Our key policies are quite radical and extreme. But everybody should be able to express their lurking beliefs, no matter how controversial they are. Chance will be a good thing rather than generic talking.

You have to go with what's available or there will be a persistent fear of individual experiences. We will blanket current New Zealand government with mockery which has no underlying cause.

One of our key initiatives is to rename New Zealand's parliament building in Wellington (called the Beehive due to its architectural structure). Parliament will now be called Goshuntunck. Bees live short, fleeting ephemeral lives, so the name is not suitable to create a sturdy governmental stronghold. We don't recognize the name 'Beehive.'            Do not vote for the Beehive.

The current government of New Zealand creates statutory declarations which don't protect us. Creating a cult offers protection as well as reducing the need for the recruitment of police because everybody is on the same wavelength.

Immigrants, refugees and tourists are a fatal cause of turning New Zealand into wounded purity. Our motto is to make New Zealand pure again. Reduce overpopulaion attempts.

New Zealand has been swindled of its purity due to mass immigration. 

We embrace epistemology: this term means "ways of knowing". There are many different ways of knowing in the world. One can envisage a world without police.

Our main policy is to create a transformation of our drug laws in opposition to our current government’s laws which imitate other country's politics which we revolt against. Socialisation is a disease without the health maintenance of drugs.

One of our key policies is to make cannabis use legal. It is good for you if you are bent and buckled up with arthritis or ripped up by other inflammatory diseases which gnaw at your joints.

Without cannabis we are living in a meaningless idiotic prison.

Under present government rules the masterpiece of pleasure is decommissioned.

Our agenda is to end the war against drugs and the outpouring of crassness it creates. 

Clusters of associate health ministers destroy our well being, without the ability to be rectified.

As government tightened their grip on drug use, our musical and artistic culture endured a deprivation of rights. 

Prozac and its successor SSRI drugs will be all be banned under our polices, probably owed by the fact that they can cause psychotic hysteria, without the excitation normally associated with hysteria.

New Zealand culture has long ago been destroyed, mainly due to the impact of immigration we have become endowed with.

Our current operations will create an absolutely immaculate world via the harmless ultra-filtration of ethnicities. 

We aim to give doctors more powers in prescribing drugs such as benzodiazepines and amphetamines for people showing signs of severe depression, stress and anxiety associated with the decline of culture. 

So much for our previous Prime minister Jucinda Adern calling our country a team of 5 million. In the last election a referendum was held on whether to legalize cannabis. 48.4% supported the legalisation proposal. 50.7% did not support it. New Zealand is a very divided country.

Other policies include:

To provide two-storied residences in each of our main centres which gothics and punks can inhabit free of charge. This imitates the now defunct McGillicardy serious party which operated in the late eighties and early nineties in New Zealand, supplying punks with places to live and musical accessories while the cities were becoming more gentrified and yuppified. The residences will be collectively called Gofrocem. 

Other polices include:

Provide people in jail whom have difficulty sleeping good doses of the non-addictive sedative quetiapine. Two thirds of people in prison have some kind of mental disorder or drug addiction, they should not be treated as criminals. Quetiapine transforms prisons into a heavenly cell. Most people in prison come from an endlessly appalling background, it is not their fault that they have terminated their freedom.  

Cancellation of daylight savings.

Scrapping the excessive tax on cigarettes.    

It will be illegal for homosexual couples to adopt children.

(Having one father or one mother is enough, let alone two.) 

Reinstatement of the Sabbath. Shops opening on Sundays will be highly controlled. No more work on Sundays so that people can spend time with their family.

It will not be a legal requirement to wear bike helmets while cycling. (mass immigration has made our city roads in New Zealand very busy, and government is to blame for this. They shouldn’t reprimand cyclists.

A restriction of imigration. New Zealand is one of the remotest regions in the most remote part of the world, but it has become a graceful retreat under siege due to immigration. 

Making it illegal for property developers to sub-divide sections.

Developers are turning large properties into tightly packed buildings whilst destroying trees in the meantime. Be very vigilant of property developers. Our cities are getting cramped enough already.           

Planting trees around New Zealand’s water ways.

Encourage farmers to plant trees as shelter for their animals.   

GST on buying trees and plants in both urban and rural areas will be axed.

(Trees make poorer urban areas look more beautiful)    

Cancel the bureaucratic position of the Minister of sports.

(We have zilch interest in sports.) 

Workmen won’t need to wear hi-vis fluorescent vests anymore.

People doing labour intensive jobs such as in civil construction, those working in the roading and building sectors, will get a 10% pay rise.

A banning of phone sales and door sales people (they are very irritating).

Nightshift workers won't have to pay tax. 

(Nightshift reduces your lifespan slightly, thus early reimbursement is essential.) 

Pensioners receiving non-means tested funds will be encouraged to roll up their sleeves and do community work to further the beauty of our country.   

This will include growing trees around our rivers.  

Southern New Zealand is beautiful because school children can go into school camps bound by forest, rivers, hills and mountains without the possibility of being attacked by predatory animals, such as Auckland yuppies.