Googlug is designed to sound like Gulag, detention labour camps from Europe of the early to mid 20th century.

The theme of it is that we are all prisoners of the information age.

Those that have never heard of information in their life are the only ones free from it.

People that don't put messages together whitewash the international scene of the English language.

Scrub it over so that it doesn't exist. 

Catch up on what you missed out on. It’s a matter of who will survive or not without any effort of resolution.

In modern society we are neatly dressed slaves.

We are born into a world which has a fascist configuration.

The present world creates a picture in your mind which is something you cannot think about.

Environmentalists are trying to convince us that we are going through Hitler’s inferno with constant acceleration once again. Things don’t add up regardless of what. Proposing change to freeze can never be underestimated. 

Googlug is very important because it has historical significance. It is designed for people who have a reluctance to live the realistic and implementable modern way of life.

Space drift versus time does not need any intrinsic respect historically accurate.

A continual struggle for oblivion rediscovered earnestly speedily identified in several ways examined separately.

Something to do with one another that you don't want to know possibly detected.

There's no communication because nobody knows what they're doing under some conditions because they are absorbed by the system.

No one knows what happens all over the show because they persevere with secret information.

Get organized for living in another time and place where there are oppositions and delimitations to evolution.

Conversation has its pitfalls in this wretched background.

Guaranteed we will eventually return to the real world just before we die and removed from the framework of life.