Blind Limbs refers to a permanent seizure of the human body where light is discontinued.

Immobilization is a big achievement.

This is no tabloid. It has dark contents which devours people.

Puzzled doom develops when you don't keep in touch with your body. 

Be oblivious to any determination of calculated representations of life.

Your mind is now ready for departure luckily.

Blind Limbs has the darkness of generalized euthanasia.

Analysing all the work we do in life is a sufficiently smaller surface scandal of disguise.

For lunatics the bulk of nonsense is not insulated by reason.

Interference of the unnerving theorising of a simple model of the body is impossible because it is unknown and unspecified.  

Achtung uprightness.

Don’t interrupt connections with normal life which exposes the slaughter of the body by forgetfulness.

Life is not good if you want to think about your body.