Oytcho-Visha is an enterprise with the inclination to combine politics with the arts. This also incorporates creating alternative options within the media spheres.   

To the contrary of mass culture, we envision and achieve artistic creation designated for the European bloc culture, if there is such a thing anymore due to the impact of immigration.  

Oytcho Visha is also an alternative news cult designed for people who don't like watching regular news, sport and weather, all of which are all built upon the commands and proceedings of mass culture.

International current affairs leaves you deserted and heartbroken. 

Be properly prepared for an extravagant punk and gothic restoration as our defining feature.

News with underground dimensions is an endeavour to be beneath the vessel of convention. This would be an indispensable way to avoid all the troublesome issues of today’s world however harsh-sounding they may be.

Our operational domain is fuelled by the despising of the internet giants of the world for infinity.

There are loads of happenings in today's world, and we aim to hurtle out formidably bizarre reflections and commentaries on the planet's most gripping issues, as well as the number of different factors which contribute to them.

At the moment our resources are very limited. With no provisions to marvel in; inadequately resourced, we are now functioning as a publishing house.

We are elegantly forlorn.

We have no support team with a clear conscience.

We suffice as being deserters.

Preliminary optimism is essential.

Future potential satisfies demands.  

It feels good being part of a divine minority.

In the future we plan to open doors to an entire range of renowned pioneering entities, which include the internet, books, film, television, music, theatre, the arts and other kinds of entities, subject to availability.

Oytcho Visha is a multi-purpose theatrical event; an event which is totally dependent on the sustained skill of the performers and presenters we offer contracts to.

We aim to provide a venue for emerging avant-garde artists and musicians wanting to be afforded flexible power status.

Power status consists of making a musical or artistic oath to pursue a well-grounded tradition of glory.

We envisage artistic activity which fulfills, and which can make sharp surges of good news overall.

Our agenda constitutes the assurance that we will be able to support artists and musicians in the future forever.

The pragmatic essence of Oytcho Visha, which serves all our functional requirements, is to infatuate and enrapture artists and musicians whose works have a null extension towards mass culture.

We do not damn artists and musicians whose works portray companionless anarchical ambience, because it would be irresponsible of us if we did.

Oytcho-visha is where the opulent splendour of anarchy crystalizes determinately which to some degree is a product of dissidence. 

Oytcho Visha is an admirable force which provides preliminary premium care for artists and musicians of our age.

Wonderful Razzle dazzle accompanying these artists will strike a chord in our news realm.

Rather than being a news channel, our doctrines create news as a causality.

Oytcho Visha is where resourceful achievers whom serve society in a striking way stack together to transmit a cult to the world.

For better or worse, we hope to inspire and imbibe modern artists, musicians and writers, so that their works can be enriched comfortably with good old-fashioned proper unforeseen extravagance adapted rather loosely and instinctively from the avant-garde era of the 20th century.

Backed by artists and musicians, in the future the enterprise will prevail as an arduous and formidable political empire.

Henceforth there is a conviction required of our artists to make our empire effective and worthwhile.   

Some people will think our cult has Nazi vibes, but you cannot please everybody, whatever organisation you  identify yourself with.

Fascism doesn’t undermine liberatory potential; it is a resolution to the facets of artificial freedom.

Most modern internet giants are fragmented with Nazi vibes occurring as a result of wanting to rule the world customarily with explicitness.  

In substance, our aim is to take over news channels, government and internet media by recruiting those with gestures, habits, principles and modes of thought which are very much alternative.

We will make the inroads into governments with the grinding of the axe.

Some people will look upon this as an honour without even investigating it further.