Naked curvature is a body initiative. Leave standard profiles of the body behind otherwise you will encounter oppression. Installation of contours of the body aren’t just for the predictable grind of work and modern living.

Governments stash us as subjects shoved into garments.

The best angles of the body are distorted without ever knowing why. There is absolutely no commitment whatsoever unless you are not cleared from foul play.

Naked Curvature is treacherous women’s studies without a classroom.

It is a collation of the unknown contours of the human body. 

The modern internet is giant mass to oversee but there are no curves of any significance to give it momentum.  

Anti-homogeneity: Look down on the close areas of the body not essentially parallel to you.

If you care to take a look suitable to your needs of pure purposeless femaleness this is the site for you.

Endure a psychotic pit stop of sexualized electrons arriving shortly.

Scroll through a women’s profile never to be overturned.

Under the New World Order people are experiencing things near enough to long, straight subordination.

Forget social science, bodies are the significant issue.

Traverse sexual parlours in your local district rather than the complicated network of porn sites online where crippling adverts and pop ups come up quick as lightening.

Dazzling jubilance is undressed.

The internet is dry. Naked Curvature is a lubricating far reaching manual for living.

Modern government turns people into straight sculptures.

Exploit reverence of womankind.

Bonk whencesoever.

Curvature is the rim of the genitals which needs no compass or GPS.

Naked Curvature refers to out-of-control babes with no repercussions nor flexible supports.

Naked Curvature is for those incapacitated by the warped irony of objects meeting together.

If you weren’t living in your own body this should never happen. Not scheming to share your naked body with others will you do nothing for you unless you want to do your own thing, unless the graphic explicit stunt of energetic fantasizing through masturbation ceases to exist.

Progressive political alliances require an arduous learning process of haphazard sexuality in various accounts.