behaviour provides the activities of all organs.

Vigorous reflex impulses are not a vital infrastructure of the heart, because it has no threshold of mute solemnity.

We specialise in being saboteurs of insuperable formal declarations...

None of us are on Facebook. Facebook is a pandemic for squares.

Facebook provides no capacity for a human to survive in salvation.

Facebook is dork fever.

Do not expose Facebook to your kids, whatever attributes of the ego you have yourself.

On Facebook sick impulses are the essential element in every form of communication.   

We are anorexic and repudiate anybody that cascades through life taking food for granted.

Anorexia is the iconic diet.

Adhesion to food is a conspiracy without interjection...

We do not eat any medium or composition of food which sabotages us with accomplished functions of nutrients which flash flood our special breed of intestines. 

We act prior to the precise time when humanity was created to confide within... 

We are not determined to do as most self-realization as possible...

We are human, sociable and friendly with people in a surreptitious way.

Our appreciation of the world isn’t extrapolated from physiological and biological spheres. 

Individuality has no appeal to us because they can be tracked down my authorities.

Majestic socialising done without a cultist ranking brings ruin to us. 

Despite its enormous activity, liberatory potential does not require awareness of ourselves or our body tissues, which are so insignificant as to evade detection. 

It remains in a state of doubt that we are the predecessors of biological individuals; we are more victims of circumstance.

Connectivity to conventional lifestyles resembles a form of do-it-yourself torture.

We are purged of the transmission of human culture because it makes us a prisoners in our own world in accordance with international regulations which cannot be brushed aside by any rally.

Integration and unity don’t worry us in the slightest, provided we are incubated from human life for millennia. 

In the meantime we are hermetically sealed from any affinity to the further development of the human race.

We cannot handle the science of life for any certain stretch of time. Our projects are created with maximal bizarre paranoia in conjunction with maintaining the power of drugs modern politicians have castigated us for.     

Drugs stimulate the mind as defendants of our baptism of independence which will create mass arrests.

We phase out biological systems of life because they do not possess us with autonomy derivative of defiance.

We lie outside of convention: the mainstream is a staggering taboo administered to modern civilians.

Law is not our sphere of interest. Lawyers are part of a neutral fascist guild, encroaching upon our fundamental interests and isolation respectively, repeatedly intercepting our conspiracies.

We vow that the diverse rules and regulations of modern societies we are not fond of.

We have not acquired mental culture identified as knowledge of any specificity.

We draw upon extremes and paradoxes which do not give evidence of any necessary condition of noble life as our goal.

The training and qualificatons of high class games of cognitive transparency mean nothing to us.

We do not give serious consideration to New Age cosmopolitan types of people with a sense of control over their lives.

The elite brigade is nothing but depressing and holds no promise for co-operation or the rewards of freedom past or present. 

Life is so much better without unadorable signs of reality made dutifully comprehensible and accurate to describe.

By believing in reality you are staying loyal to something which abuses you, whatever philosophical investigation you have become interrogated by.

Modern people lean on mass culture without even realizing it. 

Mass culture is a sad formation which has gone asunder in many ways. Theorizing in your own personal style of your life scene is not plausible unless you are backed by a cult of a giant formation:

A cult capable of converting culture in certain cases where blackness is required at a certain point is summoned by the interventionalism of doctors who treat you with noxious laughter and scorn.      

No human being should have to act according to their own conscience. They need the junction point of a cult to do this.

The awareness of ourselves creates challenging times.

By acting through your own conscience you are leaving things open for other things to happen which displace or contest your nascent reason for living. 

Invigourating paranoia is experienced when there is a psychotic remission of your acquired knowledge. 

There is no objective validity contained in the modern representation of life which our perception is entitled to.

We are anti-global warming. We are oblivious to anything which indicates a heat surge of aimless destruction.

Those that believe in global warming envisage a potential farce distributed to their nervous receptors in abundance.  

Global warming has a languid heritage because it is not counter-revolutionary to your circulatory system. 

Quantifying every claim we make about global warming according to our own plans make our own fears of it prove baseless. 

Those that believe we are threatened by temperature rise work synergistically with the devil. 

Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon and believing in climate change, creating a heavy load which is enough in itself to become combustible.   

We slap a quarantine on anybody that believes in global warming because they might ignite.

Our quest is for a pure shutdown of global warming theory because it is insane and disgusting.

In the future heat will become an insignificant souvenir and the collective system of coolness will be intensified as a grand mission.

In our womb we utilize global warming denial because our mum is not a political commissar advocating her private thoughts which nobody replies to immediately.

We absorb immediate supplies of freeze, and dissociate ourselves from the relatively weak triumph of summer.     

It makes suitable sense not to have such a one sided view of the planet because it will create habits and expectations analogous to non-specific fascist predicaments conquering all of us.

In our era, all the patterns have just come right back, we live in fascist times again now.

We have zero access to warmth and are making arrangements for the next ice age.

We are not connected in any way with warmth which people frolic to.

We will have our unreserved snow party of endless fizzy frozen frothy drizzle squirting.

Oytcho Visha is a sweeping saga where the persistent panorama of chill proceeds in an active breaking of reality, reactivating dreams dominated by the scope and timing of intimate and continuous sleep not in dissymmetry with drug use. 

Global warming is a myth created by the grotesque stupidity and desperation of modern environmentalists who don't have reasoning or observations anybody would wish for relative to this category.

We illustrate that global warming didn’t happen and it’s not going to happen.

Everything nice and warm dissapears when you have comradeship.

Global warming: what it was and what it was caused by doesn’t matter because it has never existed in high concentration.

Global warming manifests evidence of an alleged pattern of fascism which is easily transcended whatever assignable limits are applicable.

Modern culture has an abundance of nonmundane fascism certainly worse than any other period in history. Fascism seeps into the personality for which most people on earth are affected by in general principle with the intention to provoke conflicts scarely veiled by conspiracies. 

The external impact of society on the individual is very constrictive, this truly is fascism defined.

Oytcho Visha has been created for those that feel rendered empty and desolate and have no receptivity to mass culture.

Mass culture manifests as a wretched occasion which ironically produces or results in a state of separation and polarisation among different sects of the community unceasingly channelling fascism into our lives, which have become foreign territory to anything peaceful.

We curb the appeal of mass culture being created in the modern world because it is not shared by everybody. You don't need a historicized science program to know the world lacks thematic unity to discover which is good.

The modern world is reigning with inhibitions, mainly due to the foolish games of those in authority, such as bureaucrats, who all need thrown out of government because their brains don't release enough dopamine.

Nobody wants to submit to the monitoring and evaluating of destitute political processes which lack comprehensive societal and historical panache for the mind and soul to dwell upon in tantalizing reverence taken as directed.

Drugs are required which are highly specific in increasing dopamine and endorphins, which are the beginnings of mosaic differentiation from normal people who forecast the actual fulfilment of the apparatus of reality rather than the decimation of its actual production.

Bureaucracies are kinds of entities arising precisely from their incapability of incorporating widely diverging people and their array of attitudes representing any part of society accessible to anyone.

The questions on everybody's mind are turned into smelt.

The human faculties take us down the most unuseful walks of life; they charter all of us into oblivion which has no limitlessness, leaving us adrift and supplying us with no equipage to escape.

A solution to this is done through creating a myriad of support for the individual, offering some kind of conciliation with this twisted and dilapidated world we are currently engaged in which is thus most devastating to the most vulnerable.

We sever ourselves from modern politicians because they immediately group themselves with people that want everything: more homes, more tourism, more political correctness, more transport and roading, more holidays and more diversity and soandso.

Our current culture is bloated with engineering skill and craftsmanship already. Why do you need more of this, unless you have a desire to create a scapegoat in the outside world in spite of the usual confesssions which provide fulfillment?

Liberating the appearance of reality from cultural mediums requires a mode of reaction from the structure and physiology of living beings under the influence of drugs. Nothing else is superimposed on our metabolism in detectable amounts.   

Our quasi-political party will be made up of an anonymized Oligarchy: that is by a small group of people all of whom apart from the leader (Wombom Margorald) remain anonymous.   

It’s not good sitting there day after day in large governments conducted with perfect poise.

The Oytcho Visha enterprise will ultimately be developed as an epochal news media corporation. It exhibits political themes with a tinge of anarchy, and where discipline is muffled and where considerable biological interest in enlightenment is thwarted.

Our agenda involves virtuous types of anarchy in addition to the sphere of influence of nihilism, as ought to be the case, without needing any assemblage of international agreements to restore compliments to other countries with prudence episodic in structure for those skillful enough to differentiate themselves from their contemporaries recruited by government.  

As a comical political party we declare that you are only adding horrible to good if you imbue fantasy with realism. To identify and connect realism with fantasy is a travesty that could make you break down at any time in ways unrealizable in practice.

We are here for people whom envisage a mercurial portal of insanity which brings intriguing celestial joy and vibrancy outside the laws of behaviour.

Everyone will envy you for having provisions which make you psychotic. 

We don't work closely with authorities because their agendas are false and misleading and are incapable of changing life pursuits for millenniums. 

The generalized verdict of culture does not force us to conclude that it is preceded by truth. 

Speculative reason representing the body of intuition which is comprised of thought has no point to it.

Pixies are also appointed for various tasks here: little people whom seldom raise their voices in indignation of forthcoming reality.

Our pixie's lives are constitutive of an improper miniature of the real world which remains unanalysed by humans.

They are protected from the exposure to the current frightening modification of modern life associated with the strange sights and avenues of mass culture which we are otherwise not protected from.

The generalizations of mass culture are unresolvable because they have no tranquillizing influence of any relevance to indulge in, unless our drug regime is subsequently expanded in a flash to preside within.

There is no suggestion of the desirability of settling into the mediums of mass culture because they are increasingly being investigated by authorities, whom are bound to infiltrate or condense our feelings, attitudes and emotions divulged by our upbringing.

The upmarket communication of mass culture is resonating with punctuality, which impedes and diminishes prosperity and freedom.

With heavy and persistent paranoia you don’t have to abide by proper time you are immediately exposed to.

Commonplace elements of culture are carried out by the docile and orderly virtue of classification, all of which needs condemned and abandoned in favour of a nonverbal, nonlinguistic supernatural world unique in its origin.

Classificatory procedures are not arousable for propagandists, and this is a site overwrought with propaganda which cannot be brazenly eradicated in principle.

We have a preference to see humans as a class of objects composed of systemic cosmology without further investigation.

Casual acts of functionary monitoring done through modern cultural mediums is a violation of our liberty and privacy.

There is unsatisfactory liberty in the world we live in.

It does not take an inquisitor to know that our world is miserable and bedraggled and difficult to break away from or be reformed with minimal repercussions.

European history at the moment has crashed precisely enough to create an Armageddon.

Anybody that is impelled to say that our world is good must be self-deluded. 

It does not take an interpretive process to know that a large section of the earth lacks faith and distinction, and that we are unacquainted with what a good world would be like, unless we have additional secret protocols which have no boundary.

Resolution to all of this is not created by presuppositions formed by politicians with policies consisting just of the existence criteria of persistent political correctness we are given permission to peruse. 

If you untook the cover off the world you would find we would be confined to a simulation of Armageddon, for which you will be powerless to resist as a deliberate inclusion into your lifestyle. 

Mind power, will and understanding of politicians are not enough to correct the torrent of injustices our world is experiencing. Only cultural warmongers with motives of revenge know the route to immediacy to counteract this direct threat by escorting us from having any affinity with government.

In contrast, to describe the circumstances of the world you would need sophisticated metaphysics totally indifferent to the nature of normal life; something which progressive legislation cannot provide.

Our metaphysics aims to intercept plain language which alerts us of the organisers of reality.

We have cancelled and have destroyed the local library in charge supplies of literature, all done by an imitation of military theory we have yet been connected to correspond with in time and space intercepted by conspiracies.  

The modern world provides us with a sense of newly expanded compound tragedy.

In response to this, we are a media/political corporation crammed full of an array of nouvelle, voluptuous plots and schemes supplying safe and versatile ecstasy.

Our purpose is to help our fans and enthusiasts become accustomed to the heights of ecstasy, or equally paramount, view creation as Nirvana ideology.

We provide heightened appeasement to counteract the demands put on you, at the same time as working furtively to erase mass culture which modern cities have abused for years.

Modify and moderate mass culture by modulating the channels and vestibules leading into it which have become things-in-themselves.

Be guided by things elsewhere in the universe where the perspective of conventionality is only rarely assimilated, thereby providing us with tranquillity which achieves some dominance over wrecking activities generally accredited to government.

Under the present conditions where doctors refuse to prescribe sedatives such as morphine, bed time becomes an illegal accompaniment to one’s carefully preserved lifestyle.  

Morphine is the gateway to sleep and into the real heights of ecstasy, which are being increasingly endangered by the people on a mission in our strikingly fascist world.

The enterprise has also been designed for those seeking some consolation in the recent plummeting of the medium of European heritage and culture. It is for people that feel robbed of their own culture they have received since birth.

We repeat to ourselves in adult life that we are never as wise as the day we were born. To be an adult is a folly because you are unable to observe long term security devices which prevent the malignancy which happens when you engage in politics.  

We experience a united sense of separation only after being a baby in our cots with no connection whatsoever to the outside world.

In adulthood we find modifications of culture doomed to decay within a colossal cultural arena of fascism which is reflected in our social relations realized for yourself as you grow older and encounter impaired modes of thought which cannot be accounted for by lawyers.

Thus we provide a cure for the disaffected multitudes of people who feel they have lost their acquired culture which has distinguished themselves from the wider world.

Utterances of epic politically incorrect Eurocentrism for every lifestyle is identifiable as our favourite cultural denomination.

Compress the watch tower of political correctness.

Oytcho Visha is where neurotics spontaneously offer their opinion about our rapidly crumbling western customs.

Polarisation is not a negative situation.

We are not functionally orientated appropriately toward the activities and organizations which measure you by performance which requires multi-ethnic accountability which is not conspiratorial.

Multi-culturalism is an inconclusive transmigration of fatigued muscles without any provisions bequeathed upon us to make future time less trivial

Immigrants are taking over European countries, making people become afflicted with a barren culture derived from oblivion.

It is observable that mass culture has wrought destruction to European cultures, based on their immigration rate for those that remember the actual course of the rising.

Multi-cultural societies are an impersonal event and they create catastrophic friction which we detach ourselves from.

All knowledge and experience involves the innumerable duration of discrimination.

The political systems we live under are not a viable vehicle for change because they are operated by people who prevent the maintenance of different cultures to multi-culturalism. 

The strong presence of multi-culturalism is something we don’t endorse because it is architected for geeks. To measure the intensive activity of a geek is easy because they are not intoxicated by any drug substance, thus their morale will rapidly deteriorate in an innumerable way, just like an abscess.

Only people that are stupid and dumb are servants to a multi-cultural world.

Because of immigration into European cities, survival of nations has been smashed.

Multicultural societies trigger alienation and have no pertinence in this modern world.  

Due to immigration, state school teachers are suffering burn out and stress through all the foreign students they have who they don’t understand or can relate to.   

This is the perfect platform for students to hibernate, without the enthusiastic audience of reality.  

On the basis of this, cults and factions in the future will bring a shrinkage to multiculturalism and disrupt the New World Order. 

Those that live in multicultural societies cling to challenging problems which cannot be filtrated because those against it are already in custody.

Multi-cultural societies are not the catalysts of vibrant neighbourhoods. 

In multi-cultural societies personalities do not gel. Why should anybody wish to sacrifice their cultural life because of this prevalence of absurdity we are made to discover?  

In such societies neighbourly spirits are low, and fascism is unmanageable. Talking points seem impossible in this emerging tragedy as we are endowed with our final destruction.

Every such grouping of human culture is confined to various forms of criticism applied in all respects, but by whose judgement? 

We downgrade divisional ideas of racism and bigotry in order to create our own unusual themes and strategies for categorizing humanity. 

Our enterprise is created for everyone not compelled by the unabated morbidity of the spectrum of humanity and its measure of reality.

Oytcho Visha is designed for those that feel besieged by the demands and repercussions of modern multi-cultural living.

Feeling comfortable in your own environment type of thing is indispensable.

Multi-cultural societies make mass culture more conspicuous in such an overwhelming way that you eventually become indifferent to it, and thus don't reflect on it anymore adequately or arrestingly. 

The most important thing of all is to preserve your own culture and heritage, and because of the inappropriateness of multi culturalism, this is not always done in a tame way.

There is striking evidence that multi-culturalism will leave us at the mercy of a brevity of a stalemate.

Those in a stereotypical multi-cultural environment don't have the capability of living in an elegant supportive environment.

Dialogue presupposes a common language, which multi-cultural societies are not at the disposal of.  

Multi-cultural societies are absurd because they do not thrive with unity, and have extreme language barriers which cannot be seen as bestowing unity in modern life. 

Fully-functional unification is impossible because it is assumedly absent of gripping aesthetic potency, which provides a sufficient condition for bacterial virulence which we are partitioned from.

Experimental efforts through intellectual analyses fanatically detailed cannot fix this problem under any jurisdiction. 

Cultural and language barriers cannot be transcended because the feature of people’s relationships pertains to an elucidation of nihilistic doctrines, which are seldom absorbing in ways which allow life to continue.    

                             Fragmented Modern trends 

We postpone ways of life which have become infected by the fiasco of fragmented modern trends which cannot be cured by organic processes. They are only altered by synthetic drugs, which in an evaluable sense is an isolable activity which is not the object of criticism because they are passively administered.

The volatility of modern MMP governments affects our synapses in a far worse way than drugs do. 

Stop the spread of the disarray of MMP politics because it is a mind-brain convulsion only manageable by schizoids and their recipient neurones.

MMP politicians have busy personas which are a scam of all shapes and sizes.

MMP governments are showered by blasé initiatives, there is not even a motive for conspiring together. The removal of all character and personality of MMP politicians is toxic forming unavoidably. They provide us with no geopolitical assistance, which is disillusioning in regards to our unrehearsed territorial future.

MMP democracies create enfeebled belligerents preparing for defeat of their manpower which is not in liaison with the shifting harmonies of mind.

It downright breaks you in two being reliant on haphazard government policies which do not have imperialist powers.

MMP politicians get tangled up in arguments. The exchange of opinions is a degenerate practice, and anybody sharing their opinion should be incriminated, because it will not create an historic victory for humanism, which will fall out of favour even for rationalists.

It is generally assumed that MMP politicians are at the epicentre of deceptive controversy affecting the very autonomous foundations of life. 

MMP governments are a synagogue of parasitic worms. They are full of slippery, slimy, sticky, sloppy, smelly and scummy slimeball people which on the whole have an aggregate influence on us all to the extent that we are no longer bothered by them in any way.

MMP governments are blind dictatorships. 

Take opioids, benzodiazepines and amphetamines; anything else is an unrealistic refreshment. Crude raw organic drugs such as cannabis can cause psychotic episodes of the kind which can disempower you. Albeit cannabis can isolate you from struggles and provocations which can break you.    

University of Auckland school of pharmacy in New Zealand is currently doing a study on LSD to see if it can benefit people with long term disorders such as depression and psychosis and other mental health disorders.

It is also testing ketamine on patients with severe depression who do not respond to conventional anti-depressants.

There are also studies in America happening to see whether the addictive drug ketamine is suitable for treating depression.    

Bureaucrats make life that damn hard for us that we cannot regenerate our body's own endorphins, so we need to acknowledge explicitly that exogenous endorphins (opioids) can give us a top up.

SSRI’s such as Prozac are horrible drugs because they can turn you into a schizoid zombie dummy.

It does not take scientific exploration to know that opioids, LSD and amphetamines are far better anti-depressants than SSRI's.

Drug use is an area of high need otherwise the suppleness of our personalities will face inhospitable impact in a myriad of ways.

It is sad that our metabolic phenomena is totally dependent on government prohibitions. 

Members of government are political criminals because they do not allow us to regain our freedom. Drug users commit no crime, it is the particular brutal policies of government who do, carried out by fascist police operations and subsequent retractions of justice which batter us. 

Amphetamines can also provide tumultuous input to override the latency of our entire conscious life we do not bow to.

Governments create the outline of techniques to make us into geeks for practical general use. 

The cruelty and callousness of governments making it illegal for doctors to prescribe amphetamines to patients crippled by depression all needs to be abolished.

Opioids such as heroin and methadone are transforming substances which generate an unlimited number of endorphins. This counteracts the havoc of modern existence which will more likely kill you quicker than taking these drugs, wherever the whereabouts your current lifestyle resides.

Heroin produces a large complex sweeping calm in the body so that you don't have to undergo the ordeal of modern living which infects the organism in an exceptionally severe manner.

A gradual change from a lifestyle of abuse and neglect into harmony can almost certainly cure metabolic disorders created by lack of these drugs, while leaving melancholy unmasked.

Drug laws mean we are the active constituents of a plague of social legality utterly unprovoked by ourselves.

The side effect of these drugs reduce the receptivity of the digestive process to peristalsis (churning of the digestive tract). But an anorexic  diet will offset this is we act swiftly and drastically as food is noticably absent from the ruthless digestive tract.   

Susceptibility to the collapse of the digestive route which loses its structure and activity is a good thing.

Delays and repeated amendments will occur before heroin is ratified enough to create legions. 

Heroin has the capacity to envelope and penetrate the body with coolness, which makes it an indispensable drug for the stoppage of heat.

Nowhere on earth will there be an equivalent to a warm destination in your afferent nerve fibres if you consume heroin to repeatedly intercept mass culture disgracefully.

Structures of warmth and coolness create specific structures of thermal sensations without mechanical stimulus.

Heroin controls different levels of sleep and you are free to move in your dreams which are wielded greater than suspected reality. 

Drugs have an effectiveness which surpasses natural resistance to melancholy and depression caused by mass culture which incriminates you without reprieve.     

Without heroin or methadone we would become decomposing mutants forever more, spreading factors such as a prolongation of moroseness and an invasion of old age and other metabolic disturbances. 

Those not given access to these types of drugs will develop a general feeling of stiffened liberty which is not safe and versatile or conciliatory.   

Fundamental biochemical activity is received from the central nervous system, which is the precursor of highly refined drug transmission, and we give further instructions not to stop taking this medication, because your life will become terrifying and unnerving by proxy of your otherness.

Taking drugs is a standard relevant victimless crime which provides salvation for purists, orientated by the induced mutations only drugs provide. Methods for prospecting and reduplicating bliss is characteristic of our unrestricted agenda. Any other way of life you will have to arrange sound convalesence for.

Everything's bad, but it's all right in moderation.

If you've got nothing else to lose, discard reality and distance yourself from it as a distinguishing or defining feature of your life. Fantasy is a protective coating, an alternative sheath to shield you in ways seldom done through other measures. 

Our enterprise is designed for those who have indiscernible panic that Westernized European culture will become decrepit and forlorn in the near future in ways which cannot be transcended. And drugs are not the antecedent to this. The aspects of mass culture people adhere to are the pathogenic agent in question.  

Those that concentrate on selling drugs reduce crime by evolving rather than impoverishing human civilisation, it does not take a management decision process to know this. Most of the valuable music and art in the world was created in the era where drugs such as LSD were not strictly prohibited: before the war on drugs which caused an enlargement of oppression.

It is plausible that the medium of modern living is a disappointing convention for many. Historical celebrations are sacrificed to create general lament to the exclusion of all other sentimentalities. 

We outlay the thorough and complex cultural and religious needs of the bloc of European countries and people from the former U.S.S.R in ways which merely can be interpreted, let alone interrogated with any culturally emergent theory producing and engendering analyses of human life.

Europe is scarcely good enough to provide accommodation to anybody, from whatever race or cohort they are from and the peculiarities they present with in their mission to employ the production capacity of the ego. 

The charm of European culture will subsequently immediately go downwards unless the determined zeal of resistance is forthcoming with satisfactoriness.

Pleasure and stimulation is the situation of choice for us because it provides enough endlessly precious gracious vitality to launch an uprising to counteract the downturn.

Europe is becoming infused with damaging trends. It is a matter of tactics to cure these intolerable trends, confessedly not done under normal circumstances, but under the conduct of war. 

Unfortunately it seems we are unable to reclaim European culture unless it is done through radical procedures which have a considerable degree of drug substances. For many people euphoria is unreachable unless they use dugs such as heroin which gives significant resonance that repairs the spheres of the mind without any absolutist criterion accommodating it.

Drug use has divided and fragmented the population, affecting the very movement, formation, maturation and accumulation of our protoplasm. This division in some cases causes spastic paralysis.

Being trapped in broad spread fragmentation is fundamentally something you need purged of permanently because it is a discourteous nightmare.

We try to push and steer people into a comparatively recent form of gothic existence as a resilience to all of this.

Plural Historical Domain

Primarily, Oytcho Visha is an endeavour to create a cult institution: an entity which encompasses the processes and effects of a wider, more plural historical domain.

The exponential rise of paranoia and other insecurities in these modern times is slowed and controlled when people are nudged into cult institutions.

As a cult we are oblivious to much of what happens in today's world which is necessary and sufficient for normal life and its institutional categories immediately applicable to humans.

We override rational discipline and modern biology because they are becoming more and more a part of consumer culture and social spaces which cannot be bought into cessation.

A cult can provide everlasting variety in your life; every other aspect of life which possesses meaning and form can be rejected from the infliction of individual consciousness for which it is illegal to encounter stimulation due to disciplinarians. 

Self-regulating is too much of a hassle unless it is secretly released.

Under a cult, you endure the equivalent of an elusive role changing status. This is better than proceeding actively to being a subordinate of mass culture and the stern arrangement of discipline it requires which plagues our endeavours immensely. 

Our null-extension toward business ventures means our protocols and parameters are definitely acquired without limits.

This grand system amounts in a finessing plot to rid each other of persistent alienation.

We remove the entire cultural basis of alienation.

Seize the power of eccentricity, and then animate it as a tradition.

It is not satisfactory to be bedraggled whatever ethnicity or exotic cohort you are from, or whatever nationality you are from.

Presumably in a general way people not of our own faith or cohort have their souls embodied in the same Cosmo sphere, but this is only hypothetical.

Research and development is perhaps the least satisfactory method of dealing with any of this.

Only a cult is effective in providing protection and fulfilment. Nobody can be guided by purpose alone.

We expedite warnings that some of our schemes might not be suitable for children to pursue, unless their welfare is passionately reorganized so as to display sensitivity, otherwise they will be beyond our scope of support.

We console ourselves with inherently dark themes and schemes; schemes which some people might find dismaying. The pure nihilism may disturb some people. Discretion is advised. Derangement is optional.

Those not willing to join our cult will be subjected to repeatedly performed nihilism everlastingly.

We don't express admiration for authorities because they are profoundly irritating and demand one thing of us: to work like slaves in ways which are not offset by the excitatory signals of bliss accompanying it.

Drugs can be a huge tonic after a hard day's work government demands of us without any elementary friendly tones. 

Vintage Comforts

The enterprise has a broad stratum of themes and ideas to counteract the beckoning misery of our times, engendering a perpetual signifier of irrecoverable doom as an additional failing.

We want to capture and observe, command and issue media formats conveying what is happening in the world in a profound and arresting way directly available to intersubjective perception.

Our obsession is to create a bubbly and prolific blend of themes and schemes, in order to contribute to the apparatuses of modern life and culture, leaving some sort of legacy.

Oytcho Visha is a key establishment which generally illuminates dark sentiments and the environments around them.

Our life and ideas are in a totally different place than conventional people. We ransack any consanguinity with normal people.

We do not conduct ourselves under the directions and instructions of modern governments because it exaggerates the truth, with serious cases of expulsion of fantasy. Being encircled by this cannot be tolerated without question. Obedience is made as part of your personal decision to be a double-edged ambassador of your ego and the government.

We have a predilection for being social outcasts.

Working relationships with normal people are a stigma for us.

Decency is superfluous.

For revolutionary purposes, we declare that we have a pathological aversion to normal social values.

To compose our works we assertively mock the structural expressions of normal people astronomically.

Fundamental Spheres of Interest

Oytcho-Visha is a cult for those who understand, appreciate and observe the avant-garde triumphs of European culture, which in this modern world we have been cheated of. Thus we have been bought into a state of siege by modern governments and their methods of oppression from the outside world we defend our frontiers from.

We are an organization with habitual gothic tendencies to remake the world; everything else is a facade, inherited by convention in any given style or period, scene or person globally produced.

Mass culture has many deficiencies and failings, and there's only so many things you can do to correct them. One way is to supplant politics with rehabilitated aesthetics underpinned by changing our garment habits. 

By not abiding to current fashions we will see ourselves crowned in a Gothic empire which has a schemata of people who are cultural variants in their spontaneous disposition.

The personage of the person changes along with their attire.

Make a fashion statement by wearing dark clothes: the last thing government wants to happen. 

A landslide of attitude shifts changes the entire pattern of life individually and collectively.   

Our enterprise contains gothic schemes which summon a lot of power and vigour, as well sovereignty, to compensate for the dwindling aspects of European culture, all of which puts a limit on impending autonomous fulfilment.

Our fundamental sphere of interest is to assess, judge and then deconstruct the spheres of modern culture on a large scale, and then abort them all because they are not part of our fundamental interests.

Rather than reducing the scale of public knowledge, we transmit an overload of data.

This is the situation where large masses of knowledge are ruined forever.

This is the way we deconstruct the neutral framework of modern life.

Rather than discussion providing an accompaniment to knowledge, rhetoric and persuasion and several other forms of propaganda are by all means used.

This is another way knowledge is dismantled.

We spread our ideals with irrepressible convulsions infiltrating our comfort and well-being with abundant charm unanswerable to nobody.

This increases our well-being with real feelings of bliss fuelled by euphoria which authorities will never be able to interrogate, because it is more than just pleasure, it is a paradigm.

This is how you tackle politics: create an atmosphere which is the antithesis of everything apart from your comrade's soldiery way of life.   

You are gripped by an ambush of demoralisation unless you take whatever measures necessary to avoid a face-to-face meeting with your foe without allied intervention.

Oytcho Visha provides a corridor to remove grief from life; but we don't do this through disco parties. We do it through carrying out an unwaning assault on modern conventions and institutions.

Our cult is crammed full of conspiracies which dissect the protocols of modern institutions.

To contribute to society we launch an attack on modern media before dissecting it, without any expanation for doing so because it will weaken and eventually disappear anyway.

Observe many opportunities to look at modern culture without proper perspective.

We have an infatuation for reducing the traditional conceptions of mass culture to a bare minimum.

We seldom like the world just the way it is.

It is obscene not to take any action over this.

It is essential to intervene on this.

We rebel against special authorities with broad powers invading our minds.

Oytcho-Visha is where opportunities are given traction for those that live the most discontented and rebellious lifestyles ever released.

Furtherance of Gratification

Oytcho Visha is heralded as an empire created courtesy of the principal circumstances of gothic living: for which we are not given vigourous support for by authorities, which have authority which needs reorganising anyway, rendering space for strange illusions and dainty aesthetic matters. 

As a variant of the pragmatic approach to life, we provide the corridor into ideas which cause you to transcend this dimension and take a first step into a larger world.

You are conveniently transferred into and preserved within a broader frame of life where you are not doomed to perish in the general laissez-faire landscape of life.

We take a nouvelle departure from the innumerable facets of time that do damage to culture somewhat.

These hostilities occur without prior consultation from any socially useful person, including counsellors perusing contemporary academic sources of sociology for practical purposes.

We seek the furtherance of gratification over and above what we would normally have, all in an impending joint resistance against the utterances of melancholy of our age.

The mainstream does not qualify as a grand plan in modern culture and is composed of no strategic qualities nor proper spectacles to be preoccupied with to take advantage of to see our members receive gladiatorial deification they would otherwise lack.

Heroic dreams are made by those incompatible with life, if you can escape the effects of life itself.

Deactivate the support you receive from anything parallel to mass culture, because the platform does not have any preliminary rituals worth pursuing.

Mass culture translates to powerlessness, or an exchange of power for morose deeds.

Our propaganda shows disaffection for the baselessness of the plot of mass culture.

Expel everything accompanying mass culture.

Do not ration abstinence from mass culture.

Sequestrate the vessel of mass culture and relocate yourself elsewhere. 

Those attuned to mass culture foresee themselves becoming disembodied.

We don't rendezvous with widespread mass culture in any instance because it requires an eternity of courtliness.

Mass culture is a pretentious bourgeoisie junction point which some people dapple in whose actions are revealed through fate rather than international agreements.

Our objective is to draft in somewhat of a resumption of the ultra-radical nationalism from the communist era of the former U.S.S.R.

You have an invitation to an Anglo-Soviet cult largely dependent on dictators in breach of the menace of mass culture which will launch offences very shortly without diplomacy on our own individual behaviour which is alleged treason. 

This period of history consisted of a reduction of mass culture compared to today's world and its differing divergent opportunities.

A revival of this empty and desolate era of history is our preferred form of politics.

These were times when there were silent, horrid dangers all around, and few people had access to various psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, child commissioners and the like.

It certainly seems plausible that social workers will not be needed in the future because they are a bottleneck trying to oppress us. But if they determine you as somebody drug deprived though they should work with doctors to get the drugs you need. This is done without formal ratification to complicate the situation in a joint effort to withhold details of the circumstances of your life and medications.

The marked success of modern physicians and psychiatry is undermined because they do not provide the drugs we seek.

We are left with a cargo of depression to contend with channelled into our body's meridians.

We eschew modern living to receive the drugs we need channelled into our system to give us our personalities back and be ourselves again, otherwise our lives would be virtually meaningless to be involved in.    

Despite there being less opportunities, in the former era of history people were guests of both a serene era and an obtrusive one. It had the reputation of having the best of both worlds, whereas today's world is mutual and bipartisan because we are physically maltreated with false shame.

Compared to these times life and romance seems fabricated in the modern era. Romance has no function, maturity or subtlety. Connecting events are inhibitory when you ascertain that cellular activity and mechanisms of love are in an unconvincing metabolic sphere that don't exude benevolence.

We embark in an unlimited way in a massive investigation using the full resources and doctrines of the former Soviet Union. 

America is for internal use only; it avoids integration into any conception of mass culture. It is becoming an aesthetic network full of dramas paradigmatic in its cultural structure.

As for modern MMP politicians, they summon faulty solutions to the world's problems in droves. They don't provide us with fortification.

Fortification is inverted to create panic and fear. The stakes are high and there are no curators.

Politicians unfairly victimize innocent people, making them feel scared and vulnerable, and where happiness refuses to feature in their lives as an occurrence of a blissful encounter threatened by commissions giving us peril.

Oytcho Visha is an established enclave divorced from anybody with engrossing compliancy to mass culture.

We find ourselves further and further away from the reverberations of authorities and their desperate endeavour to create utterly morose policies as an aftermath of their politics, which is based merely upon conventionalism every moment we allow them to.

These arrangements spare you from remaining faithful to conventional regimes or organizations, which are an annoyance which needs to be bought into abolition. Conditional surrender to abolition also makes us devoid of the ongoing saga of political and moral responsibility which governments give traction to which we customarily fall into the hands of.

Our atmosphere is testimony to our fans and enthusiasts having no guilty burdens put on them.

Oytcho Visha is in the midst of launching a far-reaching, compelling, reactionary factor which bears witness to an encounter with different cosmical worlds located in aesthetic spheres as a requisite.

The elegant simplicity of our schemes and themes is enough to expose corruption in and effect profound change in governments and culture overwhelmingly; spend your time being properly prepared to distort government culture, without being merely an inquisitor.

We are discontented with and rebel against modern governments, which are composed of people who are generally empty of charisma, and devoid of finesse and incapable of making a change to our world. 

Governments have resolutions which have no credibility or assurance. They are a mere housekeeper for government business and don't do what's right for the people.

Modern governments abide by a procrastination code so they don't get out of their comfort zone.

As an alternative to this we embody the functional properties of a thoroughgoing cult.

Appearing somewhat as a cult form of universalism which is as huge and mysterious as the sky itself:

Oytcho Visha is a cultist arrangement so large it makes the sky look like a peg, and the break of day look like a clothes line....

And grandmother's knickers appear out of the blue like a molecular mass from another world.

Folklore groomed to perfection.

Multifarious Apparatuses

Our enterprise has many subsidiary schemes to rotate around.

The way we seize and dispose of ways of life which makes you flustered in your consciousness gives us our reputation. Life otherwise would be a detention camp which would be extremely unlikely to escape from, unless you conspire together to deprive yourselves of political and moral responsibility established for certain.  

Encounter decrees to make life less of a nuisance, a life which dictates your identity as if you had no manager or director or differing modes of control readymade from the crude social system you live under or observe. All of which you are being penalised by through the systematic extermination of leniency regarding drug use.

We don't feel at home or even feel conscious when we are exposed to authority's means of confronting enforcement.

We live in a world where the safety we rely on has vanished in an unprecedented way. But if you are strongly backed by a cult, this lack of safety remains contained.

We demonstrate a succession of protocols on the basis of propelling measures to strengthen European culture in a convincingly surreal manner without precedent.

We advance ideas which are foreign in an unrelenting way beyond belief and executed with optimism of public acclaim.

Our obsession with multifarious apparatuses will take you to unexpected places to indulge in as an encounter inherited from the Holy Ghost.

We bring home gothic pleasantries endorsed by the Holy Ghost.

Gothics are grouped in an energy intensive puzzling melancholic realm immensely difficult to report on verbally without excitement or anguish, which has been taken away from us by modernisers.

Oytcho Visha is a cult establishment; an intriguing cult exhibition. It is the perfect example of a sect, pact or faction gaining revolutionary traction, nursing absolutism and other unheard of luxuries.

Vacate the mess of mass culture, don’t even contemplate it, and create a sect network instead.  

But you’ve got to have the mess to get the end result. 

A succession of cult attributes inevitably offers protection for people in principle without reproach.

The collectivization of a cult or sect reduces emotional poverty and degradation and a whole lot of other issues and ordeals embodied in or affecting modern life, which create corruption and decay which cannot be banished by police.

We detect the enormous context of defects in the New World Order better than technical experts can, who are more than likely to detract from correcting the defects because of the increased resistance they face.

As a cult realm we aim to downsize the accumulation of disturbances in the modern world among other things, so we don't need police and soandso. This is positively a slick counter-attack on modern culture, which is our only main asset at present. 

The cult has divine prospects, as well as splendid prowess, which some people will find contemptuous.

Be poised, we are the progenitors of a mosaic wave of unusual themes and schemes.

We blame the 'system' and its schedules for not providing adequate reinforcements of morale. There are discrepancies in morale which is self-identical to our devastated spirits and irresolute dialogue which does not settle down without drugs penetrating the density of the organism's substrate to varying degrees.  

The supervision from above, from authorities, doesn't always provide tutelage we can adopt as a lifestyle of sorts. It has too many terms and conditions as the criteria of their practices which produce numerous oppositionists not ordered to escort ourselves into different realms.

 Exodus from Every Day Reality

We are trying to engineer a higgledy-piggledy enterprise where reality becomes harboured in fantasy.

Reality is pedigree torture.

Escape right out of it.

Sabotage any invitation to be a part of reality.

Pedigree torture is a reality which needs to be annihilated. It cannot be dealt with methodically by any stipulation or law in any respect.

We seek to prove that objective reality is generally not present in most people's lives; not even intermittently does it anticipate and satisfy demand. It is an obstacle which we face at the practical centre of our minds called upon from the dark ages which we now preside over again as history makes the full circle.

We give a formal guarantee that we will control, suppress, and conceal reality through being disloyal to the driving power of it and making it incorporate nullification wherever possible.

We do not act in accordance with reality, because most of it guarantees to steer you to a futile, neurasthenic way of life which has meaning and origin noncontingent on fantasy propaganda endorsed nominally by very well guarded conpiracies synonymous with independence from governments. 

Objective reality tarnishes fantasy and causes disparities in daily life which you witness no contrast to unless you join a cult.

Reality troubles us; we would rather trade it in for something more cacophonous.

Henceforth reality troubles us only intermittently.

Cruelties are a product of our time and they are becoming greater in number and more powerful, but as a cult we are abundantly equipped to deal with it all, without the influence of any tribunal.

By belonging to a cult, you are committing yourself to an existence you are not aware of, because you are not confined to the growth factors of highly conventionalized intentional human activity.

Awareness is not supplied, because if it was it would be exploited at length by schooling institutions.

Semi-conscious activity provides eloquence when you disband from successful campaigns of enlightenment.

The public and private conduct of reality is not a built-in mechanism of our bodies, so there is no great cause for concern.

We confront each other with no built in mechanisms within our physiology. It is a case that we are unmoved by politics unless they have a minimum demand of enigmatic fashions scarcely veiled.

Irony beckons as a characteristic symptom we are susceptible to in our modes of action and thought which authorities contest. Ambassadors disappear without a trace. 

We adhere to arbitrary tendencies viewed as a detachment from straight and normal values streamlined as experiences requiring a portrait of exploration and critique synonymous with our regime of intrigue as a consequence.  

As a cult, Oytcho Visha will vigilantly diminish the regular, unfortified domestic realities of life which in the background possess certain consequences resembling despair we are greeted with whenever we go to a doctor.

The advantage of peace is integrity, tranquillity and prosperity, but you need sufficient resilience to reality to create peaceful spheres.

Overall, the enterprise is not just a news and political vessel. It is a thrilling underworld sourced from an orb of initiatives, all of which have hues of promising wonder where motivation is thereby created in all aspects of life's representationality as an organised movement mounting in intensity which seems to satisfy in ways you will never become disbandoned from.

Being dependent on the underworld for yonks your lifestyle begins to mimic that of a punk or gothic. 

This site is designed for those that find themselves on the brink of fascism on a regular basis.

A procession of non-beneficial ways of life have escalated in modern times; the exquisite presence of life has been maliciously overturned as a consequence of this. You do not need an adequate analysis to know of this occurrence.

Government implementations cannot resurrect you upon request from these futile forms of resistance. 

The regrettable absence of freedom is everywhere in modern culture, so it is difficult not to be part of a world which is representative of a delineation of fascist values.

We are sceptical of leisurely conduct and the means of discovering it because it is ruled out as nonaesthetic and probably not necessary as a suitable substitute for fantasy.

In this age, both the European bourgeoisie as well as those with lifestyles resembling poverty are contaminated by intimidation and terrorization.

Collecting and analysing political data, the entire world is a detention camp thereof.

To manoeuvre out of this problem, we hope to gain a legion of fans and enthusiasts with grouped attributes as our existence criteria to distract ourselves from uncompromising modern life which is a deliberate substitute for motivation.

Belonging to a Decadent Artistic Commune

The real world is devoid of supreme satisfaction and needs properly mended, because it is dominated by a prevailing moroseness portrayed most vividly as a political machine, with calculated appeal accordingly installed with army concentrations of fascism in your bedroom, along with dream advisors at a cost to the economy without special authorisation.

We will become a supremely decadent artistic commune ascribed the task of saving what is thereby known as humanity.

Most modern companies would be too inefficient to administrate any of this because historical phenomenon is subordinated by contemporariness pervading all bodies in an unacceptable way sometime afterwards under the present difficult circumstances of our fellows.

Our news is mainly centred around the arts, history and politics, most of which lie outside governmental circles and the commonplace regulations created by those moving about in them.

Synchronic with presenting and configuring news, we also promote our own absurd, flamboyant agenda entrenched with many ambiguities on the grounds of metaphysical complexity we are attempting to construct in great detail in the undisciplined sectors of our agenda.

It is not so much of an agenda, it is more of a rogue ultimatum stretching out in all directions with a matrix of possibilities which will never endure cancellation because they are beyond the auspices of magistrates.

Oytcho Visha is truly the most dark yet iconic cult to be ranked as a necessarily immortal repository which was once thought not possible.

This helps us to clean out the exasperation and disconcerting consequences of modern life.

We signal repeatedly that cults are a crucial provision for life.

A delicate operation is underway to accrue cult members. We will one day have the numbers to take over parliaments.

We are not afraid to conduct an offensive against the tedious and uncomfortable aspects of modern governments. We just require the wherewithal to obliterate them and instigate change.

This should be how it is, this is how it should be, Gothics taking over parliaments: why wouldn't you want to do this?

Rally into our cult comrades and don't fall into the hands of government. Choose something more remarkable and unusual instead rather than being bound up in the completeness and precision of governmental sensibilities which unnecessarily claim your life as theirs.

A cult will enrich your life supremely with intensity perpetually. 

Not belonging to a cult there will be different story. You will suffer alienation, duress, and depression will also attend your time line and the vulgar territories you are dispatched within.

Witness methods employed to manifest a cult destiny which has a distinct bizarre touch.

Our fanciful vision of the world summons systemic revolutionary extremism where there is no limit to anything as its distinguishing feature.

The enterprise is a classical, vintage subculture which expels rather than adopts or absorbs modern conventions which are not intercepted by a fatal separate representation of ethnicities which needs purged.

This is done with dubious implications because it has no cultural rules from any viewpoint obtained as a result of human procedure and its particular constituencies.

We don't go for the social side of things, we prefer to do a mass purge of the confusing multiplicity of psychotic episodes we accuse others of instigating as a tragedy achieved through arms and soldiery.  

 Sombre Gothic Sentiments

The site is designed for those that utilize and indulge in sombre Gothic sentiments, with a strenuous rejection of transcultural experience. We give the impression of belonging in a different forbidden world.

Oytcho Visha has primarily been created as an appeaser for those living a gothic lifestyle. With these extreme alternatives we have no intention of pursuing any other career relevant to any threat of authority. 

Experience shows that stamping out reality before it becomes the context of a career eliminates nihilism by a long margin.

We produce and arouse emotions for Gothic people as if they belonged in a military rank with great patience to identify your body.

Temperaments shaped by gothic sentiments are marked for our purposes here.

The transition from a normal to a gothic way of life will not create a necessary or sufficient transparent social utopia by any means, even within business circles where atmosphere returns to normal day after day.

Normal humans calling upon philosophic traditions appear to favour universal cognitive transparency in their relationships. We do not want to know about it. It causes a great bulk of panic in the early days of our revolution.

In all respects Oytcho Visha entails an intricate gothic revival as a token of distinction.

Whatever the intended consequences it is generally assumed to be a basin of gothic ideology by rogue design. 

This is a graceful, elegant quasi-metaphysical shift which will serve you well enormously, making mass culture come to a standstill whenever things are identified as sunlit.

The disinterestedness toward the interruption of bright lights requires an actual treaty. 

We are equipped with an abundance of old fashioned manoeuvres to enable gothics to achieve numerical superiority in the modern world.

It is of considerable importance and intrigue for those living a fervent gothic life style.

We do not subscribe to the main reasoning of comfortable living. This is because doctors do not allow us to do so in any kind of programme.

We engage in Gothic matters which are not recommended for civilians nor the intelligentsia.

We are the progenitors of mysticism which is well-protected from monolithic ways of life conveyed by authorities and in doing so we eventually succumb to the scourge of madness.

In essence, our declarations will probably be perceived as cranky by most educational faculties, which rehearse inhumane knowledge arrangements daily.

Dark propaganda we always manage well throughout because we are deviationists not engrossed in mass culture, which signals weaknesses of spirit. A spirit devoid of convincing aesthetic motives but making small accomplishments by the use of drugs seen as substances having liberating elements. 

Our propaganda doesn't originate from opinions, it is more of a wrath not supported or carried by reason.

This website is designed to be an intimate narrative address, yet we sometimes lean toward more belligerent political activities.

We do not walk like angels 100% of the time.

Lapses in common sense will create all-out cultural war monstrous and unreal which doctors cannot cure because they don't provide us with sedatives.

We construct a comfort zone for the artists and musicians of our age, yielding and controlling the destinies of Man.

We are veterans of a bizarre history. Bizarre things are part of our staged affairs because they are not interrogated by reason authorities seek to introduce to us.

What we do to crown ourselves as deviants of the modern world is to defamiliarize the familiar, and revise predictability in an unpredictable way. This aids you in protecting yourself from the unexpected, whatever the provocations.

We create an optimal environment without ever knowing why because otherwise we will become liquidated.

It’s fun to relax when there is nothing to relax to apart from misdoings of bureaucratised foreign ideology.

As a news network we deliver stringent measures of instructions rather than advice to reach out to and contribute to our fan base, which will never be relegated to be compatible with anything derogatory in the compromising contents of the equipment of living matter we plead to get rid of.

We are not subordinated by the fabled laissez-faire aspects of modern culture because they are not remotely radical and far reaching, and cannot be rendered or converted into large molecules of razzamatazz spread within the organism whitewashing the mundane.

The greatest threat is the twilight wars of the stars blasting its way into daytime since records began.

We deliver retro instructions and information zones rather than modern, futuristic ones.

Through our retrogressive tendencies we vanquish existing instructions on how to live life.

Rather than through the zone of daily citizenship, we speak out from the twilight zone.

Through an exile of reality, we engage in a tilted, eschewed view of the world more than you can bargain for.

Stringent measures to remove ourselves from daily citizenship broadens our foundations.

We do not surmise corroboration with mass culture.

Our site lies outside the frontier of mass culture in all manner.

The codes and conduct of mass culture are intimidating; they do not provide mutual salvation.

The general conclusion is that bureaucrats are the principal instrument of mass culture.

Bureaucracy's policies are a perpetual disagreeable inconvenience for everyone and should be avoided as mere fancies because they are undecidable as to what should be done to reality schematically.

We aim to decimate the authority that these people have by creating an underground exotic revolution devised specifically to undermine and bring cessation to governments all at the same time.

Anything below us we descend to, positioning ourselves in the void, and further into the abyss, averting the need for an appraisal of the situation humanity is in which makes us raise our voices unswervingly and without regulation, which people will applaud us for.

In these types of revolutions it is difficult to sit back and watch what goes on; you need to be a part of what goes on in your images and thoughts you are composed of without validity. 

Overturn the tenacious monitoring of bureaucrats on your life which reinforce the conditions and principles of convention completely identical with fascism we do not want to reside under in their spheres of influence devoid of oppositionists and places of exile.  

The corridor to power of bureaucrats needs to be put under extensive scrutiny, otherwise we will all become impaired hostages in our own countries.

Our revolutionary contemporaries will restore widely held faith and order into the world. 

Cults offer prominent and intimate collective security. Everything else is superfluous as is normally the case since universal wisdom is falsifiable and cannot be created through morality, legislation nor religion alone. 

Oytcho Visha is a provocative stunt to expel the dominant paradigms of our age. This will result in a showdown which many people and parties will become involved in.

Moreover, we must allude to, for practical purposes, that intimidation, once undertaken, could perhaps lead to difficulties which cannot be determined in advance.

To obtain considerable amounts of satisfaction from life is the triumph of any cult.

Broad masses of the population are heading in the direction of alienation. Only the collective security of a cult can suddenly reverse this.

Alienation is prominent in our times, you don't need a rational calculation to know this.

At Oytcho Visha irrepressible pacification is guaranteed.

To do this we don't run by normal time. For ultimate comfort we want to see daylight savings scrapped, like it has been in parts of Europe and other areas of the world.

Abolish daylight savings because it is the devil's sinister motive which we have all become accustomed to.

The devil is a hot and horrible angel.

Make daytime go away and let night time dictate your life, then day to day existence will be rotated around pride and joy without any instructions to prepare for or reflect upon.

Excited nerves not of a biological nature are proclaimed as an upheaval of the social ladder. Actual engagement with synthetic drugs and chemicals figures prominently here, which people will testify against but will fail because they will be too outstretched with their common responsibilities.  

Crazy antics after dark get things moving; the institutionalized actions of daytime becomes foreign territory. This is the essence of our aesthetic cosmology, concealed in the form of no real definition of life of a physical or biological nature, which can altogether be avoided anyway upon brief inspection.

The seclusion of midnight is a striking force to be reckoned with because it does not contain traitorous people embracing daytime.

Remote darkness is totally satisfactory for our practical needs. It also rids us of revolting daytime domesticity and the conflicts it provokes that drag on as certain phenomena not verified by mankind as drama.

Nervous wrecks live life on an erratic basis without a trace of calm because heroin has become a departing visitor in their lives.

We are dedicated to providing alternative news in an austere manner, no fuss, no despair, no regrets.

Ice Manifesto

What separates us from many other media companies and political parties is that we don't believe in global warming.

What we deliver as part and parcel of its agenda is a mosaic repudiation of global warming theory. We totally rebuff it.

Environmentalists devote their time to creating myths which summon things which are bad for the continuation of your welfare. 

Global warming is a sinister myth built from the exploitation of pervasive nihilism which no method can transcend.

Environmentalists have created an array of crushing nightmares we profess to recontextualize by all modern accounts.

In the future, due to their demented capacities, environmentalists may possibly be instrumental in keeping the planet cool in strange ways:

They may make hybrid cars which run guilt free on 50-50 dead middle-eastern kids and coal energy.

And we will not have our shoes made of cow hide; instead they will be made of small Asian children and stolen petrochemicals.

We don't want anything to do at all with the passages leading to global warming; we prefer the spectacular splendour of living the cool life, suchandsuch as necessary, without needing any other parameters.

Those committed to a blazing trajectory trade in their cool habits for heated ones, which in some ways ironically adds sparkle to any occasion. 

Global warming needs to be conquered and not considered an actual meteorological entity because it is juxtaposed by foreign counter-proposals not progressive for mankind.

Stomping its way into our existence is pervasive coolness conveyed artistically.

The process of restricting warmth requires you to manufacture a certain dogmatic sensibility as a preoccupation symptomatic of the desire to be the subordinates of chill. 

We permanently incapacitate such theories which cause so much damage to mankind.

Environmentalists are unperturbed over their own ruthlessness to frighten us with their utterly dispirited opinionated theories and directives which bring death and other applicable features of mortality which damages us.

Whatever your perception, meaning, interpretation or evaluation of heat you have, global warming has no objective status, from whatever your vantage point you concentrate the resources of your mind upon, which you are already familiar with because of the way you habitually ignore psychosis as a grand mission.

Use craftsmanship to immediately repudiate infernal traditions destroying the civilian population.

Global warming theory is a plot to undermine industrial growth.

Under no circumstances do we believe global warming is real. We are not servants of the devil.

Global warming proponents, through indelicate perceptiveness, have inconceivably established a threat to mankind.

Global warming is a stunningly designed fallacy which you cannot breakaway from easily unless you join a cult which has a myriad of ways of creating cool occasions without permission from authorities.

Our presence provides an overall winter-fresh model of diversity within all walks of life which is beyond lamentable repent.

We are public heirlooms for all those persons with unfailing polar tendencies.

More than your average product of cool protocol.

However in which way profiled we heed coolness.

Coolness is the custodian of our DNA.

Don't be mistaken, our modus operandi, our arts and ideas, are closely parallel to great expectations of ice exuding from glaciers, in a readaptation of physiological conditions of the ice age fully employed over a long period.

Tropical administrations are not part of our life-span or intellectual endeavours occuring in our labyrinth of organs.    

We give snow high praise although there will be strongly opposed opposition present and after the cultural cold war.

Snow is everywhere in our world. Even the oceans are a form of warm snow derived from the ice age. 

Take pride invariably in the oneness of cold temperatures because they are touching and serene and provide a great emphasis on a stockpiling of passivity: Passivity of similar superiority as taking opioids. 

For the best coolness ever produced you need to be part of a cult which generates the characteristic emphasis of collectivization in time and space and other constituents of the universe underpinned by the strategic vision of chill.

We demonstrate both coolness, as well as the non-conservative expulsion of warmth.

Modern environmentalists inexcusably accelerate false beliefs such as global warming, all of which causes enormous harm, completing the cycle of fascism active in our lives.

Modern environmentalists create more fear and panic than the Hezbollah or the Ayatollah.

People making claims that we are all locked up is some foul, crude ecosystem should be hastily persecuted because of their unilateral approach to the environment with no distinct logic to it in a relevant sense.

Global warming theory is a standing joke resonating as a farce adjacent to unforeseen fascism.

The wonderful versatile elation of staying cool is our hallmark.

We aim to extract, vacate, depart from the melting voyages climatologists are trying to take us on.

We disaffiliate ourselves from climatologists whom overwhelmingly efface and destroy serenity which history has constructed with an infinite guarantee of a finished closure of modern meteorology.

One thing is assured: climate-wise, the world is perfectly alright the way it is. The world is in great shape. The atlas doesn't have to become popular subject matter as a result of this.  

There is alot of lattitude and longitude on our atlas which makes us shiver with trustworthy results.

Oytcho Visha is a supreme alternative enterprise which has some medieval aspects conducive to its atmosphere which refuse to yield absolutely.

We adhere to an extensive use of medieval themes which are not symbolic of the geographical spread of modern scientists releasing their explanations from their seemingly exempt profession absent of fervent patriots, communicating their own frontiers of life not on an equal footing with us. 

The sheer scale and volume of medievalism presided over the notion that the world was flat rather than round.

The fact that the world is round is considerably exaggerated, and creates a general public reaction of mortality which no sort of treatment can repair, no matter how your brain function without tutelage operates.

We summon respective spheres of life which are not circular and do not require immediate recognition from the secrecy and uncertainty of a conspiracy.

Undebatable, we interpret the round world as a castrated bubble smasher. Anybody who deems the world as round will be pursued and punished as having neurophysiological problems.   

The atlas on a spindle is a futile notion.

It is conclusive that we live our all our lives mostly on a flat surface.

We live a long term of our lives in a flat atmosphere which is diverse and heterogeneous.

Absence of being enveloped within a round world helps you avoid repression in totality.

We are victims of our own geography.

This is a vulgar violation of our permitted passivity.

The atlas is not a must-have scenario. Nestle in and don’t abide by the horizon.

We will build a radical ice empire which will never become dominated by global warmth.

The implication of this is that we are prejudiced against conformists of warm atmospheres because they lack sufficient reason and force for the disclosure of innovation which clinches a conspiracy.

This is a way of developing a safe and sound stronghold, an intriguing enclave, a closed corporation:

A global panacea fraught with inaccessibility, unless you join the cult.

In the future an ice epidemic will set in which solves everything in all aspects infused into our existence.

Short summers and long winters are subsequently executed, just like a scary nursery rhyme, with concentrated power of adulthood which we don't corroborate with unless we have dementia counteracting our nervous energy the government is in charge of.

One thing that sticks out straight away is that summer essentials will become unstuck and we don't have a clue how to get them back.

Chill is our creative accessory which we have seized from the polar spheres.

              The Abandoning of the Contexts of Reality  

We are in all manner in the process of summoning in a precious, distinguished cult realm drastically inadequate and inappropriate for realists devoid of any streak of fantasy as a dimension to their life. 

Cults don't incorporate popular sensibilities. Upon circumspection they are an amendment of reality not ratified by governments.

At the end of the day, it is horribly embarrassing not being part of a cult, creed, pact, faction or alliance.

Cults prompt oneness so that you are not at the mercy of mass culture. Those not part of a cult are tied down by conservative habits which are subject to change in accordance with their insignificance.

This is how a widely divergent weaponry of a cult comes in handy.

The unity of a cult is a defence against stress pervading our ruinous lifestyles impeding the progress of civilization. For integrity, prosperity and tranquillity civil society needs rearranging through meticulous drug use of an unprecedented forthcoming scale.

Those not joining one are exposed to a callous fate in which everybody will despise you in favour of a pageant of doom of human life of alien construction.

Only through an alliance can you conjure up a thoroughfare toward dialogue.

Allied criteria apply, rather than discordance attributed to the unreality of desecration.

Upon a cult platform, whatever the outcome, the chance of failure in life is desolate and remote.

Under the exact same circumstances as being in a war, out of your own defence and security, become a commissar of your own destiny.

Those not belonging to a cult or alliance often suffer from considerable primary demoralization.

These are things which sectors of the brain dedicated to meditation cannot fix.

Experience enlightenment the way realization mediates.

Being part of a cult has productive, fulfilling mutually satisfying graciousness not judged by government.

Belonging to a cult is a way of recruiting, rather than seeking, special meaning into your life, without having to be evaluated decisively by your leader or teacher.

It provides a feel good factor to have a cult to turn to at your own traditional convenience.

The assumed significance of reality does not apply to all things.

Intensive psychosis brings joy.

Being pathetic has practical aspects.

Psychosis will leave your morale in a state of flaccid paralysis which you can blame the medical authorities for. Pressure from above causes psychosis, erasing your moral integrity as an alleged plot amounts to destroy your alleged involvement in undetectable conspiracies.   

Find consolation in that the best moments of your life are when you take certain steps to become spastic in your repose. 

Moving your arms up and down like a retard can be your sole form of expression when you have nothing else furthermore planned.

Belonging to a cult does not do you a discredit; on the contrary you gain inestimable satisfaction from life without hardly a problem, consequently accommodating an installation of tranquillity into the lifestyle you adhere to.

If you have issues longer than the length of your body, a cult force can be of benefit.

Under a cult your manners, principles and attitudes change with docile allusiveness.

Nobody wants to shed the uniform privileges which a cult can supply. The brain otherwise would not have suitable measures for this purpose if you are a modern day peasant with your poverty dismissed without foundation.

Knowledge favours revolutionary struggles for the destination of the majority with we have he partiality we are accused of.

Joining a cult has cosmic benefits to demand your attention pertinent to your judgment of life, otherwise your life will be declared as a death penalty on mutual grounds accordingly installed by a conceived attempt of fascism which is an unavoidable catastrophe.

For a child, being part of a cult is a good start in life, because everything's there.

Troop Science

The Oytcho Visha enterprise was set up to capture the essence of the escalating cultural cold war which is occurring at the moment, which figures prominently as an underground phenomenon you grow up with graphically.

Oytcho Visha is an indispensable, all-powerful, omnipotent fantasy realm which is a remnant of the enchanting factions present in the era of the cold war.

Preserve the impact of the cold war, and the pleasure of coolness will return in an epochal manner. 

Common manners are treacherous when thoughts are expressed which have not reigned from the cold war era.

Our grandiose enterprise manifests properties of radical communism somewhat detracted from the mutual interests of the width or gauge of capitalism.

Our cold war is in a way synonymous with the cold war of the 50's, 60's and 70's.

The war is still going on, with countries involved in it trying to stay one step ahead of each other.

War invents worlds inextricably.

Consequentially we will dispel the orthodox, commonplace well-worn world embedded by convention by those who don't know what war is all about present on any occassion where you don't have the opportunity to attack.

A cultural cold war is a war founded exclusively upon the arts and culture. Real wars lie outside our field.

Yet we are sincere in creating a real war against the pressures of natural and social forces directly on any matters that go against the extraordinary mission to make amphetamines a welcomed legal drug. This will cause a sweeping of events unheard of within your allotted daily tasks plotted by government.

The war is not designated as a military mission. It is an absurd war where nobody dies. Their vitality is preserved without self-criticism.

It is the antithesis of a real war, nevertheless it provides a rational insight into what war is all about.

Given the whole, our cold war formula is constructed for submissive purposes of unlimited potential.

The war does not convey aggression, even though it has borderline belligerency typical of many political matters.

No themes of this kind have been presented since the 2nd world war.

Our aim is to coordinate a belligerent spectacle in the art realm.

We are not people who parade well-calculated morals on any issue, as our process of expression is quite distinct from modern morality, which is a joke.

We take solace from life-skills and world vision which reason demands of us.

We aim to open up cultural worlds which have previously been obstructed by revolts and uprisings.

Speaking of culture not driven by the capacity of a large and roomy war is a disappointment.

Fortunately the expected turn of events create orders to go ahead with celebrations which denounce festivities that go forth without the globally engineered transmitted stimuli of heroin, which evades detection from authorities in due diligence.

Drugs are pressured into categories until they are consumed, then they pacify you without any overriding issues made by any demonstration of knowledge, however intensive the study.

The fervour of the cold war reinstated warrants enthusiasm in the most wide spread fashion possible, resumed under our tremendous scale of propaganda unprecedented in its defiance of drug protocols seemingly not dissectable in the territorial changes it creates in geopolitical systems.

This will only endanger the exterior part of your life, provided the blockade against your submission to authority lasts.

Our cold war faculty encompasses a blitz, we can't disguise this.

This is our formal declaration of war we endeavour to prepare for.

The cold war will make an astonishing comeback. The largest cold war not seen since the Soviet era.

This cold war is the confrontation between countries in the realm of culture and the arts of mankind carried out unremittingly and conveys something influential in your lifetime.

Instead of arranging journeys to other countries, people stay in their own cultural environment in order to escape their rivals.

People are not doodling tourists. 

Tourists fossick for embarrassing safaris through the exhortation of travel agents.

We have strategic plans to end holidaying unless we become courageously inebriated coming incredibly close to a collision with reality.

We bypass all official travel bureaus which prevail upon human life.

Tourists are a rare sight as they over-extend their movement and find themselves besieged with an emergency of public figures of tourism.

We have a slothful retarded discharge of ideas as our annual vacation.

Convoys of sightseers free to roam will have to disembark and support their own country, with a competitive focus which they can all interrelate to. 

We stockpile old-fashioned means of receiving and embracing the culture as are revoltution practice we retreat to.

Our comradeship means you won't be insuperably lonely anymore by default.

Conflicts and violence should never be an accompaniment to anybody's lifestyle. We are sealed off from violence to as much extent as possible and in principle advocate aesthetics for everybody's sensory and mental experience beyond observation from preliminary investigation.

To illustrate this point, we subsequently retract from and fundamentally disrupt any kind of future which results in the sacrifice of man.

Stories of survival are on the board.

The provisional doom which serves men in a way which engulfs them in their final destruction is averted.

The next cold war, the cultural cold war, will be fought mainly in cyber space - on the internet, the digital universe.

Nobody can express their views on these matters, because it is an all-out-war, obviously so.

Most people believe that another global war, WW3, will not happen; but this attitude is defective, because there will be another war, albeit on a cultural and cyber scale arising during virtual wartime.

The historic third world war will have some elements of a real war; therefore on this basis it totally concerns everybody not perceiving life on earth as mediocre.

This is a good old fashioned war. It's always nice to bring your inclinations and passions to the frontline of a cold war.

Our old world variety of politics will make it difficult to disembark from a genuine, real cold war.

Most of our themes are utterances of an imperialist, nationalistic fervour.

The way things should be in politics should be meteoritic.

This gives testament to a militant faction converted from a real war to a cold war.

There is no tit-for-tat politics here.

There's no academia baggage here.

There are no casual intellectual innuendos here.

Field test demolitions are but a scientific endeavour for the speculators.

Cults, Alliances and Empires

The key premise of the enterprise is that Facebook is not far away from becoming an obsolete sphere.

Facebook is a live screening of your ego where conditions apply without aggressors . 

Facebook is general laissez faire because people share a state of doubt as to who their real friends are.

Facebook neutralizes home dramatics, which becomes embarrassing after a while. It is a free fall into primitiveness, devoid of the tone and spirit of unity. 

Things live and free create a huge cost to our lives.

Facebook communities create irreversible guilt as a hidden cost to a free network.

Facebook users are desperate for freelance conversation sprinkled with nihilism and other interruptions which do not demonstrate a braking system.  

Facebook users are dumb and don't respond to any technological signal. They spare the atmosphere of inventiveness fixed reluctantly in the mind as nostalgia and other techniques for the extraction of time.

Screw the task of accumulating friends on Facebook because bacteria found on an electron microscope are more interesting.

Facebook along with You Tube are places where mongrels thrive.

Facebook and other social media sites are fast becoming a pit stop for sodomizers.

Facebook is disgusting in a broad sense because it summons fatigue, sparing its use of manpower.

Facebook is a stale invasion of social life for people who respond positively to it. 

Potential downloads of apps and social media are renounced because of their violation to our private lifestyle which is followed by a negative response.

On Facebook every new friend you have is a duplication of an ulcer, with no hope of banishment.

Facebook is an appalling dictatorship ranked among the Nazi regime because going on there nobody cares about you or your visions which stimulate your belief with convulsions. 

Facebook is fuelled by the pretence of a deranged apocalypse. It establishes a presumptuous claim of household cacophony. 

Facebook has too many maturity guidelines to make it fun. It allows for a live screening of your ego, where conditions apply.  

The web itself is compromised because people check what you say and do on it and you are deprived of the void.

We do not have a plateau of friendships to confide in adjacent to us ascending to a return to dementia.  

On Facebook egoist’s premier demeanour is an addiction showing no mercy.

Facebook is just about overflowing with the qualified success of geeks.

Facebook is a composite regime of disagreeable memories which we find nauseating. 

Take precautions about going onto Facebook because most of it is heinous communiqué

Facebook is for copious dumb people who cannot comprehend zip.

Facebook has a pathetic intensity of the highest calibre recorded privately.

We order an investigation into the clandestine squeeze of correspondence on Facebook.

Facebook creates unwise staged simplicity dictated by no ultimatum.

On Facebook circumstances surrounding real secret speech is extremely unlikely.

On Facebook you are immediately exposed to a muffled rehearsal of social life, without assurance that the people you connect with are not Soviet military memoirists who will quickly smash you.

Facebook is a paradise for slow people; the surrounding medium of their brain has miniature potential.

On Facebook relationships between people are generally trifle and unessential, they are not an apparatus for revolutionaries seizing their time for clemency.

Facebook fosters receptive strains of hate speech and violence just like any virus from which no human atmosphere will return.

Detonate the Facebook beast then you be able to modify your actions in a rough estimate in a  coalescence of a neurological approach rather than a social one. 

Facebook has a lot to answer for. In 2019 here was a 50% rise in unruly youths in the UK, who have got their intertwined hopes from Facebook.  

Facebook supports the severe anomalies of being a teenager; it has nothing special in store for adults.

Modern culture is quite potentially a managed delusion in regards to the outburst of immaturity by those on Facebook.

We also dislike Wiki. Wiki is a shortcut to a dry source of punishment in its most destructive phase.

Wiki is a demeaning cascade of knowledge foreshadowed by geeks.

We are shielded from the speech of people on Facebook whom all have reasonably elevated egos which are devoted to internet surveys.

On Facebook public movements have no security, and we represent the plight of the victims aghast with this atrocity of carrying out purges of human memoirs.     

The worst thing about Facebook is that it has no religious denomination. The church bells are not even on standby for profuse worship.

Facebook collects your biographical data and then transmits it to the world.

Oytcho Visha is the place where occultists merge to jettison the atmosphere of Facebook:

We support people for whom the temptation to continue with Facebook has expired.

On Facebook voyeurism needs patrolled because it is inevitable.

The cordial lifestyle of Facebook users creates a vivid picture of a wretched repulsive phenomenon taken out on everybody else.

Facebook is a universal strategy for people to acquire established mechanisms to promote themselves in an obtuse manner for slack spectators to see and follow. 

Facebook is an impersonal technological revolution thereby created with no culture in mind which has reasoning or observations worth pursuing as a general formulation of explicit beliefs. 

Facebook grabs audiences quite forcefully to gain respective ratings. Geeks have recognisability in the picture. 

Facebook is a geek stampede which you can’t walk away from easily because it excludes liaisons which evoke complex motor neurone reactions.

Facebook is the original communication machine which will be surpassed by others in the near future.

It is established as an automated generated realm of people not in the position to self-criticise.  

Facebook is crafted for bozos. It is a wimp's regatta.

Facebook is a rewarding program for retarded people without an incessant substitute life.

Facebook users only have an exterior repoitore with others; there is no intrinsic friendship envisaged on the horizonless human spirit. There is no source of empathy for others which obeys transcendental law.

Facebook brings you under attack from continual incessant alienation which you can't shield yourself from.

Facebook is a problematic gizmo because there is a tight squeeze of people on there who teach each other nihilistic doctrines of commonplace life and its concurrent deformities which are vicious disappointing tragedies.

Leaving social media you can immobilize your frustrations and emptiness, which are disgraceful and totally embarrassing, unless you are a teenager.

Facebook creates heat, disease and tears; integrity is reduced if not fully erased without being able to get a trace of integrity back because it has been trampled.

We are derisory of Facebook because it is more than a momentary annoyance, the atmosphere is decked out in hostilities and heat, which may seem concealed at times, but it is still there.

To bulldoze the Facebook Kingdom is one of our chief aims. There will be damn stuff breaking everywhere.

The social network will be screwed terminally. It will be chopped up and ruined by standard strategists.

Facebook users are too self-assured type of thing, and give themselves permission to create their ego as their primary rather than secondary form of existence.

Their egos are so big that they require liposuction on their brain.  

Egoism is imported into their life zealously, motivated chiefly by not having the slightest hesitation to be a chauvinist.

Facebook users communicate with their mirror, which is not an ideal strategy if you want to screw with the typical resource constraints of your mind.

On Facebook there is idle collaboration. The communication does not have a hidden history essential for modern day living of primordial origin.

In terms of dialogue and general sense-awareness, Facebook is a commoner's phenomenon.

It is self-evident that Facebook is a rehearsal of social life, it is not really a social life at all. It is a place where people dispatch and receive frivolous information which is to some degree implicitly auto-biographical.

The blunt left-wing empiricist tendencies of political correctness is the decisive factor of Facebook.

Repudiate the affections of social media then you will gain more solicitude with your peers.

The cool kids have stopped using Facebook already.

We create a radical showcase of coolness inexhaustibly.

In the future people will turn more and more to cults, alliances and empires, in an elaborate and extensive display of unity and pride which will never be neutralized on extended fronts.

On Facebook, people concede to a social probe which has the immense capacity to annoy you in manifolds of ways.

The triumphs of Facebook were achieved when it became a faceless corporate giant trialled on charges of sabotage of social life, imposing embarrassment on its crowds of users deemed as common criminals in our large cosmos which they will never stand trial for.

Facebook will not last long because all it accomplishes is unrefined, artificial prestige without any intentionality necessary for your psychology for propaganda purposes we are willing to find shelter in.

Facebook is a frail destination, it is not a stronghold which fuses the spectrums of social life.

It is a finite environment to be actually afraid of rather than esteemed as a struggle for an immaculate existence.

Facebook has prepared a plot to create a culture of a left-wing monoculture of dowdy conformity. Moroseness is its true constitution which is the antithesis of the regression of heat. 

Be reassured, only cults proceed to create a testimony of true bonds which last forever and day based on their abundant curiosity on the basis that they will never disappear like their predecessors.

Facebook is an assembly of people subservient to the defective fleeting digital age.

It is not false to suggest that Facebook users are lifestyle show-offs.

Facebook users are by and large slap bang in the middle of a jocular social frenzy; there are no gothics to be found on there.

You fall into the trap of an artificial enactment of social life.

Tumultuous outbursts of discussion are found outside the social media realm of Facebook.

Be cautious of Facebook because none of it is exceptionally tumultuous. There is a deficiency of tumult. You don’t even stand a chance of being obnoxious. 

We are witnessed as such as a totally obnoxious frontier throughout most of the night and the occasionally foreign daytime.  

Love is not our invigourating tonic; being obnoxious by default is.

Facebook encourages the growth of friendships through an exchange rate:

The more friends you have, the less old-fashioned privacy you have from days gone by.

Facebook is a bad place to go to because you lose much of your robust autonomy. You become totally reliant on other people all of the time.

We are in the process of developing a coalition of enterprises endowed with the quest to end Facebook.

This will be a daunting endowment.

The continuum of social media power stations will fall apart forever. 

The social media platform needs to be swiftly aborted because there is not enough traditional protection and guidance for children. 

Unfortunately on Facebook people don't receive tutelage from friends interpreted as tradition.

Accumulating friends is deduced as too much of a hassle to utilize.

If the theory of global warming ever allows to dictate your actions, Facebook is to blame, because it is utterly devoid of coolness.

Facebook is the ideal home for satanic behaviour, with no estimation of coolness appreciably perceived as aesthetic which will be eventually acquiesced for our memory without animosity.

Social media is like participating in a languid and horrid charade. Things just get that dilapidated. 

Only morons are persuaded that Facebook civilities are stimulating.

Whatever your hereditary or cohort, Facebook is fundamentally a relapse of culture you need to keep your distance from, because the social intercourse is a source of dissatisfaction, which is in no way categorised as stoutly neurotic, possessing no orginal demanding areas of the brain.

Indelible aesthetics are spontaneously articulated in other mediums than social media.

Shut the doors properly on Facebook, because the friends you make will cause you to be utterly paranoid in its clear, identifiable, translucent world devoid of any dramatic performance.

The haunts of Facebook have saturated every aspect of modern culture; it has left its monotonous mark on many cities and countries, without doctrine or method.

Anti-Facebook propaganda is extensively fundamental to our agenda. Facebook is not a real social experience; it is a facade, an arbitrary prop.

Facebook is finished, broken. It is stupid keeping something which is broken.

Facebook, the computer thing, hasn't got long to go before it keels over and goes into obsolescence.

Twitter and the prehistoric chirps coming out of it will also soon become obsolete; someway, somehow it will be all over.

Twitter is peacock culture. There are people on there chirping their little frocks off.

We are positively sure that all Facebook users are drongos. But it is completely absolutely fantastic to be a retarded drongo.

The Facebook chamber is a fierce primitive addiction jeopardizing your personal safety in favour of surrendering your familiarized ego.

Facebook prevails as an aimless league of primitive significance, yet everybody on there are collectivised without consulting each other.

Social media is the largest manufacturer of gossip in the world.

The gossip train on Facebook should in greater measure be disapproved because most of it is carried out by conceited people praising their decision to become trail blazers of vanity in a flash.

There is nothing complex nor challenging about running a Facebook page because nothing on there comes from the exotic underground.

Nothing on Facebook in any instance is worthy of TV coverage which means something brilliant and unique of aesthetic significance worthy of analysis of primary concern.

This radical plan to scrap Facebook can be explained and justified because terrorists are infiltrating it as a source for their endeavours to create an industry of hate. 

Facebook's reputation has been significantly flawed due to the live-screening of terrorist acts pertaining to it.

Part of our agenda is to eliminate the assemblage of terrorism in the modern world.

Social media can turn your social life into an emotional casualty, a disaster, because it is not an autonomous entity.

Living in a social vacuum does have its privileges. In a world that lacks unity, living in a social void brings elation exemplified univocally.

Facebook is a designer-made disease, you need to escape the ravages of it.

The guilt associated with contributing to this disease is an illustration of a lack of conspicuous imperialist fervour.

Facebook is doomed to perish because it is selling off age-old traditions illicitly and therefore is entirely devoid of the compositeness of sociality.

Facebook is a peer group with endless permutations and patterns which provide no personal salvation.

Through cowardly using free internet services, Facebook users are the modern version of the proletariat:

There are plausible reasons enough that they have all been deliberately engineered as peasants.

There is no deluxe pride in being a peasant, unless you are a potential revolutionary who has a disputation with nonaesthetic convention.

On Facebook, your personal details, they know all that, they know all about you, and this penetrates the inner recesses of your freedom.

The axis of self-sufficiency comes under the radar, causing embarrassment and trouble as a tribute to the human race issued by the earnest resolve of the front of nihilism proposed to resume with completely unjustified losses of life. 

Facebook is the disease of civilization because it creates a fixation on the sedimentation of social life. 

The Facebook interface is becoming more and more of a commerce platform: a well-illuminated commercial enterprise.

Facebook is a loquacious e-commerce platform:

Purchasing on line from it is a stupid manoeuvre for accumulating merchandise.

Shopping on line is false modesty. Facebook does not give you even the remotest of a rapturous welcome of comradely greetings. All Facebook pages are subsequently interrogated, and not just because it is a sly terrorist centre. 

People on Facebook are so chatty that their larynx needs to become a treadmill to identify its information needs which are unspeakable acts that are a splurge on society difficult to recant.

Communication requires a deluge of enigmatic tactfulness which the forces of Facebook ultimately cannot accommodate.

It is becoming renowned as a commodity and trading network; reckless dazzling adventures are not to be found on there.

There are obvious indications that the commercial impact of Facebook transcends its humanitarian impact.

Commercialism is the axis, the pivot of modern society, so all we have done is bent or blurred this axis.

Facebook symbols on businesses and websites, they're conveyed everywhere around the world, you can't get away from them, they are difficult to ignore. That's what puts you off it, it turns you away from it.

To restore the former prestige and beauty of days gone by, you have to avoid the crude revelations made by social media, with persons begging for friendship to revive themselves enough to become part of the commonplace market which has been squashed in the interim.   

Make a bolt for freedom and delete your Facebook page, because people from everywhere's on there. 

We aim to administer increasingly ways and measures to reduce the impact and dominance the tech giants such as Facebook and You Tube are having on the world.

Facebook is a super ridiculous absolute farce distilled as a debacle and ready to tumble due to its rivals whose ideals are logically incompatible with them.

The modern definition of a yuppie is a person who cannot remember the time when social media didn't exist. They represent a world where no other form of life is worthwhile to be associated with. This is not interrelational with anything cool.

Escalation of Isolationism

We rejoice in isolationism, that's what our intentions are. The maintenance and regulation of publicity means nothing to us. We don't even remember what publicity means, but know it involves some flak.    

Believe us, our formless and incoherent protest against life will dramatically change how the media world functions in a multiple of atypical ways. This will leave the language and practices of conventional media establishments around the globe motionless and inert by comparison, obviously with no comeback.

Ageless hysteria coupled with respect and adulation is a good job well done.

What the world needs now is another cold war period: an elaborate and slow war which incorporates the elegance and long-windedness of yesteryear.

We resurrect the general application of old school values; equally substantial, we have a lack of clarity and reasoning and a resistance to theory nursed by philosophers under psychological pressure to give meaning to our lives upon request.

Yesterday's future was not as deplorable as today's future.

A cold war will generally prioritize division and create an escalation of isolationism.

With no personal relations, you become the forerunner of nothingness.

Voluminous negativity is good because it makes you rethink things.

Change is a necessity just as long as nothing else crops up.

The powerful impetus of the modern internet is difficult to counteract from a strategic perspective without developing a potential source of recklessness which harrasses our physiognomy as a side effect of our digital peasantry without consultation.

Surplus Spook

The enterprise is designed with the gothic underground in mind. We accommodate gothics not enticed by convention, because convention is a structure responsible for atmosphere returning to normal.

We do this without objectifying the realm of Gothicism, so we don't get ahead of ourselves irresolutely, becoming recognizable subject matter for others to objectify us or order drastic episodic investigations on us. 

It is admirable that excessive profound melancholy is accessible only by the oppressed. 

Those with continually sustained disappointment are our comrades.

Only when all of your pride and self-worth has disintegrated can you create a dark picture of Mankind devoid of any pattern of light worthy of special attention.  

We live in very very strange and dark and fascist times, so rather than seeming like a fallacy, our schemes merely just mirror what is happening in the world. We are in the spook trade.

In these modern times reality has become a testament to an amounting succession of fascism on a tremendous scale in its sphere of influence.

Oytcho Visha is an underworld in a manifold of ways. We don't believe in commonplace popular left-wing standard entities such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Wiki, Amazon, Spotify, Sky television, etc.

These companies are becoming too big and out-of-control. In this way, our enterprise is a memorable assault on those obligated to maintain modern culture by all means they declare or promise.

Our operational domain is fuelled by the despising of the internet giants of the world. 

This rebellion creates the landscape to counteract the revolting melancholy of our age.

Every company that grows and grows usually goes under at some point, and inevitably falls to pieces and disappears from the place it was at. They are fly-by-nighters. 

Once one falls there is a domino effect and they all begin to fall.


Doomsday Playground

Those with a reluctance to dispatch with anything constitutive of realism will not be prepared enough to join our cult thus it appears.

Everybody tells me so that being part of a doomsday playground is a soothing thought. This is because there's no time for school. You can bear witness to something mad instead, in accordance with no knowledge or future developments in education thereby which immediately follow.

The richest ways of nihilism is a vital part of your schooling life.   

Copious fun is not had through school lessons nor committees.

Kids don't evolve through bureaus, and official authorities are comprised of processed children with their memory of being a child dissolved. 

We were all once predominately children, unless we acquire a portfolio influenced by Theodor Adorno's Negative Dialectics.

The moroseness of going to school each day to capture and execute knowledge is avoided.

School teachers instigate simple inculcations at a constant ratio.

Judged aesthetically, schools are not a necessary or sufficient terrain to learn.

Teaching is an arbitrary procedure because it don't teach you the real essence of things.

A considerable reduction or severely limited education is an uncertainty but not an injustice.

Teachers go to considerable lengths to assist in rendering you having dumb powers. This is their moment of production in terms of their careers which are not dithyrambic (exuding passion). 

Respective measures of thought are not the result of education and other similar human activities because they are not dictated by an induction of aesthetic practices, all due to governemnt posts.

This explains the membership of schools; they are there to educate dumb people. It does not take a historical interpretation to know this by any account.

In the course of history we learn our lessons well through anonymous memorandums pertaining fundamentally to our art.

Politics disguised as an aesthetic practice is not something discovered by studying.

The saddest part to this world is that people have lives and they live them punctually without any bizarre qualities as part of the criterion of living in context with our present condition comprised of intransigence.

Education and training unwittingly makes us less tumultuous, and serious thinking reduces our vigour.

A psychotic is a person whose thought processes are conjured up and rendered less lively and more cooler than the normal individual. Reality is present only as a well-maintained designated guest; there is no notion of it being a signifier of a real world we should recognise as a global protocol of sufficient authority.

Psychotic people have no coherence in their thought processes probably as necessary to participate in the initiating of a dynamic society attended to by normal individuals, but this does not do them a discredit.

They lack the means of discovering reality; they are unevacuated from fantasy.

There are innumerable forms of education in this world, but we prefer to be ambassadors of dumbness and confide in certain sets of tangible versions of fantasy. 

Made to measure obscure dumbness is not terrible to contemplate from any point of view. Seek accurate moral lessons elsewhere other than from your teacher or boss who have a sameness in the way they teach and train you.

We go from one extreme to another; we deliver real news, as well as being obliged to create a succession of comical fantasy. This is a viable alternative to any theorist's evaluation of life's managed isolation.

Life is an eternal dream to love so.

In the larger view of things, these pursuits combine the arts and the sciences in a transcendental manner which cannot be shunned.

Maximum darkness means a total indifference to daylight. The elegance of glamour and romance can take place with rejoice according to the exchange of occultist principles which smash anything of a social composition.

Darkness everlasting is the journey to elegant simplicity, so discovered.

Keep in mind the night time satisfaction which day time brings is stored in your nerves from your previous night's sleep.

Oytcho Visha is a novel departure from any social reality specified as a simple exchange of views and topics. Moodiness suffices, as reason is relatively static and is not put on trial charged with the crime of exterminating fantasy.

Galactic Fireplace

Our ongoing focus is to support artists and musicians whom believe the world will not be a receptor site for so-called 'global warming' in the future.

We detest the implications of global warming theory, preferring more subversive analyses of the environment as our prerogative.

There is actually some genuine honest science behind all of this. Many rogue geophysicists have debunked global warming theory, simply immobilising it as an infectious agent to be terminated.

In the future we will suffer from an invasion of chill.

In such a case the sun is a galactic fireplace.

The sun is an amber tide. Moonshine is worst because of its non aggression. 

With the rule of the sun summer is illegally resurrected.    

The sun shines like a candle from out-of-space like any star. Isn't it right that daytime is the equivalent of night time?

Yet with the weather, you never know what is going to happen, so you have to be prepared for anything to happen.

You don't know whether it's going to be hot cold rain or fine.

Our principle forecast is that in the near future the world will be well and truly freezing. The spirit of the weather will be differentiated from materialist warmth, which will become an uncommon phenomenon. 

This is partly because industrial production is beginning to revolve around automation. Hard work will be diluted or bypassed.

Ultra-refrigeration is part of our strategic management rationale development.   

Gorge and capitalize on industrialization boldly then you will make the world right again.

Environmentalists believe cars, trucks and trains are the grimace of mankind. They believe in backward endeavours which our predecessors were familiar with. 

Our protocols are constructed on the basis that our world will not have warmth of any instrumental value for the purpose of making the last effort to create serenity. All it creates is incidents and provocations.

Coolness you cannot live without furthermore creates an addiction to coolness and an indifference to the characteristics of warmth not defined by art or dictated by fashion.

We don't see the point of those purporting theories which could ruin the lives of many.

In the future cold surges will dominate weather patterns. This emphatic denial of global warming will create unity and happiness among mankind secondary to nothing.

Resume staying cool with renewed vigour by utilizing an elemental cult force segregated from global warming as the final consequence unmasked.

Hard solidified freeze will accumulate in most countries of the world in the future.

In the future not too warm weather will have a domino effect all around the world.

Cool things like this just spiral from here with solemn and earnest resolve just like yesteryear.

Beautiful days are acutely chilly and not at all unfavourable.

Based on experiences in the real world, the world is due for a deep freeze previously unheard of.

Tuck yourself up as freezing cold weather becomes a prominent affair to treasure beyond estimate.

We will out-manoeuvre those that believe in global warming.

It is absolutely and totally unacceptable to make dire, overboard predictions about the Earth's future.

Lots of happiness, faith, truth and wisdom is an important element in establishing our ice empire.

We deliver huge quantities of cool which can never be infiltrated or undermined.

In the future chill will have a huge roll on effect right down.

Our principle is that to do justice to life you have to stay cool.

Establishing of Dynamics

Overall, we aim to supply the concepts and materials in order to make a strikingly dark transformation of regular political and news mediums which cannot be condescended as a form of displeasure.

This aggressive paradigm shift is paradoxically designed to alleviate the broad spectrum of mayhem and violence which has sculptured our world.

Even though our agenda is muddled, ambiguous and disconnected from reality by virtue, it is still politically intact and unproblematic.

Our agenda means business, and has its own dynamics inasmuch as can therefore give us momentum. 

The enterprise is a bizarre deviation from regular news. It is created for those who would rather disappear into a fabulous abyss than watch conventional news or weather, existing in a completely different sphere significantly different to normative cultural areas not worth exploring or amplifying.

Oytcho Visha is being created as a progressively prominent news hub in the global arena which is exclusive and extravagant in a way which has no ceiling effect.

This is where a variation of artistic, musical and political endeavours converge in their immediacy.

If you are seeking an avant-garde gold rush, then look no further.

Acute or chronic aesthetic sluicing is a special privilege because it renders you immortal.

It is affirmative that we will supply festive arts and culture beyond conceivability in some of the most treacherous places on earth.

This will create tempestuous news stories which cannot be scorned.

Rip-Roaring Subculture

The cold war of Oytcho Visha is a war built with romanticism. It is an appealing and plausible solace.

We create an abundant, exuberant online jumble of drama which is quintessentially cool, absolutely uninfluenced by any form of heat milieu.

We promote a sentimental innocence and romance which provides a melancholic portrait of modern life.

But overall, our activities breach many of the common values of modern, contemporary culture.

This is because we believe that the New World Order needs urgent yet delicate changes in the way it functions.

Oytcho Visha serves as a rip-roaring subculture, and subsequently an abrupt cult arrangement is formed, smashing the fronts of global warming.

Belonging to a cult enables you to accomplish and preside over the ultimate pleasure of life; every other form of life is insuperior to be involved in as an undertaking we are permitted to engage in.

Belonging to a splendid cult, getting meaning and satisfaction out of life with refined simplicity is no problem.

Being part of a cult of an incomparable scale you will even be admirable even by being hypocritical.

When all is said and done, we are all hypocrites; those that readily admit not to being hypocrites are the real hypocrites.

Likewise, most people who detract from bigotry do so just as a formality, they are not really passionate about seeing it being diminished.

It is ironical how so many people of the modern world are corrupt and don't believe in forms of beauty and truth which abandon convention as a priority conduct of an admonitory territorial future.

Makeshift Oscillation

The operations of Oytcho Visha are dispatched from the underground; but we also encompass various patterns of the mainstream, valuing an abundance of things such as liberty, drive, ambition, integrity and other receptacles of power which will never perish in unconditional surrender .

We deliver a true solution to the world's cultural and structural problems in an austere manner. 

Take account that our themes and ideas are a great source of ambivalence.

We zig-zag between the underground and the main stream.

There is a huge cross over between the left and right wing of politics, which overturns this dualistic scheme in an unclarified way.

We see-saw between the objective and the subjective.

This ambivalence comes from a combination of silence shaped by the endemic of speech.

It takes more than a few twists and turns and winding stuff to create a political furore. 

We swivel back and forth between far-left and ultra far-right, virulent nationalistic political sentiments.

This yo-yo effect provides an invigourating balance in the political spectrum.

We shuffle between the indeterminate collectivization of the left wing and the ultra-nationalist politics of the right wing.

We rock back and forth between the feminine and the masculine.

This swerving and swivelling and swaying is testament to a cult realm.

We bounce back and forth, slip and slide between the far right and far left with makeshift oscillation.

Balancing acts are thrown into disarray no matter.

Going back and forth between extremes energizes you significantly and arrestingly. 

Consequent proceedings criss-cross their way through reality and fantasy.

We convey arbitrary intentions unintentionally.

It is indeed difficult to keep the cogs of cognition circulating in a coherent loop.

Sometimes there is little bit of a ricochet which goes from the left to the right and vice-versa.

But overall, we showcase a fusion of both the far-right and the far-left unannounced to the authorities whom search us.

This all leads to a predetermined totalitarian portrait of themes and schemes borne of madness.

In the underground there is to be found a more superior thrill than the unpleasant compositions of the mainstream arts and sciences.

It is only harlequins, punks and gothics that belong to neither the left nor right wing.

Anyone who opposes the left will be called a Nazi: A transphobic, islamophobic, anti-Semitic racist Nazi, to be banned or suppressed from society unavoidably for suspicious behaviour in extensive areas of land.

The emotional or mental state of a Nazi unmistakably secretes a yield of fascism which is omnipresent in these modern times, so we all live under a virulent ultra-nationalist Nazi regime.  

But our endeavour is to create a grandiose system of principles and ideals which bridges the fashionable gap between the far right and the far left.

The left wing is often comprised of sociopaths and psychopaths which need to be located and removed from society.

They deserve daily routines which are more productive and satisfying.

Left and right wing politics are clotted together in a complex equilibrium. This equilibrium provides maximum comfort and balance.

But to merge the terrain of the old world and the new world into one equivalent mass can be dangerous.

Oftentimes neither the left nor right wing are worthwhile and it will require extensive sieges to eradicate them both to make us happy.

We have no trouble breaking the deadlock of ambivalent conspiracies which nurture friendships when we are sound asleep becuase the stucture of our power politics includes heroin which we submit to in an abortion of international affairs and keen intellect delivered to us by politicions

Rather than classical ways of thinking, left wing initiatives can cause social disfigurement and cultural abnormalities without counterpart respectively.

The new world order is vacant of synergy, so all we are doing is reflecting this absence of synergy.

It is good that without mass sedation and distraction we would not be able to organize the imminent and inevitable destruction of this disaster of a species.

Fluorescent Fascism

Oytcho Visha is irregular in that most of our news content is a potent source of exaggeration.

We hoard provocative ideals before they go into the recess of biological cycles. 

A good measure of our schemes are difficult to administrate or retain truth which is affectionately remembered assuredly by gentlemen or politicians.

Remaining sombre, there is no urgent rush to deem something true or false. These two broad groups underplay our ambition to make episodic strikes on mass culture.

Instead, an uproar of hyperbole is habitually employed with character and authority.

In news and media, affectionate modesty gives you no defence.

We acquire the conditions consequentially to allow our enthusiasts to be as comfortable and dynamic as possible in their daily life predicated by gothic influences which reshape culture with vague charges of espionage.

The world needs everything doing to it. There are sufficient grounds to assume our planet is destined to become a fascist fountain; political history always repeats itself.

Most of the world's countries have a blunt, fascist social economic system attended by everyone. That's been like that forever. 

The evidence is right there that the world is becoming fascist:

In Auckland, New Zealand, the council has banned smoking in outdoor eateries.

New Zealand government is also pushing for a bill to make vaping illegal in public spaces.

This is the worst legislative decision from anyone ever. 

Also in New Zealand it has been made illegal for households to build fences more than 6 ft in height.

Everyone deserves their own small estate, but the civil cowardice of councillors trying to reduce the impact of gangs in society has not allowed us to build our own fortresses.

Workmen are forced to wear hi-vis attire that makes them look like prisoners; they are fluorescent prisoners of a fascist world.

Also, cigarettes are often taxed at four times the rate that they cost the health system; and politicians in many countries are attempting to introduce plain packaged cigarettes.

This draconian lock down measure needs forced to stop. 

Who would have ever thought a decade ago that in the future you would need a pocketful of money to buy a packet of smokes? 

It is a debacle; how can you be so stupid?  

Every company selling a good has the right to furnish their product with art and craft, otherwise it wouldn't be a product at all.

The excessive tax on smokes needs to be scrapped immediately because it is fuelling a harsh and dangerous black market. Diaries and other outlets have become sitting ducks for aggravated robbery.

We witness oppression in all aspects of modern life. The authorities cannot even come up with a reason for this repression, even though it is readymade everywhere through different original strains.

Fascist alert: New Zealand government is currently working on a law to make it illegal to smoke in front of children. This will be a successive addition to the context of the fascist system we already live by.

It doesn't take rocket science to know that there is something very wrong with our world. Its might is not as colourful and romantic as it used to be.

Through our dimensions, platforms, vectors (guidelines), coordinates and matrixes, we can create a triumphant touch which will allow us to gradually extend our empire victoriously.

When operating under a cult system, nobody has to pay any particular attention to personal effort and involvement. They can cruise through life like it is a ride on a Ferris wheel.

A cult is a force which guides people. Members of the cult do not need to seek approval or justification from others in what they do, given the political climate we live in.

This is because there is a gritty communal chemistry stored and distributed among members of the cult: a communal chemistry which is not dermatologically tested.

Assured, the parameters and conventions of our enterprise have a technical astuteness which has no energy rating.

Our principle specialist area is in the politics, history and the arts of European countries. But this specialist area is vague and foggy. This platform also holds for other countries in the world.

The overall dimensions of Oytcho Visha reach into many areas of history and culture. We also plan to develop our own record label: Oytcho Visha Records.

This record company provides the opportunity for people to share and entrust in head-thrashing sonic revelations of sound that make you jump up and down in a constructive and progressive way.

The record department of Oytcho Visha is peripheral to the main aspects of the enterprise. It is differentiated from it in order to preserve it as an independent entity.

A lot of old fashioned things such as records have come back into fashion. The wheel has turned the full circle damn near.

We deviate from linear patterns of existence. Rather than look into the future we recycle the days of yesteryear.

Surrender to the powers of need; we need our history, we can't just be aloofly interested in it, it needs to be affirmatively embraced.

Listening to music should be as desirable as it used to be. Many modern pop musicians sound self-possessed when they sing. 

Sustainably sourced love songs have become non-existent.

Oytcho Visha creates the scenario where what rolls out of the imagination remains unspoiled by modern trends.

These initiatives allow for the evaporative cooling of drama and theatrics to condense on everything.

A profusion of factors is disrupting the overall continuity and solid foundations of many European countries. We endeavour to figure out the underlying causes of this.

Europe is besieged with an overall process of perishment which requires exploratory measures to short-circuit the perishing.

Pulling the curtains on things doomed to perish does not require a spokesman.

There is a constant risk that old-school European culture is becoming a scarcity and etched in backwardness.

The recent outburst of mass culture is likely to blame for the lack of merit in the creativity in European culture, whether such creativity is identified or produced.

We believe in the continuity and progression of European culture and heritage, which at this point in time requires massive reconstruction beyond recognition.

A cult will lay out processes, operations and principles which illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of a particular way of life.

Those that appreciate the advantages of this will most often form a bond, a connectivity with each other.

Those that fail to adjust, and struggle to see any advantage, rejoice in being dissidents.

When the day is done, cults nurture personalities, so long as you take up the opportunity to join the cult and become devoted to it and stimulate the formation of friendships.

Most people don't realize or recognize what a cult can do if it is given constant use. You can dissolve  the diffussion of superficiality fundamental to your life, which is better than living in a vacuum of trial and error. 

Conquest and achievement are magnified for fanatical adherents of our enterprise.

The Public Crystallization of Autonomy

Every cult has certain provisos, constraints, limitations, in place. There is an assemblage of codes and practices which are usually employed with clinical lore with the privilege of having only minor connotations.

The dematerialization of reason and reality demonstrates the need for an habitual dependency on a cult force.

All drama stems from the scintillating cumulative search for power and domination.

The world would be an empty stage if nobody wanted to rule it.

The world is the biggest stage of all, but this is not of crucial importance. It's who rules the stage that matters.

If nobody wanted to rule the world we would be presiding over a vacant culture lacking joint resistance.

Our aims are high: we scale the attempt to create consummate world wide domination thematically and formally.

This is a crucial prime example of being maximally invasive as possible with little possibility to dissent. 

We take a thoroughly non-conformist route towards immediately gaining proposed power.

We are compelled to acquire the power to rule the world in a flexible way.

Our endeavour constitutes the desire to rule the world and all of its features.

Oytcho-Visha is a staunch campaign to rule the world and its everyday information systems it is embedded with.

Take over the world before it takes over you unsympathetically.

We are in a special position in that we establish a hegemony over the entire world order and its calculated risks spiralling out of control.

Oytcho Visha is a ridiculous cracker of a galaxy combined with fast efficient service.     

Life chucks everything at all of us, depriving us of autonomy amid farces we are recruited for .

We don't have the time, instinct or mechanisms to represent current humanity as a discussion point, because it does not involve world domination reconciled in a common cause. Instead it creates unjustified losses and allocated impressions of unsuccessful missions. 

Oytcho Visha is a cult commune convulsed from a desire to rule the world with non-interference.

You have our full assurance that we are unphased in our motivation to rule the world. We do not shy away when it comes to competitiveness.

We will converge eventually with forthcoming measures considered necessary for ruling the world.

We are lunatics trying to take over the world and make a poignant exit from reality.

We don't have modest aspirations as far as logistic and diplomatic processes go.

Unquestionable global domination will be our finest achievement.

Through our political movement it will be rendered highly probable that we will triumph.

We are in the vicinity which allows our members to catapult into notoriety in the political scene, amputating criticism as we go. 

We signal a formidable message to the world: we will one day rule it, once protocols are formulated and enforced with discriminatory universal meaning organized in rich and diverse ways.

Too many people contemplate rules and regulations rather than creating the means to change them in a relentless and unavoidable manner.

This impending curious plot to rule the world some people will loathe and want to dispose of, finding fault with everything, and they may become naturally anxious.

But our portrait of the world will bring the highest good, this is undoubtable and beyond analysis.

In the future, the policies of most conservative governments will be rendered inert or corrupt. Aloof cults and empires will rule the world.

An autonomous existence means having limited adherence to conventional politics and culture. Nothing is weighed down by administrative generalities. This is the key to achievement.

Kaleidoscopic Arena

Multiple types of segregation from conventional institutions is the zone we operate from.

For the bigger majority of people working in our crew, working in film and television will not be their dedicated founding passion. They will have commandeered an enigma in some other career or profession.

A television enterprise represents a score of different professions and trades, which are all coordinated and scheduled together as one. This is how a cult is rendered.

Oytcho Visha is an eclectic framework of interwoven schemes and ideas. We embrace anything from geopolitics to modern medicine, followed by an infusion of mythology.

Our priority is to create a kaleidoscopic arena of themes and schemes.

Rather than being symptomatic of reality, the bulk of our news is a reservoir of fantasy which lacks scientifically-charged truth.

Take the truth out of your eyes.

Absolutely the answer to life is not found in your eyes.

We are visibly doomed, looking straight out, seeing nothing other than the great big black sky as a particular medium of zealous darkness which can never be purged. 

We don't believe in pure reason; we supply robust and vibrant schemes where reality ceases, which gives us unity untreated by the general logic of private discussions practiced by zombies on conventional anti-depressants.

Lush fantasy is our occupational achievement, there are no restrictions on it.

Our aim is to inject prominent political issues of our day and age with an elongation of fantasy.

The enterprise is designed for those that have become dissociated from the precipitates of mass culture in the most maximum possible way.

Conventional news incorporates and transmits an administration of mass culture.

The objective of the byzantine Oytcho Visha Empire is to design and assemble a bulwark, a barricade against the voluminous influence of mass culture.

The enterprise also embraces reconstructive politics. In this way, Oytcho Visha is a harbinger which suppresses future possible economic stagnancy and depression.

In some cases there is no obvious cause for this abnormal stagnancy and lack of stimulation. But regular news realms are likely to blame.

The presenters of regular news are often kind of robotic, they are automatons; there is no celestial pride or passion. Their countenance and attitudes need to be rehabilitated to create sufficient proof that they are doing their job.

Most modern film and television enterprises are crawling with a maelstrom of activity. But the roles and appearances people portray do not arouse much curiosity.

The crew are under substantial, tremendous pressure because their surrounds have no peculiarity to them. This makes good entertainment improbable, and largely neglected.

Declaration of Weirdness

Our news manifests in part as the science of the human body and how it works. We usurp several medical themes: themes which people might find either beneficial or pathological upon observation.

Contrary to modern science, we take a blurred, vague approach to the anatomical and physiological features of the human body.

An invasion of rampant, demented excitement is how the human body works. Every other physiological aspect affecting the body is hurled into oblivion because it is seen as an enemy of the people.

Having spastic episodes is our frequent obligation, it is an integral part of our lifestyle in such a case as we all get mad.

Everybody knows that nihilism is a medical dictionary with constant sources of medical information not valid because it is prejudiced.  

We don't have an authentic drug-free nervous system because it creates a tsunami of subject-object dualisms.

Applications of reason don’t seem right for our selective lifestyles, which are absent of any truth which can be loyally manifested in our neuromuscular junction points.

Consummate solace is also essential for the body's precious jewels to work properly.

As gothics we protest against modern culture because it impels a grotesque shemozzle through all things.

The impenetrable crudity of mass culture means no specified frame of reference is installed or achieved. 

Non-Anglo and non-Russian languages are practically suspended and paralyzed because they do not allow for any individuation, freedom or flexibility.

The whole scenario is prohibitive.

We seek merit because the platform of traditional ethics is not our forté. Traditional ethics gives us hot flushes.

Our enterprise is a totalitarian, medical and religious organization which is substantially vague in a manifold of ways.

This gives the enterprise thermal resilience and heat resistant capacities, averting our final destruction.

Oytcho Visha is a revolutionary cult realm, and we provide the windows into numerous occultist outlets contained within the neural tissue.

Making several approaches to remove reality from everyday life can create a cushioning effect against the ulcerative trends of modern culture.

We will provide next generation solutions to the world's problems. This will enhance whole body wellbeing from the cerebral cortex to the toes.

Oytcho Visha is also being created as a vehement political force to counteract the treacherous scenarios of today's world which attach to our bodies like membranes.

The foundations and logistics of the enterprise are difficult to interpret; they are difficult to pursue because of the chimerical surge and profusion of fantasy themes being emitted.

Chimera are beings that run free because they do not know their proper place within reality.

Our lengthy, sophisticated protocols make Oytcho Visha uppermost an empire more than a news realm.

Sufficient habitual declaration of weirdness creates empires.

As a news cult we believe in a future without boundaries; a future laden with razzamatazz; a future where we can witness true prosperity somewhat as an enigma which reproduces itself in our cellular constituents not discovered by observational science unless internal tension is mitigated by endorphins.

Television can become an imperishable underground independent of conventional and circumstances administrable by law.

Jumbo Transcendental Pity

Transcendental pity signifies an agenda which goes far beyond the auspices of media and television magnates and known associates. These people struggle to stop the spread of their chronic political concerns with a pragmatic approach or naturally good manners. They endure tremendous suffering as a result. Without stringent measures to abandon it all they become trapped in unpleasant political consequences set aside for fascists.

The disappearance of discrimination infringes the clinical field of fascism, and deviates from the adverse effects on humanity, which takes place under the new modernized constitution.

We have our own genuinely crazy ridiculous brand of politics, which many people may think distributes shades of fascism.

But this is all being done to create a tenacious revolutionary effect.

Fascism is merely an irrational creed which is forced upon people.

Sometimes it just works out that way, fascism comes to grip you even though you are unaware of it.

This is why we bring out these fascist schemes, to let people know that fascism is worse today than it was in yesteryear.

In the modern world there is always a degree of fascism nearby, and all we are doing is reflecting this condition.

But don't misjudge us, we don't make any concession for fascist sentiments.

We endeavour to heed the fatalistic accomplishment of an artistic revolution.

To produce artistic energy is our most charming asset; art drives our passion.

Freedom left untreated causes higher rates of mental harm than fascism.

Freedom seekers perish in transitory modes of existence.

Freedom does not offer shelter or protection. Seeking it, more often than not you will find real and potential suppression and injustice forthcoming, just like a mirage.

Freedom is defined as mercurial independence which provides an autonomous countdown to salvation. 

Relinquishing freedom-loving activity paradoxically creates freedom. You commit to the best suite you can find in a jail out there.

Liberal means of conduct always employ some means of fascism.

Find your freedom in incorrigible fascism rather than constructive criticism.

The baffling pretence of freedom causes plagues and anthrax among separate homogenous groups.

To be faithful and disciplined you need to dismiss outstanding and popular trends, because they don't do a thing for you acknowledged as resurgent dialogue.

Freedom seekers do anything they want and whenever, whoever they are, on any given day, without delay, everywhere they go. Yet freedom has no core consensus enabling instant recognition of the hostile world of fascism which swells before it is postponed in time.

Only ponces believe in freedom. In reality, unsolved oppression is always by our side as a faculty of our imagination.

An amicable barricade against mass culture has its own hazards.

Those that believe in freedom are only conjecturing.

With anything derivative of freedom, fascism is also an auxiliary.

Fascism is a well-executed form of totalitarianism customarily designed and built to preserve heritage.

Yet we are artists who have not been born free, not military governors.

Politics is a game we don't know how to play, but we know first and foremost that is about the proliferation of power difficult to grapple with as it has anchored us in fascism.

Everybody needs to have faith and belief in things, and only an imperishable cult can do this.

We aim to gear up and accomplish our own large and unified audacious brand of politics in a sumptuous manner.

As a cult realm, we provide group solutions to address the world's problems in a revered manner, all founded upon religiosity through to modern medicine.

We will showcase an approach to news and media which dissolves the heavy clumping effect of current modern trends.

Grand Waffle

Oytcho Visha and its subsidiary enterprises all have one common thread: there are numerous lunatical ravings apparent in the world of our senses which are as intractable as hormonal disorders.

Today's communication lingers on as tomorrow's riddles. 

It does not do you an injustice when your social status is prone to the fate of reasonably large delirium.

We fiddle around with our mental states to the extent of our capacity and disposition which we don't disclose to people of importance.

We derive our sense of motivation via a thorough and trustworthy reign of nonsense.

Oytcho Visha consists of a ceremony of non-tangible, nonsensical rants and diversions with the power to evoke somewhat because they lack all versions of reason determined by doctrines emphasizing techniques and processes of the idle variety which are easily overturned which ever way you construe them.

Our operations often have no transcendental logic to them whatsoever. Different procedures are rendered as necessary to divorce from this masquerade of disguised logic.

We supply, install and undertake grand waffle:

Renegade phrase-mongering applied liberally fixes all the world's problems.

Our metaphysics makes us inconspicuous as we wrench ourselves from conventionality.

Conventionality will decline without any modesty, which will make us invincible, without the purpose or capacity of any preliminary exchange of courtesies.

Oytcho Visha is being devised as an irregular news and political program in that most of it will consist of tactical gibberish.

Gibberish enters the platelets of the blood, and shakes, rattles and rolls.

Before work gets done you are ambushed by authorities who do not value the peripheral action of your nerves in a balance of power.  

A frenetic ambush proves impracticable unless you are engaged in war as a legendary outcome from all the politicians in this town. 

Gibberish which is not permissible as having any objective value yields good feelings because politicians don't want a bar of it.

Overall, Oytcho Visha creates a myriad of schemes and ideas which will befuddle humanity and civilization.

Big quantities of synthesizing sensible and sustainable schemes is not our paramount concern.

We are dumb people who don't comprehend the meaning codified within language applied conveniently to human persons, let alone be witness to the impending reassurance of politicians delivering their pitch that our country is being looked after well.

We are guided by bureaucrats who don't have an abrupt tactical surprise in store for us each day, that's why politics is repeatedly intercepted by moroseness which remains intact from day to day.

We create, supply and embrace idiotic objectives unappeasably as we struggle against the organizing power of political reality and its disturbing facets.

Muffling reality with occultism in the most profound way is not a terrible thing.

The urge to create a surreal way of life brings wonderful exaltation which defies the impartiality of people creating academic standards.

This foreshadows a world which is an explicit contrast to the regular world and its incumbent standards and conventions.

Impaired expressions add several more years to your life. Riddles bring welcomed longevity. Hope long may it last.

Nurture fate as a conceptual art wherever possible.

Advances in knowledge make all manner and conditions of life prone to annihilation which is alarming for parents to see.

Mumbo jumbo is merely a form of reason based on illogical assumptions.

But what is taken for reality is controversial. Truth and reason both have a standard rate of ambivalence.

We have a determination to elevate the threshold of insanity because it pans out as a secondary matter to being sane.

Ridiculing customs is a launching pad for the fervent expression of personality devoid of philosophic and scientific rigidity and other anomalies of spirit.

The abundant utterance of mumbo jumbo represents a refutation of social and moral norms and interests, which do not remain intact afterwards properly.

Mumbo jumbo can be a common mode of communication through which people assert themselves.

We give rise to multiple consequent improbabilities of different classes of the survival of species disagreeable with the observed failure of evolution. 

Riddles are therapeutic speeches which have no political or social meaning.

Those driven by pathos and other substrates of insanity provide the necessary conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship.

True inventions are a falsehood for those living in a lunatic asylum.

Our twisted ideals are carried out in an enigmatic fashion, we want no such thing as moroseness infiltrating our schemes.

Insanity is the life and soul of inventiveness. Never abandon going around the bend.

Not being sensible on a regular basis or not seeking a happy medium is a good start in the right direction if you want to change the World Order.

Simple yet clever principles and ideas unify people, not intelligent thinking nor an administering of awareness practices which motivate people living normal lives with little determination allotted to them.

Ideas, concepts and notions are all mere delirious illusions of the mind independent of given conditions, whether finite or infinite.

Let your awareness processes get into a decrepit state whenever you can as a probable convention.

Those persons whom restrict themselves to wise purposes are usually dumb and never gain any general bearings of what life is all about. 

We must observe, through this shortfall of reason and rationality, we knock reality down because in most cases it merely just amounts foremostly to speculation without any sensuous motives or properties. 


Vacating the Modern Era (with vengeance)

Rather than engaging solely in contemporary phenomenon, we embrace the imagination and ingenuity of the old world period of European history.

There are fights to be won here.

To vacate the modern era with vengeance is comparable with producing a cultist gothic realm which is not superimposed by reality ever raised in conversation.

Belonging to an occultist regime is a dynamic and comprehensive means of allied expeditious survival.

Members of a cult kick about together, and learn from one another holistically.

Shared occurrences repeatedly occur in great sweeps.

Through this cult realm we aim to retrieve Europe's history in an extensively arousing and thrilling manner. This is an elaborate necessity which is difficult to turn back from.

Europe has a complex past something shocking. The logical thing to do under the circumstances is plan and create a satisfying cult realm:

Under these conditions and circumstances all you can hope for is a resumption of reminiscence ratified by past deeds realized sooner or later.

This is a marvellous cult legacy which conjures up enormous profundity.

Members of our cult belong as members in all European countries, as well as other areas of the world.

No matter what culture or ethnic group you're from, as long as you speak an anglo/slavic/European language, we cherish obscure fantasy more than the vast network of harshness which represents reality we have come to adopt as a naturalistic fallacy we are unlikely to pursue.

Aesthetic Fundamentals

We confirm and declare and generally assume that the great bulk of conventional, mainstream news is now inert for consumers. It doesn't gel with them or appeal to them as barrren governments order us to do.

We offer a succinct diversion from mainstream news programs.

Our aesthetic fundamentals are the counterpart to regular news, which usually accommodates or is tainted by monotony.

People that watch regular news avidly are slaves to a corporatist realm.

We are an independent media enterprise, and are not affiliated with any other media corporation. We analysis and synthesize our own endeavours, diverting ourselves from those with selective permeability regarding drug use.

Many of our themes and ideas are morosely schizoid, which is why no other media corporation would want to have any connection with us whatsoever.

Not being simultaneously propped against any other media company makes us an independent enterprise.

We work without the redound of any reassurance, advice or approval from others.

But we have had abundant advice from kibitzers.

(Kibitzers are those people that betray you with unwanted advice).

We specialize in creating occultist modifications of truth and reason, in order to counteract the increasingly repressive trends of our day and age frequently associated with the public demonstration of mass culture which surrounds us in our present condition we have to console ourselves with.

Oytcho Visha is a coherent art world fashioned more by compulsive aesthetics than by truth or reason. The signature of the practical concepts of truth and reason is that they are never aesthetically pleasing. 

Through occultism, people spontaneously experience consciousness in the same manner as each other. You never feel alone or degraded or discriminated against as a foreigner.

Vanguard mechanisms to counteract dwindling optimism and discontent prevail in the structure of the organization.

Our specialist area is Anglo-European politics and culture, which is depicted as being Eurocentric thereof.

Our schema mainly only has applicability in Anglo-European and Slavonic (Eastern Europe, Russia, Czech) dialects and cultures.

This is a pretty reasonable prospect whatever your personal observation.

It is entirely plausible that Anglo and Slavonic languages will provide all of the world's linguistic needs.

Non-European languages are running out of everything other than the normal usage of language to the point of being incognizant.

There is no aesthetic language whatsoever promoting everyday speech. This makes conditions of sensibility extremely rare on any occasion.

We rebuke the value of multi-culturalism, which has provided familiar surroundings in many modern cities, and modified life and culture in an explicit and figurative manner.

The system as a specialist area we rebuke.

The instrumental function of multi-culturalism is cultureless. It negates unity through impending doom.

Multi-culturalism clearly creates an obstruction of understanding, and communal feeling becomes fleeting, evanescent and confused.

The presence in general of unity is cast into a state of pulverization as a gesture of a violation of human rights.

This status is not worth mulling over though because there are counterparts to multi-culturalism.

Our verdict is that the lack of unification in multi-cultural societies is a woeful liberal concept prompting too much debate. There is not a murmur of harmony in your emotions, and if there was, it would be a miracle.

In multi-cultural societies it is a tough assignment to work in harmonious-co-operation with each other. Distrust and division constitutes the predicament and life becomes virtually completely meaningless half the time.

We're unconvinced that versatility and flexibility are enough to improve the atmosphere in multi-cultural societies. Something more is needed, otherwise people in society will be sodden with a reluctance to communicate with each other on a shocking scale.

Without exception, we rarely deviate from strong eastern European sympathies rather than engaging in deliberately staged multi-culturalism guaranteed to displease just like typhoid does.

Multi-cultural societies are intimidating in an unsurpassed absurd manner to the point of being frightening.

Multi-cultural societies are etched in makeshift diversity.

Multi-cultural societies do not work. They are nonsensical because desirable unification is impossible.

In such societies, voluminous emptiness and alienation is present.

The rejection and hurt of alienation takes away your reason for living.

Multi-cultural societies are nonsensical because they are lacking in cohesiveness and efficiency. They often lack pride, history and unity.

In multi-cultural societies, language, culture and identity relapses. Lifestyle balance slips backwards. National identity becomes divided. The communal feeling of comradeship is forgotten or converted to fascism.

The expansion of many different cultures and ethnic dialects in modern society is disconcerting.

Withdraw from multi-culturalism because people are framed in a sinister scenario, difficult to find your way out of as you can imagine.

Multi-culturalism is seriously detrimental to national well-being. This calls for a severe interrogation, whether directly or secretly.

In many cases you can't go over to your neighbours to seek companionship and solace, because the people next door speak another koine (dialect), or are from a totally different background or culture, and this can launch an allergic reaction.

When you don't speak the same dialect as your next door neighbour human consciousness has neither information nor meaning of any intelligible significance; whatever your specificity of action, it is a falsification.

Multi-cultural societies assuredly demonstrate serious weaknesses because they are devoid of any absolutist totality worthy of invented examples of longevity.

Multi-culturalism needs to be curbed or abandoned because nobody shares any decipherable spiritual understanding with each other.

In multi-cultural societies, nobody is understanding and supportive of one another. This predisposes you to having a pulmonary embolism.

Societies orientated around multi-culturalism often have warm charm, but speaking in a different lingo sphere makes this charm a non-aesthetic conformity.

Assuredly, many people cannot casually cope when people converge on their neighbourhood jabbering a different lingo. The woven fabric of society becomes a sound stage for alienating and distressful phenomena transplanted onto media platforms.

Serious weaknesses begin to develop in such a society, as bi-lingual zombies converge to give us a spectrum of stomach ulcers.

In multi-cultural cities, language barriers and other issues permeate society indefensibly.

Those living in multi-cultural societies are more likely to primarily suffer profound lengthy distress rather than being provided with equanimity as a comforting provision.

Overall, Oytcho Visha is designed for demented people, or otherwise those who have some sort of neurosis stored in the brain. And these people could come from any different ethnic background.

With persistent efforts, ordinances can be created so that these disjunctive political and historical processes can be coordinated and controlled.

Thereby there is a chance of living on the same channel or wavelength, and engaging in simple reciprocity accordingly.

Albeit, delicately separating out those that will help furnish your empire with esteem from those that have a derogatory influence is essential.

Those that contribute to the circumstances and atmosphere of the cult enterprise in a positive way will be rewarded with an admirable and serene personal life.

You can count on us to provide and achieve spiritual comfort, that is the bottom line which does not require analysing or explicating.

Rhetoric For All Body Types

Instead of investigative journalism, rhetoric and persuasion are used as the principle method to convey our news topics. 

Oytcho Visha is observable as a staunch propaganda establishment which will generally be repudiated by the poorly prepared because of the surprising speed we develop our subterfuge of protocols by.

Subtle clusters of information furnished with unrhetorical meaning do nothing at all for us.

Lengthy provisions of rhetoric are essential for a healthy home:

Rhetoric for all body types which will create a sense of euphoria like never before within the blood stream.

Dictatorial power makes us exempt from reality in the long term, with sufficient authority to expand our rebellious fantasy world.

If you can make a living out of propaganda and rhetoric, you will make a gorgeous career out of film and television.

Without embracing elaborate rhetoric you become just another unaspiring civilian embracing unchallenged mediocrity.

Being pummelled by a blinding deluge of rhetoric creates a distinctive and graceful lifestyle.

We aim to present a series of rhetorical speeches designed to make life easier.

We present a resolute array of schemes which don't consist of commonplace ideas and protocols.

Popular logic we keep a distance from.

We often wonder where reality is actually located, but it is something to get out of our speech and spirits and minds and lifelong roles and activities before coming to a decision whether to embrace life or not endorsed by the patriotic majority.

To gain the optimization of interest from our fans we employ a carousel of ludicrous themes injected with fantasy and supplied to the brain and the vast network of nerve cells.

Rather than providing a stock of knowledge, we employ substantially ramshackle ideologies:

Ideologies not supported by specifically constructed systems.

Truth and realism very rarely enter the equation; and when they do, they are dressed up so much that it is improbable they will be detected.

Even news which does have the meaning and context of realism is given the utmost allowance for a discrete smattering of fantasy which will never be proved baseless.

From a historicized view, truth then hardly seems justified. Its only appeal is for institutions, whatever appraisals may be made. 

Our news is an assignment which seeks to ensure news can be entertaining and not just a stream of uninformative junk expressed by the personality and mannerisms of automatons raiding our remaining appreciation of the world.

Rather than doing things with scientific discretion, we create a mantle of euphoria in our struggle for world power.

The estimation of likelihood that rhetoric will draw opponents rather than supporters is seriously and technically quite highly possible. Eternal love does not exist here.

The crusade to try and start up the enterprise has been met with an arsenal of derision.

We defend ourselves by stating that it is difficult to acquire a comparatively recent aesthetic paradigm whilst making contributions to old school culture enough to carry you through to Nirvana.

Imperial Cosmological Instrument

Oytcho Visha is productively Eurocentric in that it is calibrated with the historical contexts of western, European countries which we retreat to with much aesthetic plausibility.

Yet the enterprise is being created as an institution which is an imperial cosmological instrument.

What happens in the chest, neck, abdomen or skin tone are of absolutely no significance. The cosmological anatomy of people is all that matters.

Our aim is to deconstruct the alabaster (white) world we live in.

Dark people's skin is an astutely iconic textile which offers a promise of a future better than the present.

We are an application with diverging properties for the elite black derived from the presumably obscure elaboration of darkness: darkness we are rendered to within the absorption of the shapes and affinities of darkness of increasing complexity as a common feature of similar reasons of darkness based upon recent experiments not based upon economic intervention.

Those living abroad with impulses to come to New Zealand need to reconsider because our culture is broken and needs stitched as a consequence stemming from this.   

In the future, Oytcho-Visha will become a cult realm with an assemblage of rich and distinctive calibre and importance from the collar bone to the tips of the fingers.

This cult realm has a pioneering lavish synergy which precipitates good fortune within the shoulder joints.

This euphoria swells all the way down to the ankles.

Our news and media agenda is designed to benefit economies and communities throughout the whole world, and lessen deprivation and the prevalent deficiencies of everyday life.

As a cult movement, at Oytcho Visha you don't even have to think of yourself or any part of your body frame it is mounted in, because it already contains a potential variety of universal framework.

Self-scrutiny corresponds to a useless act if you are pursuing Nirvana.

Everything else is a grievance we won't stand up to without prior consultation.

Television is a way of funnelling in drama and theatrics into the household in a way which you don't even have to think over.

Oytcho Visha is a cracker thing to be a part of because our schemes are coupled to much razzamatazz.

The enterprise is an unusual formation of a scheme, in that the boldness alongside the grandiosity will be met with much resistance.

The eccentricity of the schemes encroaches upon territory startling of origin, providing the impetus for schizoid schemes and processes in the brain.

The human brain has a narrow section of preconceptions unless you join a cult.

But the human brain is merely a pizzicato string laid upon the glockenspiel and then given the full orchestral treatment.

Pandemoniums are things we love, because they create queer discrepancies within the new world order.

Our gradual raid on modern culture as it moves slowly forwards may yet end badly: but never fear, we will celebrate victory 24 hours per day in various ways.

At any rate we want to interfere with the changes being made in the modern world.

Rather than being futuristic and decadent, we allow evangelist themes to come into full swing.

The enterprise has been designed in congruence with much obscurity. This has helped us avoid conflict and acrimony and other supplementary forms of anarchy.

We are nonchalant about clarity, we don't embrace it as a testament to our awareness practices or use it as a benchmark because it proves baseless in the long term.

Thereof, working in a surreptitious manner is an indispensable part of the formula for success, appreciated in terms of motivation without any professional vibration.

The benefits of having both power and obscurity are nice if you are abnormal and out of touch with reality and not afraid to take on the world we are acquainted with.

This beautiful gorgeous obscurity means that not being easily startled by the rush and mayhem of time is our befitting legacy.

This all provides obscurity galore: unconditional obscurity under any given condition, by any means possible, as a precondition of our enterprise.

We will not pull the plug when it comes to crazy euphoria.

What we've got here is a burgeoning phenomenon which we claim is as idyllic and mirthful as a dream.

Cult forces embrace brave sophistication, passion and innovation, all of which is juxtaposed by solidarity.

The ultimate purpose is to create an empire which connects people from different and various sectors and cohorts with various interests and backgrounds. This provides soulfulness, something that is becoming increasingly and inescapably endangered in our era because it does not guarantee unity.

The modern media era is confusing and disorientating in miscellaneous ways. To get a handle on things, a daily or weekly news program can provide coherence and contribute towards an ultimate serene lifestyle without the challenges of normal living plotted by a secret group of people who do not allay public anxiety. 

In our ever-changing world, you get more out of life when you have something to look forward to each day.

People regularly turn to music and television to boost morale excessively.

And if the news program is strange, odd, bizarre, slightly overly cranky, it will embody festive, sublime aesthetics.

We ultimately want to create a media realm which is both epic as well as being versatile.

To avoid frustrations it is imperative to remain obscure at the same time as being iconic.

We support news schemes and designs which are lavish and exuberant as well as being adaptable and accessible throughout.

We are sustainable suppliers of world class elite power.

Regular news, rather than being an enchanting event or providing mutual appeasement, is more often a hindrance, and a contributing factor to moroseness.

We are developing a marvellously elementary and swell, enchanting approach to household news and media.

When the day is done we will create a sporadic global spectacle aesthetically and functionally.

Irregular news we are developing when the day is done.

The evolutionary variables encountered by each generation at a certain time and place are always thwarted by bizarre and perplexing phenomenon. This is guaranteed.

Life evolves ambitiously, whether in a detestable or likeable manner.

We are incompatible with modern politics because it is a falsity which we have to prepare to make adjustments to. 

Divine happiness is determined not by your frame of mind, but by religiosity: spiritual directives and other appropriate stimuli.

Our various endeavours don't include dialogue or consultation, just pure grandeur.

With ridiculous schemes which arouse curiosity, absolutely you don't know what's around the corner or what the future holds.

Mainstream news makes bold predictions of the future, but it has striking inadequacies and sullen weaknesses.

Some of the inadequacies are due to a lack of wide-ranging charisma. Some of the defects and weaknesses are technical, others are cultural because they are determined by conventions.

Oytcho Visha counteracts all of this by envisaging and creating measures for getting the most out of life. Because at the end of the day, you only live once.

After death, you have no need to go back to earth.

Death is the terminal frontier; once crossed, we never return to Earth. At Oytcho Visha we flee from the carousel of reincarnation.

One life is enough. It doesn't have to be supplemented by an after life.

The glorious prestige of living once on earth prevails as adequate.

Once you die, every day's a better day.

Dead or alive, we will stay majestic until the end of time.

Focusing on the formulation of changing beliefs is a fundamental error:

Religion is religion, there is only one God.

Strategic allocation of religious denominations is a sin, unless you get to the end of your life.

We all serve a purpose after death in accordance with the laws marked out by the Holy Ghost.

The world is God’s habitat which will never be made extinct by any scientific or biological apparatus or module.

Join our cult, because if you don't, you will have lost any karma you have ever obtained inevitably.

Don't leave it too late for your future to go further afield into uncommon zones, which you can eventually reach in your lifetime.

Many modern news themes are transparent and unimaginative and don't facilitate a systemic dream lifestyle nor secrete a physically and visually state of euphoria into the central nervous system.

Rather than being discarded, dreams should be given toning and strengthening.

Colossal tranquillity is created in phases. It is not devised overnight, nor during or after intercourse.

In modern times, theatre and the arts constitute little significance. The decades of the 1950's through to the 1990's were more fashionable in these areas.

An influx of undisciplined hysteria built up in these decades, absolutely.

The spirit from the 50's through to the 90's, of course it's still there.

We aim to restore the opportunism of these periods in an obliging manner.

To break the cycle of poverty in theatre and the arts, a mass investment of energy and momentum is required.

Oytcho Visha has the idealism necessary to break this cycle of poverty we battle with. Nevertheless we need to take over the world first in order for this to happen.

But many people will have the spirit to break Oytcho Visha itself. We have enemies, adversaries. The threat is real.

Most people will ditch our trusted mural of schemes rather than commemorating them as an obsession.

But whatever happens, we won't renege or procrastinate on anything which is particularly marked by surrealism according to our standards.

Occultist Modes of Existence

Oytcho Visha has the framework of an empire for which its inhabitants are offered several projections of life and culture to pursue. There are few drawbacks swooping in on us.

Our themes and principles are not compatible with a lot of people; this is why they are deemed to be chronically and inexorably occultist.

Occultism equipped with absolute fundamental extravagant radical power brings a strong and lively immortality.

Our paramount protocol is to nurse irregular, baroque themes and schemes within the body's sponge-like fibrous tissue.

What is most remarkable from all of this is that we endeavour to rename planet Earth:

Our world will now be called: Oytcho Visha.

This is a new geopolitical discovery being carried out.

Somehow we have discovered a world packed with a collection of perfect features which will never be prone to reductionism.

This world is principally constitutive of agreeable luxury which echoes with evangelism in any instance.

This passionately sculpted evangelism is immensely perplexing.

The world so passionately is our galaxy.

We want to see the world revitalized and possibly reformed without any conflictions.

At Oytcho Visha you will discover a world flabbergasted by gorgeous assumptions transfiguring reality.

Our galaxy contains a mosaic of planets and celestial bodies:

Saturn, Venus, Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter...and Oytcho Visha.

The normal architecture of Oytcho Visha definitely has awesome, hip greatness to rave about.

Renaming our planet will help rejuvenate, re-energize, and give a gusty revamp to degenerate and crippled economies.

This culminates in an operation to rid poverty from the world, which seems reasonable and sensible for those entitled to it.

The world will increasingly become furnished with a wave of pregiven opportunism absent of hugely dishonourable inflammatory trends.

This is a superb eloquent testimony which takes the guesswork out of the functioning of the joints and internal organs.

When flawless, impeccable terrific might and glory is distributed all around the countries in the world, this gives you a relentless ideological advantage.

Those living in economies assimilated into devouring reverberations of doom and gloom can be rescued.

Oytcho Visha also forestalls the magnitude of instability which occurs within crippled economies long-term.

Our world is enchanted by good and sound spirits and other entrepreneurial festivities which have low-friction.

Oytcho Visha will be marvelled as being a super-slick world; a world where everything is immaculate, and henceforth just superb.

Our graceful world is built on the tradition of doing things a bit quirky.

This phenomena is justified because it addresses most of our planet's questionable and unexplained universal rules.

How graceful this phenomena is.

It is a real possibility that Oytcho Visha will obtain the history and beauty of Pluto, the planet furthest from the sun, which has a lowest temperature of minus 233 C.

The sun's heat never pierces or burns the Oytcho Visha earth. It is a mere desolate ornament.

Our sufficiently mosaic dimensions and themes will dictate the world's future, as well as create a fantasy world worth its while simply by recategorising the sun's presence and instrumental function, having made its public vow as a purely ministerial decision.

These many schemes all roughly come together to create a rare stockpile of cult phenomenon.

Being part of an occultist regime has neat, ready-made benefits which in general therefore are ascribed as brilliant transcendental phenomena.

On an international scale, it is observable that European heritage and tradition is slowly corroding. How much is left now of European culture?

Many people have a particularly serious lingering resentment over this corrosion because it causes lesions in one's morale which cannot be tolerated.

Along with the resentment, there is a degree of fear that the aura and mystique of old-school European heritage and traditionalism is becoming a stricken and deficient place to be confined to.

In response to this we create a snazzy frenzy which is aesthetically valuable and which cannot be rebutted.

Amalgamation of Morons

What constitutes our news realm is very selective. We only emphasize certain issues and affairs and milieu and what have you.

For example, we will never give coverage of protests or marches.

Protests take years to get answers because they have no transcendental content in their general expressions which gives unity to mankind, whatever the meaning and origin mankind's traditions originate from. 

Many New Zealand civilians are necrotic copy cats. Any mass protests done overseas they copy here at home. It's a fluke when we come up with any original ideas in this complimentary chain of events revealed in our existence we are susceptible to.  

All cultures are first and foremost selective of their participants. It does not require a protest march to amplify this.

Protesters use their free time to carry out their necrotic rituals, they don't do anything constructive in terms of knowledge and courage in their own sense of life, they are all just pied pipers.

Protest marches are a carnival of decrepitude and we want to see their messages made opaque. 

Marches are unnecessary uprisings which are completely callous.

They are carried out by peasants blurting out messages construed from their own personal account of the abyss.

Protest marches are a form of political degradation with trauma accompanying them on the basis of separation, not community.

Irritating imbeciles and scoundrels are unbearable to watch as they march the streets in their own self-proclaimed caucus.

Protesters are condescending rascals because they think they are bigger than the system.

Protest marches massacre civilian life.

With protests there is a chronic threat of a dreary revolt.

Protesters push through the streets escorted by nobody, at the same time as disturbing everybody.

Staged protests are a stubborn accumulation of revolutionary movements, all of which lead nowhere, other than to abdominal abscesses derailed from the duodenum.

Protest marches are an amalgamation of morons: people chanting in repetitive convulsive pitches and rhythms which overall have very little widespread aesthetic value.

These moping rebellious masses don't know anything about nocturnal rhythms.

Mass demonstrations are never arresting or disarming; the chants are despicable and languid.

A protest march is a retarded journey. Who cares what the participants believe in?

Protestors are everyday morons doing unextraordinary things, and by all accounts they are about as charismatic as a peptic ulcer.

In all cases it is to be considered unwelcome mischief to march on the streets. There are more enhanced strategies for rebelling.

Protest marches usually produce childish aggression, and lots of miniature Mussolini's; in regards to maturity, it is scarce.

Dissident factions are often plonkers or drop-kicks twisting and shouting like retards.

Modern protest marches have a heinous and medievalist zeal which is difficult to troubleshoot.

It is an unprecedented disaster for people to roam the streets in a coalition which has a negative symbolic element to it which proves impracticable as far as expressing grief. It is better to concede to the Gothic way of life given the evident difficulties of subjective colours shaping protests.

Shielded and isolated from the outside world, you can avoid such events as nihilism and alienation successfully, and live a life which is more pleasant: a life marred by less distension.

The Oytcho Visha enterprise has a degree or magnitude of protocols which are enough to accelerate a sumptuous social or political revolution of its own accord. This we state will cool off revolutionary struggles.

Isolation from modern trends and fashions has made us insular with only certain minimal constraints.

This mission is done through maximum sustainable levels of super safe coolness worth assessing at any time of the year.

Spasmodic Territorial Futures

One other aspect of our media realm is that we are completely isolated from the world of contemporary sports, cycling and athletics.

Sport is utterly worthless entertainment; It is plausible that our next generation won't watch popular sport.

Ball sports can never be seen as big impressive events. Sport's power is dense, brainless. We cannot stand rugby heads. 

Rugby players are programmed to be primitive men and this should be discouraged. There are better ways to burn your experimental calories to take pleasure in to gain the most benefit from life.            

Contemporary sports have more panels and bureaucracies than many modern governments anywhere.

It is the bureaucrats and their grave regulations who are the real villains of this world.

It is sad but true, that only dummies channel their energies into modern sport institutions, which break your spine by their guiding principles by physical propoganda not understood by the weak.  

Modern triathletes are kamikazes destroying culture and mythology. There fitness is not sacred.

Why do woman play rugby? It is repugnant watching woman playing a violent sport. It is quite horrid, as and when it could even be called a sport at all. 

Violent sports involving woman need to be cancelled outright because mature woman's beauty becomes forlorn.

Many modern sports people enjoy cuddling each other. Homogeneity is at an all-time high, which is not essential to the development of their skills.

Romance contrary to heterosexuality unleashes obscenities.

The atmosphere which consists of homogeneity is a regular feature of modern sporting ventures, and this is difficult to wrench yourself from as a result.

Momentous homogeneity is the biggest dilemma of our times.

Optimize safe and secure love by eliminating sodomy of a kind or kinds.

On the same token, have no sympathy for those who live their life in an over-zealously gay business-like culture.

Soccer and other football players are actually probably absolute poofters. Their destiny will be in wearing hosiery.

Playing soccer and rugby you are earmarked for a cuddle.

Rugby is a poxy game, it is entirely empty of valid entertainment.

In all ball games, all the players do is hit, catch, throw, kick or pass a ball, and hope it goes to the right place or person. There is nothing rendered exciting about them.

Realistically, soccer is a pompous ceremony of improvised gestures because people have to obey sullen numberless rules adopted from bureaucracies.

It's hard to justify the money many professional sports people earn; it's criminal, very criminal, a massive injustice.

It is obvious that many modern sports people are overpaid; their incomes are insane; their lifestyles are a token of decadence.

Turning up to soccer practice in a Lamborghini, who could ever believe a person could even do that?

Ban all sports from the world, that's exactly what should happen.

Sport is starting to become more or less a prescribed creed, a doctrine on regular television and on internet channels and programs. Yet the traits of sports people are often oppressed.

The cause of oppression must be quickly identified and treated: Modern sports should have no referees or umpires dictating proceedings.

Any sport that requires a referee or umpire is not worth pursuing.

The only worthwhile sports worth watching are those without referees.

Sports with referees are tightly policed, which makes the experience of watching them a less spasmodic territorial future.

Intense shaking resurrects and then triggers euphoria. Government intervention is not necessary.

World class traditions are those traditions which do not involve sport.

Nobody wants to live in a city where sports stadiums stick out like beacons.

There is more serenity and repose in pursuing calisthenics: ballet, acrobatics, figure skating and circus gymnastics, all of which have a forceful, dynamic beauty about them and other enlivening capacities.

These calisthenics have rhythm, radiance and flair which has beautiful appeal.

They are art movements which increase various skills such as mobility, flexibility, stamina and strength with a fiery blast.

All of these come together, blended and fused, to create an enterprise imbued with heavy razzamatazz. 

Overall, we aim to create an aesthetic sensuousness which counteracts the commercial dimensions embellished within contemporary culture.

A Noble Panacea

A good lump of the dynamics as we make our way through the day are radical: this makes double sure we are able to subdue the influence of the crude henchmen of reality architected for civilians divorced from fantasy.

Fantasy and reality are both the same thing. Fantasy is just a different apparatus, a different pipeline for representing reality.

Truth is immaterial when fantasy becomes believable.

We spin tales so as to tamper with truth and reality. Gestures of fantasy consist of no usage instructions.

All life is dependent upon comical fantasy. Just remember, for a certain stretch of time, life is fantasy.

True stories are only wonderful if they crystallize as fantasy.

We have all our life never heard of a true story.

In this day and age, the biggest and best forces of fantasy are those based on reality.

It is a shame that whatever happens in reality is not converted to instances of fantasy more readily.

Regardless of anything, Oytcho Visha will be a world which is impinged by noble panacea.

Governing Processes of Distinction

We generally do not embrace contemporary political news originating from countries which operate under the MMP system of politics.

MMP coalitions are a sign of stifling weaknesses, and don't bring home what's right for the people.

We aim to overturn the headquarters of New Zealand government and its occupants because none of it is established by aesthetic practices we are acutely aware of. 

Countries that are run under MMP are enfeebled republics. They are morose arenas double the official estimate of moroseness. Vibrant declarations are scant on the one hand, and morose on the other.

Reject and expel the crude annoyance of those who adhere to the parliaments run under the MMP system.

Expressiveness, symbolism, representation, meaning and style are all absent in MMP parliaments, and nobody is aware of the problem.

Disputes within MMP governments don't have any striking depth and volume; it is all just petty talk.

MMP politics leads to an uncomfortable, hostile and gloomy existence, triggering apathy and insult steadily as it becomes available to our psyche and then breaks up.

The atmosphere is horrible in MMP-run governments; rather than being a real gas, the whole scenario becomes an unappealing menagerie.

The politics of countries running under MMP, such as England, New Zealand, Germany and Australia, is so very frustrating; it all needs to be abolished.

MMP politics is grotesquely boring. The lack of aura and mystique is disillusioning, and activity gravitates towards masturbation and other classic signs of stagnation.

Before you know where you're at, negligence and nihilism is discharged.

Most MMP politicians find it a moribund struggle to execute or position their policies.

We mostly only report political news from countries and Republics such as Russia and the United States, as well as the myriad of European countries which have resisted becoming wooed by MMP based politics.

We want to turn New Zealand politics back to an FPP arrangement. The cumbersome debates of MMP resonate with no reasons to protect our economy.

We have the impulse to rule New Zealand in a clean sweep by slowing down inflammatory actions with opioids.

Republics not bound by MMP rules and governing processes have more distinction. Even though they are becoming less fashionable, they showcase a more emphatic performance in the political realm.

Politicians working under MMP find it hard to do anything constructive; there is very little scope for vital, crucial quantum change.

Eventually MMP politicians become subordinated to a ho-hum way of life. There is no composure, and confidence and charisma becomes as dislodged as a varicose vein.

Be cautionary of MMP politicians, they are fools with restricted experience in the compelling issues which affect the majority of people.

Depraved Fun and Games That Last a Lifetime 

The exclusive aspect of our media realm as reported earlier is that we do not report news which has originated from the nexus of internet social media spheres.

Rather than being a positively directed colourful and flexible stage, the people-friendly culture of Facebook is more of an astronomical exploitation of social life which anticipates truth in a fascist way.

We are convinced that the powerful social engine of Facebook exploits social life.

Egos are replaced by mechanized units of manpower which have many repercussions.

Facebook is a corporate industry spanning its way into our homes like a cystic duct.

Social media stimulates, enhances and increases the chance of irreversible severe corrosion of social life.

Ironically, Facebook is chock-a-block full of school kids; it's not a place for adults.

These depraved fun and games consequently in principle therefore lead to a farce.

At Oytcho Visha we are unacquainted with the casual vulgar mind speak chatter of Facebook.

Social media promotes mutual, free and open communications, and through this process, drama and theatricality is slackened.

It is full of your everyday fabricated pedestrian activity lacking all innocence.

There is no customary glamour to highly enhance the forms of life using it. 

Probably most of them stop and examine their own egos, laying an elaborate claim on their psyche.

On Facebook there is a high volume of miserable social chauvinists which we find repulsive.

The laughable vanity of Facebook users is lofty and prone to capsizing as a complication.

On Facebook people all do exactly the same thing: communicate with each other via their egos.

On social media, noise pollution is more or less a given thing.

Facebook users are infatuated with noise-like compassion clearly analogous with homogeneity.

On Facebook and Twitter, you can say goodbye to dignity and serenity within your organs and tissues.

Facebook is a bothersome intrusion for those in need of seclusion. There is zilch zero zip privacy.

Facebook is too black and white; you are either friended or defriended. People mourn in a snap when they are defriended. You are a component of an oppressive dualistic system.

Yin-Yang logically exists as dual action negativity; it is a crass format, pertaining to only two dimensions for convenience more than anything else.

The human body is a physical instrument of postulation not determined by two factors.

Reality both sides is the dumbest habit to get into, and demands forced absence in intervals foregathered by dualisms.  

Yin Yang results in depressed cortical activity which is presumably ineffective for transmission of transcendental initiatives structural or functional.

Nothing needs to be sequenced as black or white or straight forward in recourse to both cases.

The essential difficulty of Facebook is that it is determinately hard to specify or alter your brand of friendship base without hurting somebody by defriending them.

Facebook creates fabricated friendships which are insuperior to real friendships.

The Facebook platform creates false hope. Everyone thinks they have a colossal amount of friends, but in reality they only have two or three.

Generic strategies for accumulating friendships is categorized as a facade with high potential to promote applications of technology rather than friendships.

Logging onto Facebook is a bit of a waste of time and so and so. Those that do so neglect their family and pets and those most closest to them.

The increasing dependence teenagers have on Facebook means they spend more time alone with their devices rather than socializing with their now exported friends.

Facebook will never potentially become an attractively designed spectacle of sentimental heritage.

Facebook users share in a typical everyday amalgam of sordid social life without entourage.

On Facebook, encounters with others are arranged in advance, there is no excitement; worst case scenario there is no exciting imperatives such as serendipity.

Facebook has no underlying entertainment rituals to embellish your daily lifestyle with. It is all just poor grade melodrama for juniors and adolescents symptomatic of playground culture.

All there is on Facebook is the expansive hustle and bustle of teen discussions. Of course, people on there confess to the world that they are egotistical, seeking and finding reasons to pursue vanity, while only surmising.

Development and cognitive function and a transitioning into the outside world is all thwarted if you rotate your life around social media.

The major problem with Facebook is that it comes for free. Infatuation that comes for free will progressively become as functionally mundane as the pyloric sphincter.

An entire generation has been enticed by social media. But there is more plentiful drama to be portrayed in the Gothic underworld, creating a state of casual despair and resignation.

Social media is the migration of nerds and yuppies in urgent need of social contact in the shortest possible time.

On Facebook there is a tribe, an absolute tribe of yuppies.

Social media is a seriously orthodox and conventional way of communicating, it exposes no glistening radical dimension.

Television and radio have a more holistic aura and mystique forthcoming than internet social media.

It is an embarrassing mission to accumulate friends on social media in an orderly fashion.

Oytcho Visha is the way of the future, not the substantially popular realms of social media.

Spreading the Load

Executing these initiatives, our news is not neutral, unbiased, untendentious in the way news corporations normally operate in a determinate fashion. 

We maintain and enhance tendentiousness; we depict reality by sanctioning manifold biasness.

Conventional media characteristically rapes the public, attempting to frame them within some kind of false scenario.

Because Oytcho Visha is agenda-based, there is an overflow of discriminatory assertions and assumptions; assertions which are devised rather than discovered.

Political parties witnessing a far-right movement in politics will be popping up in most European countries in the near future.

Basic processes such as the incremental rise of immigration will prompt this.

Spiralling and unstoppable immigration will take the place of traditional European cities, which equates to a farce if we allow them to take the claim of the shared cultural properties our land.  

Far-right nationalism is becoming an ever popular preeminent force in many European countries.

This is because European culture is deteriorating something badly.

The mass grind of immigration poses some threat to the continuity of heritage and culture in European countries. 

New Zealand has a housing crisis. In Dunedin, southern New Zealand, people have nowhere to live and landlords are saying that for every house they have to rent approximately 40-50 people are turning up. This is typical of most New Zealand cities.

Yet still the government has increased its refugee quota to 1500 people per year. How can you do this when there is nowhere for people to live?   

Due to the homeless crisis one lady in New Zealand has been forced to live in her car with her six children. 

Large scale immigration has also put the health systems of most European countries into dire straits.

Many people whine and groan about their health systems.

Vital services such as health and welfare are left in the lurch. They are absolutely stretched. 

The public mental health system is problematic, political and ineffective. Don't accept just one physiatrist's opinion.

The mental health system is over-stretched to the point of failure on the view of the basis of immigration.

Government and social agencies are stretched on many an occasion.

If nothing is done about mass immigration, European cities will become intensely overcrowded and packed to the maximum, by the bundles; and nobody is taking political responsibility for this.

If immigration doesn't cease, sentimental spirits will falter. Living in the modern world will be like living in a jail just the way you are, chartered for oblivion without a chance to create a revolutionary struggle which is useful and good.

Due to immigration, the resplendent cityscapes of countries such as Germany, France and England already have an entire range of animosities unfolding within them which spreads to the muscles and tissues.

The most damaged country so far is Germany. Germany more or less needs an elegant and polished revolution taken to the limit if it is to revitalize its culture.

The country of Germany has collapsed steadily due to mercurial immigration.

Germany, in some ways, is a grand mecca albeit.

The sad part about it is that European culture is almost had it. It needs staggering volumes of reconstruction.

The problem is that most European countries have been seized by unorthodox levels of unemployment, and immigration exacerbates this exponentially unquestionably.

Nobody wants to see Europe become an unemployed colony merely carried out at will by modern left wing PC hippie politicians prepared to give their own account of the abyss.

European countries are enduring tightening restrictions on happiness and material wealth.

Due to immigration, the jumbo assortment of old-school European ideals is declining significantly.

These are issues you cannot just dismiss or walk away from.

Mass immigration is something which the basic processes of strategic management cannot cope with. It is an out-of-control predicament requiring massive reconstruction.

In this instance, faithful adherence to pioneering measures and new directives of the imagination are absolutely essential.

We aim to arrange relationships with enterprises with similar values to our own.

This procedure of unification is a way of spreading the load. Not one single political enterprise is ascribed responsibility nor dominance.

The need is so big that not one single organization can do it all.

Taking nihilism into your own hands is a grim task.

Admittedly our motives for doing this are quite extreme, because we are in the habit of doing notoriously Eurocentric things without any reservation.

Our strong eastern European views may not seem virtuous, but they are archetypal to our main scheme of things.

But we don't insomuch as even coincide with racism or bigotry, we are simply trying to preserve European history.

Spreading the load is also a forthcoming way of counteracting the essence of global terrorism.

Terrorists are absolute losers bound for nowhere.

Flanked by bigotry which does not create marginalisation serves us as an indispensable foundation. 

Pretty-Coloured Eskimos

As mentioned, one other major aspect of our agenda is that we rebuke the arguments and fundamental attitudes, interests and habits posed and endorsed by the majority of environmentalists.

Many environmentalists look out of their window and create false theories such as 'global warming'.

Environmentalists approach the frosty curvature of the polar spheres in a purely mechanical way, which clearly should be forbidden. 

Environmentalists fuel an outburst of pathogenic crises without reason or help of logic, and march onwards into an abyss however which way their intuition yields.

Nobody feels good in a society which advances theories such as global warming. It effectively creates crime, poverty and atypical unemployment.

Oytcho Visha is a definitive denial of global warming. The idyllic beam of the sun doesn't always deliver.

We give no reference to the light or motion of the sun on this earth. We tend to omit specifying a framework which the world revolves around.

Sunlight is not cultivated by imperial might. It is not the perfect agent for cultural warfare.

Brief rises of temperatures on earth may be due to lightning. It is an amazing fact that lightening is five times hotter than the surface of the sun. There are approximately 2000 thunderstorms happening across the world at any one time. Across the world there are 8 million lightning strikes per day. The global average has been subsequently calculated at 30 - 40 flashes per second.

Environmentalists don't notice the good things about the planet, they only focus on the negatives. This establishes a state of public disillusionment which can only be concealed if you join a cult.

Many environmentalists believe that in the future our planet will be ram-raided by rising temperatures, but this theory holds no appeal for us.

These climatic frontiers are oversized and exaggerated. We remain unphased by this.

The presumed astonishing warming of our world is defied by our dignified simplicity of everyday coolness.

The days of warm weather are numbered as they manifest a proliferation of environmentalists wilfully misleading us peevishly.  

Environmentalists are on a ready-made mission trying to persuade us that in the future we will need to succumb to an infernal wipe out. But all edges and corners of earth are resilient to warm weather.

Some things are made to melt, such as bright, hot candles, but it is faulty to assume things such as glaciers do.

The polished sparkle of a candle is timeless.

It is human etiquette that needs to thaw, not glaciers.

In the future, global temperatures will generally remain low. The weather will stay cool with seamless and immortal proficiency sooner rather than later.

The everyday cultural attitudes of green politicians hurts people in a monstrous way because they are superficial, and have no divine depth or complexity lurking.

We are generally concerned the term 'green' has become a bit of a cliché. Environmentalists nurture their own fixations as unchangeable dictums in their artefacts of speech.

Environmentalists are spokespeople for profound errors of artificial judgement.

Remove the unuseful environmentalist's information from our planet, then you will remain youthful as well as immortal in everything you do.

It's no secret that ecological politics represents a fascist source of information which may be local and confined to one area or it may be generalized.

We are uninspired by the bottom line environmentalists are providing us with.

Early in 2018, Scotland touched temperatures of -14 degrees Celsius, and parts of the United States dropped to temperatures similar to those found on Mars. In Meghalaya, India, it rains almost every day. In America in 2019 temperatures dropped to -46 degrees Fahrenheit. In Auckland New Zealand in winter 2019, there were 63 rainy days in the period of 10 weeks. The city of Portland, in the U.S state of Oregon, has 160 days of rain on average per year. Early in 2019 Greece dropped to temperatures of -23 degrees fahrenheit. In 2016 parts of Wales had 75 days of consecutive rain. And In Norway it snows for 114 days per year on average. And in August 2020 South Korea had 40 days of consecutive rain.

Adding to this, in southern New Zealand, there are approximately 3,155 glaciers with an area of at least one hectare. In northern New Zealand, there are eighteen small glaciers on Mount Ruapehu. In south west New Zealand, 2019, Greymouth had only three rain-free days in seven weeks.

These trends of extremely freezing weather forecasted obliterate global warming theory.

Those purporting theories of global warming commemorate deep flowing hell.

What we shall see is that climate change means the onset of an immortal storm. We will all become encapsulated in extreme weather patterns.

We don't believe in climate change because heat is not an immediate object of pleasure. The only other option is to implement more pleasurable activity.

Governments already stop zones of pleasurable activity.

The earth's climate is doing very well because it is never neutral or slotted and notched in conventionality.

Its unstable atmosphere is instrumental in creating giant storms.

Believing in global warming, environmentalists are appropriating a lie; an irremediable hoax is bestowed upon them.

We will never capitulate our dogmatic winter themes.

To the contrary, in the future winter will have immeasurable towering supremacy upon civilization.

From this day forward global warming theory is extinct. Be ready for disbandonment. There are more thrills to be found elsewhere to discover.

At Oytcho Visha, decent-sized freeze and chill is our forte. Never shy away from pure whiteness. We have an unrestrained passion for an endless supply of whiteness arranged by the common desire to stay cool.

White power will come in abundance, making life better for everybody on earth.

A remedial legendary purity awaits us right from the start of the day.

We celebrate an illustrious life of coolness at its richest.

The obstacles in your way, challenge them and beat them.

The greenhouse effect hasn't even scratched the surface of the earth's biosphere. Carbon dioxide is only present as 0.03% of the earth's atmospheric gases.

There is no accusation that warm weather attaches to the earth.

Global warming is a faulty prediction, a vice, made by those intent on undermining the quickening of adventurous, ever-changing capital growth devoid of any intermediatory authority.

Modern ecologists are a squadron of famine builders who stand for hatred in no uncertain terms.

Those people condoning such theories ignore the predicaments in many countries of the world, where the wind in its structure is like ice on a constant basis.

The evidence that our world is warming is inconclusive, and does a disservice to everybody.

The rhetoric of environmentalists supporting cruel and foolish assertions that the world is warming is specified as a destructive act.

Every array of theory of global warming is a scam which needs to be decelerated.

Environmentalists, like terrorists, embody a useless and pitiful and faithless way of life devoid of adorable revelations to be marvelled.

The politics of modern ecological political parties depict a vitriolic and blemished phenomenon, ungainly in creating a well distributed solace.

The continuity of Christian faith and dogma will rebuke these virulent and controversial trends which spawn this over-emphasis of molten environmental jargon.

It is the avant-garde whom plaster the world with generally useful phenomena which inspire lives.

The problem with ice sheets is that when they detach, nobody really knows what is going on beneath them.

Predictably, belief that the next ice age is just around the corner constitutes the thread of our occultist system.

In the future, the climate of earth will become progressively rainy, and snow and ice will be divided and distributed among most of the countries in the world, thereby pigmenting the next white ice age.

Not tomorrow or next year, but in years to come, during midsummer, most people on the planet Oytcho Visha will be dressed up like pretty-coloured Eskimos.

Wearing scarves in summer is the ultimate tonic for humanity.

During mid-summer civilians will be trying to get insulated from simple or intricate coldness.

In future years, the sun will spread its warmth mainly into outer space, leaving the earth supremely mega cool.

But the sun is like any other planet really, except that it has beautiful exploding equators.

Governments finance and arm spiralling mutations of the sun’s rays.

Don't take it for granted that the sun sizzles, engendering a phenomena of heat.

Energy shining engenders a phenomena.

In the future, the inhabitants of our planet will get exposure to greatly elevated and delightfully large numbers of ice burgs.

The skies will open up and down she'll come. The great prestige of summer will recoil voluptuously.

Summer has too much plasticity and fleetingness attributable to the incompetence of those who cannot stay cool in our large galaxy.

In the future, ice burgs and slabs of ice will stick out from oceans like trees spread over the surface of a forest.

Environmentalists cling to a warm world which has not been predicated as yet.

Light the sky with ice and we will be satisfied without sudden shouts without reprieve.

Start up the rumble tumbles mister ice merchant, and let the rockin' rain fall out.

Those stipulating theories of global warming in an unequivocal and straightforward manner need to withdraw their opinion, because it conveys no proven measure of elegance.

Environmentalists are making no difference in the world. Their application of reason does not extend beyond the hallowed empirical domain.

Green politics takes aggressive action against humanity, causing noxious demoralisation.

Environmentalist's fake stories are desperate tales which signify nothing other than customary anger and shame.

Innovation and discipline is always a plus if you are a climatologist.

To create and shape and preserve national parks requires fastidious shrewdness. You need to have a cunning fetish. 

Weather, like time and space, is one of the interior features of our planet. Yet how time is measured doesn't matter, because it cannot be changed.

There's nothing you can do about the weather anyway. It is a constant battle to keep up with the weather, let alone create environmental models of future possible weather patterns.

Warmth is merely just one branch or variable used to describe the weather. It is not something which can trigger a pandemonium.

Only occultist political regimes can have the real objective of triggering pandemonium.

The Paroxysm Which Won't Go Away

America's paradigmatic war on drugs is a large pandemonium which is leaving its mark on modern life in ways which do not prove to be attractive nor distinguished.

Heroin metabolite processes are the nucleus of harmony which current governments do not make available to us. These processes provide a total eclipse of melancholy compatible with inhibiting anything shaped or guided by reality.

Furthermore, moderate doses of heroin are safer than cannabis. This is because cannabis can ram the body with a brevity of psychotic episodes, which presents itself certainly as a complex process in the way it harms our brain cells.

Heroin is safer than cannabis because it provides an adaptive response to reality without giving you a psychotic episode.

Heroin upgrades counter-culture. It is the mother of all drugs, because your whole life is thrown away, only leaving the most important abundance of accumulation of metabolic activity. 

We defy forms of universalism or absolutism in the drug realm undertaken by bureaucrats.

The war on drugs is on its way out because it only provides a linear perspective on the biochemical anatomy which drives us. 

The ambiguous war on drugs needs to go into recess because it is a harmful joke.

America's war on drugs creates a bedraggled way of life and signals the intolerability of oppression.

Police drug raids are ridiculous and are a disgrace for the population.

Addictive drugs cure mangled minds which need social development.

The war more or less establishes relationships between people in the underworld of drugs, which in turn leads to indissoluble violence and crime.

The war has been going on for a long time, and no huge progress has been made. If anything it is contaminating society with trends which are neither moral nor high-minded.

All it is doing is ploughing down innocent people and turning them into outsiders and contemporary alienated folks.

If anything, the war on illicit, non-prescribed drugs has made drug use more of a prolific legacy, and has led to a charge of economic and social disparities. These disparities have no chance of becoming re-emergent as anything favourably civil.

Drug criminals should be deemed safe, and not relocated to prisons in all parts of the earth.

Commonplace restraint in the use of prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines by doctors primarily exacerbates this situation as a tool of oppression.

These drugs should be more readily prescribed.

You can't avoid extreme situations which make you distraught sometimes. That's why these drugs are needed.

We are anti-conventional medical establishments. Drugs that do so much to counteract depression are all banned, controlled or prohibited. Drugs that make you feel empty inside and a zombie are prescribed at will, which is absolutely and intensively debilitating. 

We live in a fascist rather than autonomous world. These are the cultural habits which in the obvious sense are there to represent things which do not quiver ominously. 

The act of not prescribing these drugs is dire, appalling and disgraceful.

So called addictive drugs are appetite suppressants. Banning them has contributed to the obesity crisis.

Surplus sugar is not responsible for obesity. Government regulations are.

It's no wonder that one social problem inexorably leads to another social problem.

Many synthetic opiates and other inorganic chemicals such as Methadone, and neuroleptics such as Olanzapine, as well as the tricyclic antidepressants, and many other drugs are anti-aphrodisiacs: they make you impotent.

Lacking sexual desire enables you to live life with more organization and discipline and aesthetic merit within an acceptable range.

Sex is objectionable because it characteristically yields ejaculations largely dependent on increasing the desire to make your genitals the headquarters of your body.

Never abort chastity, no matter how lamentable this may seem.

Sex leaves you incapacitated of rigour and not fit for passion, which is a potential disadvantage for the horny.

But gothics don’t just have any one sexual partner. They have incessantly versatile romance.

They have an outlet for unusual esteemed sexual relations.  

It does not take a wealth of statistical detail to know that the thunderous urge to have sex is to blame for causing over-population.

Overly crowded cities can reverse population growth by doctors prescribing anti-aphrodisiacs.

The elimination of orgasm warriors should also be enough to eliminate this overcrowding. 

Those that embrace in the mission of the war against drugs have caused over-population in our world.

We live in an age where healthy love is rare, and dishevelled love is common, and where the characteristic desire to masturbate needs to be progressively store chilled.

People that masturbate show no remorse for their misdoings. 

They germinate stupendous amounts of nihilism and need expulsion from the sexual sphere.

None of us have sex frequently because it has monopolized the spheres of ecstasy.

The critical practice of using drugs is more fascinating than sex.

Drugs such as heroin are an example among others that facilitate the cessation of the urge to have sex.

Procreation is necessary for the continuance of the human race, but we find this is a trivial matter.

Benzodiazepines such as Clonaz (clonazepam) are also a fantastic stress deterrent. They act as a blockade against anxiety, but doctors don't offer any sympathetic encouragement to use them.

If you want to boost your mood, terms and conditions apply which are not that actually productive because the logistics and difficulties are quite great.

Unquestionably these doctors need charged with neglect.

These drugs should be able to be purchased because they pierce the sanity of our disposition when it is in critical condition.

Diazepam, like clonaz, neutralizes worries and great big numerous difficulties. Why would you want to restrict their use for?

Doctors unwilling to prescribe them put an end to the bizarre qualities of an encased beautiful sleep.

They do not advocate the delivery of the emergent encouragement of sleep, which is a death sentence.  

Drugs help with sleep by keeping you impeccably sedated. Doctors denying you them destroy every impression of movement in the dream world.

Clonaz captures restlessness before it crystalizes as fatigue to ponder over.

When well-being has been taken away from you, benzodiazepines suppress anxiety and allow stress to taper off. As well, overdose on these such drugs is rare.

Banning these drugs profanely restricts and puts the breaks on good health big time.

With these drugs rest and tranquillity is conceivable in ways previously unknown.

Many controlled drugs such as the benzodiazepines have a critical stabilizing effect, this is why they are a component of many people's lifestyles.

Benzodiazepines reduce stress manufactured by body systems. If not prescribed, bodily stress processes will tend to escalate beyond reckoning. Why make an issue of this?

When mental and emotional hardship is imminent, these kinds of drugs are more helpful than they are corrupt.

Benzodiazepines and amphetamines provide the creative impetus for many artists. They are a classical source of lavish inspiration, defusing anhedonia (the inability to experience pleasure).

Doctors refusing to prescribe them despise ecstasy, they make no provision for it.

In a fascist society enviable thoroughly relaxed moods are forgotten.

The fascist societies we live in are notorious for suppressing extravagant forms of pleasure.

Back in the 1990's, the lockdown on drugs all of a sudden created a bleak scenario; it was all designed uppermostly to capture and oppress people. Music and the arts were the core sufferers. 

The war on more illicit drugs leads to the widespread creation of clans and gangs; any legacy of social reform is thwarted; space age chaos develops.

The dreaded hype of those sympathetic to this chaos becomes an end in itself.

The drugs doctors prescribe are particular kinds of substances which are refined and pure compounds; drugs which do not extend into the organic realm.

Getting high on cannabis is not for the frigid. It is a corrupt tonic not of great psychological importance. Heroin relieves you of the prolifercation of abundant translucent glare more than cannabis does. 

Cannabis is not delicate stuff like the refined pure compounds doctors prescribe.  

Some anti-psychotic drugs reduce body heat; in particular Olanzapine. This drug also reduces testosterone and DHT, hormones which cause issues such as alopecia (hair loss).

The neuroleptic olanzapine is our saviour because it can block heat and inflammation. It numbs you so that you don't feel it. Tricyclic anti-depressants do the same thing.

But for every drug, to have a positive effect also creates a negative effect, otherwise it would be pharmacologically inert.

Synthetic, inorganic opiate drugs such as methadone may be used to block the progression of classical depression and anhedonia.

To be a success in life, you need to be able to live for the most part manageably and comfortably, paralleled by aspects of romanticism which will never cease.

The current war on drugs is pathetic and upsetting, and has even reached into the sphere of prescription drugs.

Either way, the war on drugs needs to be truncated, because it is becoming a paroxysm which won't go away.

Shades of Prestige of the Old World

All we want to do create the world as a good, sturdy stronghold which results simply in a blissful life designed by aestheticians purporting the consequences of the immortality coming back in force since the end of the last cold war.  

Many nations, such as Germany, don't even try to get rid of the concatenation of events and processes which lead to the leukemic and cowardly world of terrorism.

Terrorists will cruise to failure; this is a truth which won't perish, a truth as if were accredited to the Gods.

German culture is terrible now. It is a worn out run down system. But not forever and a day. Through our occultism system, Germany will be rescued.

Because of terrorism, it is becoming more and more difficult for Europeans to dispose of their fears.

It becomes apparent that terrorists are undoubtedly part of the monkey mafia.

Europe is becoming besieged with mammoth problems, mainly due to idealistic young people whom require assessment and therapeutic services, and not of a natural, organic kind.

The signature of a successful terrorist is the ability to make news headlines. But if a news corporation is to attenuate the ring of fire which terrorists create, it needs to deny them airtime and such and such.

Oytcho Visha will not report terrorist events. This is a way of denying terror groups the television and internet coverage they seek.

This denial of airtime is a way to embargo terrorist sentiments to a marked degree.

A decommissioning of such sentiments means terrorism will lose its symbolic actual worth.

Because of terrorism, French heritage is becoming fragmented, and the panache of the French is in tatters.

Paris, the super city of love, is entering an extraordinary world of unregulated fear and loathing implying danger leading to war.

The spirit of France has completely collapsed something terrible.

France's triumphs in the wine and gourmet realm have lost all their good vibrations.

The failure of France is that they have directives from earlier times discussed in its aftermath.  

The foods and moods of France have become a mere memory.

The culinary convergence of French food is stereotyped in an unexpected way.

French menus will perish into conservative tendencies.

French food will become a distraught form of nourishment as a spell is cast upon it.

Be very careful when entering a French restaurant.

In France, delicate elegant faithful traditions cannot be bought because they reflect fascism purchased from transport, trade and industry with displeasure.

Living life synergistic with an anorexic diet adds a new dimension to the un-cordinated agitation of the hunger appatatus if you have uninhabitable photosensitivity.

French food is no longer valid as gourmet; food there is like it was from a detention camp. 

The French don’t even recognise food proactively anymore. A reconstitution of their past diet is not discernible.

Beautifully proportioned food servings will be short-lived.

From an aesthetic point of view, modern Europe in general is becoming dilapidated.

France was once the nexus of old world romance, but now this has all turned into an unstable stupor. 

The increase of makeshift diversity in many European cities is turning Anglo Saxon society into an abandoned wasteland, and this is not expected to be mitigated swiftly.

But everyday optimism is essential: In the future, terror will die down, and fade into insignificance. We will be able to salvage some of the shades of prestige of the old world.

Many western cities are already suffering too much poverty, violence and poor health in homes. Erstwhile events of terrorism have only added to this travesty.

Being a part of Oytcho Visha, certain events such as terrorism, all leading to a reasonably diabolical predicament, are all avoided.

Soulful and Challenging Plight to Live by

We are dependent upon fans and enthusiasts to support our soulful and challenging plight:

And capture the rising of a marvelled global phenomenon making its way into the world.

Oytcho Visha is proclaimed to be an eternal, immutable power which has no vanishing point.

Even after death, if we are indeed reincarnated back into the world, the same opulent legacy will be there in the background: Making us intuitively certain that even after death, a victorious expression of life still resumes under advisement.

But don't despair, afterwards, when we die, we resonate in eternity.

Deal with what you can get out of it life, and leave out all the rest.

When you reach boundaries unknown, it's usually too late to turn back.

Tomorrow may never come, so create a legacy today.

The full width of our dainty occultism is enough to subordinate reality, and automatically create a bold and beautiful impressive world of power and success at the pinnacle of life.

This has been our stable and unified critical response to modern mass culture.  

That's all from us; bingo, over. Choong, gone.

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 "To make oneself hated is more difficult than to make oneself loved."

- Pablo Picasso

"Nothingness is so blessedly free of determination that it does not exist: only nothingness is purity of being."

- Terry Eagleton, Ideology of the Aesthetic.

"These fragments I have shored against my ruins"

- T.S Eliot.

Pablo Picasso


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