By filling out this submission form I hereby declare that I want to transgress into different worlds by joining Oytcho. Becoming a member, it’s not just for now on impulse, it is forever.

I also declare that I will not exert allegiance to the current New Zealand government.

To become a member of our enterprise a donation of NZ $20 is needed.

This is the going price of mischief.

Political parties in New Zealand require 500 contributory financial members to be officially registered as a party.  

To make a donation go to the bottom of this page. If you have trouble paying through this portal please email us and we will provide our bank account number for internet banking:


You can also buy the 309 page Oytcho manifesto in book form for NZ$70.

 Anything for a contribution is all you need to do. 

Your loyalty is much appreciated.

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