Our main policy is to create an impressive transformation of our drug laws in opposition to our current government’s laws which imitate other country's societies which we revolt.

Our agenda is to end the war against drugs and the outpouring of energy it creates. 

Natural or acquired bliss is the prominent factor of our agenda.

Before becoming U.S president Donald Trump declared that the war against drugs was a joke.

Clusters of associate health ministers destroy our well being without the ability to be rectified.

Loneliness is a beast unless opioids are a serum without interruption from political correctness.  

As government tightened their grip on drug use, our musical and artistic culture did not categorically respond to its contingent existence, escalating the deprivation of human rights.

The wrongness of given orders from government incriminate us incomprehensibly as a bad impression.

One of the most absolutely ridiculous policies of our government is denying our pets palliative care. Morphine for pets has been banned through use in family homes. By law it is only administered by vets at $10 a shot every day. Your pet has to be taken to the vet everyday to administer morphine. Cats and dogs are denied a soothing death because of this.  

Government diminishes our happiness we endeavour to, which provides important modes of reaction to reinstate banned drugs.

We want to ban the great expenditure of energy required for a police state to operate in reticular formation.

Prozac and its successor drugs will be all be banned under our polices, probably owed by the fact that they can cause psychotic hysteria, without the excitation normally associated with hysteria.

Our current operations will create an absolutely immaculate world via the harmless ultra-filtration of ethnicities. 

We also wish to unashamedly shut shop on immigration.

We wish to live in a world where zero translations are necessary to pass onto us.

Apart from being a publishing house, Oytcho Visha is a quasi-political party, motivated chiefly by bringing down New Zealand government. The crux of the matter is that we don't love the way our country is being ruled.

New Zealand culture has long ago been destroyed, mainly due to the impact of immigration we have become endowed with.   

We aim to give doctors more powers in prescribing drugs such as benzodiazepines and amphetamines for people showing signs of severe depression, stress and anxiety associated with the decline of culture.  

Other policies include:

Cancellation of daylight savings.

Scrapping the excessive tax on cigarettes.    

Making it illegal for property developers to sub-divide sections.           

(Our cities are getting cramped enough already) 

Planting trees around New Zealand’s water ways.

Encourage farmers to plant trees as shelter for their animals.   

GST on buying trees and plants in both urban and rural areas will be axed.

(Trees make poorer urban areas look more beautiful)    

Cancel the bureaucratic position of the Minister of sports.

(We have zilch interest in sports.) 

Workmen won’t need to wear hi-vis fluorescent vests anymore.

Work activities don’t require a fluorescent screening process unit.

A banning of phone sales people (they are very irritating).

Nightshift workers won't have to pay tax.

 (Nightshift reduces your lifespan slightly, thus early reimbursement is essential.) 

Nightshift kills people and nobody is responsible for this.

You do not need special authorization to cure cardiac disturbances. If people are heartbroken, anybody can help them.