Christ is a tactician. 

Knowing that you are to be crucified would make you tactical as well.

Amputation does not provoke him.

There might be a little bit going on there he hasn’t told you about as a deterrent to life.  

Never mention warmth in front of Christ unless it is a propaganda exercise.

You can only turn up in heaven if someone sends you there, otherwise you will be crystalized in hell.

Tell people when you’re ready to die and then you’ll be out of life and no longer have the ability to multiply any natural science on your mind. 

Crucifixion is the perfect way of avoiding planned events.

It is groovy, especially on the heels.

Crucifixes are relocatable, it depends on the stance of the observer.

Fold it up and put it in your suitcase if you are travelling overseas.

The spine itself is a squiggly crucifix.  

Be satisfied being hung up one way or the other for some reason.

Resistance of all natural flavour benefits people at the last moment of the last supper.  

Why not do it while you still can stand up as the painful impression of the morning wakes you up?

Be crucified and sacrifice your life for promises as usual that lie in flat popularity.

No one wants to climb up to be crucified with you.

But save on extra storage of another coffin.

It's all right the night before but whatever happens on so-called tomorrow only Christ knows. 

If you live in a hole you don’t know the difference between crucifixion and euthanasia.

You wanna see some of the coffins of people that have not been crucified world wide.

Compete with those permanently affected by euthanasia.

Murmuring ambitions of death suffice.

A beautiful send off where life has no potential difference to death.

Rummage through the world you will find millions of security guards standing motionless as if they were crucified in the most calm manner.

They deserve to go home, take drugs and do the tango or any other dance not requiring an establishment.

Crucifixion is a good idea if you’ve got nothing else going on in the intervention of your alleged single life.

You can’t touch unreachable crises with your hands nailed to a post because there is stiff opposition from government.

Crucifixion is a snazzy step-down from the sphere of life where your position in time is not included with any energy or information.

Advanced preparation of incisive righteous affirmations are only made by the Holy Ghost.