Oytcho Visha doesn’t really have any core policies. It is the ruptured worship of clowns in close proximity to erotic stimulation.

There is no polarity between what is appreciable and what is perceptible, nor potentiality and actuality.

Nondetectable luxuriousness is entirely our own magnificent specimen of force.

Regular all-purpose hysteria is not destitute here because Man existence is not our policy. 

Regular politicians are heedless of uncrumbled untrampled succulence which we are leading producers of.

Current New Zealand government does not help people on the downslide of domestic matters.

Request a proper debacle rather than gross extensive materialism for people only.

As New Zealanders we have no certified clearance of international impact.

At the moment Gaza has two million displaced people, much like in New Zealand. We can’t take any more immigrants.

Also, ban tourist geezers from New Zealand, they are all going the same way.

Although our schemes may seem Eurocentric we have repeated clearance of presuppositions of body colour.

Everybody belongs to an unsturdy body league whether they are black or white or incomplete.  

PM of New Zealand, Christopher Luxom, biff out that dude, it is time to get rid of him because he has the focal length to manage the country.  

Mighty nations need no coalition deal.

Enormous powers do not merge.

One in four New Zealanders suffer mood and anxiety disorders, yet Luxom is putting a tight grip on beneficiary dependency.

Workmen continually flop into a state of hypnosis and they even don’t know whether they will make it home or not.

Oytcho is a thrill without boundaries, apart from the prevalence of phobias of committal to alleged foreign affairs.

In New Zealand there are space deficiencies for the rest of your life.

All day long we live in a galactic chain of nations possessing our land.

Governments are not designed to save any possible connection with your life.

We don’t manage detection of thoughts inbetween short-lived governments.

In New Zealand mercy is only a potential energy, our country has overtones of absolutism, just like the Ayatollah, which is where we belong because there is no way getting away from it.

In politics minds are general ministerial brain tumours not of equal magnitudes.

New Zealand government is an inactive kamikaze.

We are the world's best source of nihilism because we don't really know what we are doing as our rights have been taken away.

We are more interested in cute squishy action than military discipline.

Without hard core propaganda New Zealand suffers in silence timelessly amongst the most complex of territorial issues direct in its path.

There is no such thing as natural encouragement.

Main political parties in New Zealand provide a wide cocktail of frivolous protection. They are nothing but a circus. 

We aim to make radical changes to government such as unmonitored bliss.

New Zealand is in a prolonged institutional mess difficult to sidestep unless you join a cult.

Government provides us with a multitude of mutilated territorial ambitions.   

The people you love are lobotomized police. 

Reduce the fleeting patrols of the police force without noticing them.

New Zealand government has no social influence because they are a Taliban apparatus projected simultaneously from the Hezbollah.

Prisons, concentration camps grow stronger every day because they are not for a moment transparent.

Casted in pervasive gloom does not usually dissipate because it has been cultivated for years by our widely available oppressors.

New Zealander’s are in a fairly similar situation to the administering of Taliban control in interviewing and in treatment, whatever your cultural group.

The orthodox Kiwi spirit is equivalent to the Hezbollah, insufficient to explain observations of freedom of extended frictionless length.

Moaning about the system will never be plundered. Whatever difference that will make.

New Zealand politics has static charge to vacate from.

Government can take away your freedom anytime they want to.

Whatever party elected in New Zealand it will be a dud surprise.

In the modern world rebellion isn’t even contrivable.   

We will allow senior citizens to have upside-down senility.

Build youth amongst the geriatrics.

Age-related purification is not salvageable if getting on the pension allowance is increased to 67.

Learn about each other through geriatric redistributed minds.   

All politics reaches stupidity at a certain point.

At some time principles reach breaking point.

Enshrouded in misplaced rationalism, outside of the head calculations show insanity has arrived, which is not a hostile environment of reason unless you know who you are talking to who is uncivilized.

Regular governments offer us minced satisfaction, but they don't admit it.

Under current New Zealand politics confidence in the system is mulched to a significant degree.

Politics is a formal boisterous task needing reversal and debunking rather than promoting the scheme.

New Zealand is on the fringe of the atlas. Everything abroad is a disguise.

New Zealand is part of the heterogeneous Pacifica destroyed immigration.

We are supportive of the Maori. Maoris are responsible for the unmatched subversive charisma in this country amidst prominent white people they take the brunt of.

In multi-cultural New Zealand societies there is a recess of united fools, unless you are a maori not a bit interested in obeying the law.

You cannot build and install skin colour unless you want to fluctuate between ethnicities.  

Pristine dark coloured people rule the world.

Our main aim is to change New Zealand's drug laws. Drugs are a remedial transgression from the raw essentials of life.

Prohibition is a contingent hurdle commissioned by government.

Doctors prescribe drugs such as SSRI's which leave you as dead as dead for decades.

The medical system is beyond a joke. We are all lambs going to the slaughter. This is not what you would expect, local doctors not offering divergent drug therapies. They don’t take you anywhere.

We are exposed to nasty stuff anytime and doctors don’t provide us with sedatives to calm us.

Doctors offer creeping observations of the mind infinitely.

There are few nonuniform choices of defence because they are denounced and sealed off from discernible society.

Synchronized struggle supposedly it seems is a simple truth without sacrificed steps of tension reduction of an unsolvable environment for a significant orientation of normality of stealth, creating alliteration without realizing, which is scary stuff without stabilized solutions or settlements wherever your skills stretch in your serial unschooled shameful stature senselessly astray but sheltered by surly unstuck sorcerers. 

Without drugs brains are stuff that breaks down without any accumulating drama because deviations of survival are humbled.

Whirlwind chill is the perfect re-established knowledge of the opioid system.

Pleasures do not require a decree.

If doctors were empowered to prescribe prohibited drugs the widespread influence of self-administrating black market drugs would come to a standstill, but they are dispassionate about this as they dip into fascism. That's all they do, create prolific standards of health that lead you nowhere.  

Public health warnings are stupid feuds.  

People in the black market hunt for self-made industrious disasters and need a haunting adaptation of ceasefire from government.

Those protecting you don’t save you because they are somewhere near fascism, not ultra-surrealists.

Doctors’ approach to medicine is wrong and should never be revealed to the public.

The black market promotes prolonged fast-moving violence, and doctors are awarded for this.

The medical profession manoeuvres us like corpses empty of spirit, saving on funeral costs while you are still alive in lieu.  

Because of immigration New Zealand has got busy and it now even interplays with consciousness and there is a big pause of sedation and other accusations.

All medicines should be calming, but doctors and politicians deny us this. We are left with terror and other abnormal health issues without a conditioned response to people.  

Oxygen is fuel matter washed out thankfully before an apocalypse of morphine ingested veins and other honesty going around dangling.     

The sky is an unclean blue colour unless you are on opioids.

Drug prohibition ruins avid sleep   

Someway somehow tension is a power greater than ourselves unless heroin is injected.

Heroin is a replacement when your mind is not in good condition.  

Physically hazardous substances are an elevated spectrum without denial.

In New Zealand health and safety services don’t have much to offer because of the more demanding disillusionment of drug use.

National estimates of wellbeing are tragic and people need major tranquilizers without projected physical constraint.

Doctors prevent pleasure as if it was a devastating disease.

Practitioners have a laughable supply of perplexing drug compounds creating vivid fluidity enshrined in bliss.

It’s a rigged reckoning.

Practitioners lead us down a pharmaceutical pilgrimage rather than a crusade which lasts all day wherever you go in the underworld.

Life whatever is not much of a venture unless you are on drugs.  

Without drugs life is dedicated permanent concussion.   

Society creates aching discord and politicians do nothing about it, causing lasting damage.

Without drugs we are not even given the opportunity to feel protection.

In New Zealand the projected premature precarious protest of persistent poverty is at a premium where promises are not uniform, give and take potential permitted practical power.  

Government has a secret alliance with uniform rates of life.

Humans talk rubbish and other such propellants of nonsense.

Movement is a tension disaster unless you are a persistent exhibitionist while being a hostage in this country.

Debris of the mind is for safe keeping.

Our themes trigger risky forms of realism. Make-believe is proven to kill even if there is a rescue expedition.

We are robbed of resilience toward assumptions.

Under present New Zealand politics government will only have precarious protection of physiological signs of deprivation because we allow foreigners into our country.

We are left with broken bonds in multi-cultural society.

Taking care of business with schematized complexity is a scenario of political procedures to disallow foreigners into our country which has no world exposure unless you are a nymphomaniac.    

Allowing foreigners into our country has not lead to the containment of the housing crisis, which is a bit crazy because it is a breach of human rights not to have a home, so long as you are allowed to stay on earth.

Diverge Australia from the map outright, translocated to a state of flux and other revelations deeply coercive. 

Navigating the edge of New Zealand society is enough, without letting unresponsive foreign politicians heighten our anxiety not produced for an audience.  

There is a big lack of communication because government gives us task-oriented orders which are not therapeutic, thus attention may diminish due to unrelated causes.

Our miscellaneous customs might lead to speculation that our fellow citizens will plunge into politically motivated inconsistences of consciousness.

In New Zealand skill and labour is created by the epic effort of operative mischiefs and other permutations of extensive applied vocational culture.

Born in this country nobody does a thing about it up to a point.

Both primary political parties in New Zealand, Labour and National, have premium conservative policies, they won’t leave you alone.    

Oytcho is for power critical delirium survivors renounced by the shreds of remaining society.

Be subservient to planned delusions as the final solution to perceived perfection.

In New Zealand we are oppressed. We are left to endure the detected pangs of captivity of an extensive magnitude.

A guaranteed change of government into chaos.

On top of that outside chores are a hostile environment as prototypes often are.

There is every reason to create a torrent of nonsense if you have lost your bearings of life.

Red tape is disbanded.

Red tape is an inner recess entirely illegitimate as an exposure to life.

Those relatively unaffected by nonsense are constructed for the task to circumnavigate the world of geeks.

Our policies revolve around aesthetics without a gap or break to let rationality in.

What’s the difference between poor productivity and employment contained in one side of the story of life?

Politicians create a demarcation of unsettling judgements, especially towards aesthetics.

Dread figural dimensions of coherent impressive frames of private matters of perfection because they become barbaric if you don’t join a cult with abortive attempts of life's unpermitted throbbing favourable conditions.

There is something else going on that hinders progress of good conditions: drug prohibition, where we are sent back to the drawing room of life for whoever who needs us.

Drugs work quickly in producing unrelenting pleasure rather than strict routines almost insensible.

New Zealand is a rapidly deteriorating insane nation. All the drugs that promote mood balance are banned before becoming transcendental.

Drugs are a replacement for violence, and New Zealand is a very uncontained violent country which will never resort to a virtual standstill.

Because of drug prohibition eternal delights of art have been torn apart.

Without the enchantment of art the nasty inheritance of communication is doctrinal.

We provide dramatization of the narrow fissure of sustenance.

Government creates a non-stop betrayal of our rights.

Politians are silly adaptions of real people because they offer no real alternative to realistic treatment to the claims that the human body exists.

Gentle responses to law and order are non-referential to grandiose claims, they are a cover-up operation active somewhere secretly informed by the unthinkable impossible to predict.

Our main policy is to reduce the human population, if it can be spotted.

Abounding irreconcilable self-scrutiny destroys population growth without specifically programmed recriminations.

Pay homage to infertile Goddesses who do everything for you when you are dead.

Don’t strain yourself to much with low-intensity activities such as sex. Feel at ease when more is at stake possibly diabolical enough to damage your brain and its concealed passions.

Reach a breaking point and then either readjust it or discard it.

Our curtailing of activities is not accurate in terms of rate of growth of populism because it means life or death.

Our country’s border don’t seem to exist irrespective of dramatic devices binding all reality.

This means infrequent trips to the bedroom unless it is a long proud preserved picturesque polar night.

Oytcho is instrumental in resisting all attempts of those carrying out scientific exploration and their accomplices. Money is best spent elsewhere as a reviewable hazard.   

You can never win without some kind of retribution toward those that follow the weather.

One of our main policies is to strip money from the presence or origin of banks, because all they create is unmemorable mortgage detention as widespread as possible. 

We are founders of foreboding silly adventures uncluttered by personal influence.

Oytcho is impregnated with sleek conspiracies.  

Morality is not one of the most powerful forces about to strike.

Being normal is a harmful conductor of life you plead guilty to.

Out main policy is to transform New Zealand from a farm loving colonial district into a nightmare wilderness which won't go to waste at bedtime when you are not among the people physical or psychological.

Farming is an aggressive naturalistic restraint on evocative conspiracy monitoring.    

Keep out of the ground of the earth unless it is decorated by trees.

Do not reject desolate wilderness. Human life is miserable confinement.

Minimal forests are the aftermath of public relations and other wide open spaces.

We want to recreate New Zealand as a beautiful pure country without being pumped for details we deny all knowledge of.

Smashing other countries is an achievement because it is a departure from unfocused streaks of globalist parties.

Poorly absorbed globalism actuates hazards more than supplementary political activity does.  

We will also break with slave traditions and restict business hours to keep night times free for workers. Where ever place you turn there is always day and night businesses operating. 

Treadmill affairs encompass the population approximately.

At night time you dwell on destoying the universal protocol of alternative aliveness. Doctrine trashing is an obvious thing to be sabotaged by whatever version of fate you have projected simultaneously kept well in the background as well as in public resorts.

Oytcho Visha is for those that have had enough of being in politics mode whatever your perspective of New Zealand politics. The nation is split. Healthy ways must stop completely.

Policies are somebody else’s secret matters.

That’s what superstition is for.

Oytcho is darkness at its dominant best.

Transfer everything over to paranoia and beyond because it forms societies readily.

Surges of fascism have prompted the creation of the enterprise, creating the natural inclination for a siege on government.

Delete simple rulers because they should be avoided by everyone.

We don’t know whether they make freedom anymore whatever you’re looking for while you are not committed to democracy publicly expressed.

Living in democratic societies you need pretty safe germ protection, if man is still alive.  

Democracy destroys something to believe in, like shivering in mid summer.

You get more out of the joy of transformation than to conform right across the range.

Believe in remote unspoken commands of gastroenterology rather than government.

New Zealand is being taken over by other countries culturally. Native stock is limited. Life is our invincible military enemy unless we shiver.

All there is to do in New Zealand politics is to recalibrate regret into concealed custody untutored.

Family orientated fascism is all over the country.

We don’t win the battles of either the right wing or the left wing because we will be persecuted whatever happens. We just go between the two vice versa to avoid regurgitation. 

Oytcho is a dark divide of left and right politics and all its consequences without credentials of either manual or sedentary labour.

In government distributed data doesn’t gain acceptance because of obscene incompetence and lack of devotion to confounded factors of courtesy when you are feeling playful and not connected to the acute administration of the outside world.

Cleverness has no primordial sovereignty of subverting meaning and tradition.  

Oytcho has cult prestige which hits the spot of worship. Without a cult you scrounge for a neutralized unified identity which proves baseless rather than having cross-sectional total momentum.

Out cult is without truisms or knowledge to reduce tissue damage of a lifestyle program.

People operators are cool because they release convention.

Anti-establishment themes continue to attract people as their first standard occupation brushed aside.

We are freezing cold patriots of New Zealand, which many people prefer to ignore than to be made public.

Tremendous fascism is already happening in New Zealand like an ambush.

The quicker you close the door on fascism the more it proliferates.

New Zealand’s politicians are wild beasts.

Wild beasts are a major corruption scandal without a scale of human losses.

Under democracy politicians are projectors of throbbing germs circulating without a power base. They are not insidious molecular zealots.

In New Zealand you are licensed to be violent examined in greater depth by an endoscopy tampered with by conspiracies of the vocal chords.

Approximating politeness you will never become an innovator.  

We are locked into exaggeration as a political necessity.

Justice in New Zealand requires a biopsy rather than a partnership with other countries which never heal because nobody knows what's going on.

The law is so screwed up. Politicians are all knackered tycoons.

Taking over government is like unscrambling boy scout's chatter.

Politicians are slow people, they are not experts at added complications of haste.

Politics occurs when you are without being your own person agreeably.

Ongoing risks of concentration on conventional politics are not known or valued or tolerated.

Revolt has virtually ceased against government and their assistants accurately judged with correlational methods with a tinge of behavioural reinforcement.

We are grabbed and towed by a different reality than other political enterprises.

People may say our policies are too weird to govern a country, but there never used to be and there never has been decency in politics.

Just don’t let them know that it has annoyed you.

Don’t leave out the option for a stupefied conspiracy otherwise life would be a false alarm.

Modern New Zealand government is accountable for being unadventurous. Oytcho makes obsessive attempts at delirium rather than democracy.  

Modern politicians have the complacency of the exotic or the dead leading to public health irritability. It's trying to get out of it without the additive of the presence of life nor neurological diagnosis that matters. 

Enjoy the spontaneous pitfalls of politics before they vanish due to the rudimentary collapse of sadomasochism and other domestic troubles you have a real pick of if you are keen on rummaging through monitored fables.

Oytcho Visha is an unstoppable enigma with medicinal effects. It has active avoidance of drug prohibition in your life time as you look back.

Dosage anomalies of drugs affect overall health if it has not already diminished.

Distorted views of the world are made criminal.  

Because of the chamber imprisonment due to drug prohibition New Zealand is in relatively close quarters to the Taliban.

New Zealand government makes the Taliban look sexy in a nonchalant way.

Government neutralizes sedation, it might not come to anything.

Drug prohibition is forbidden recall of our bizarre faculties. It turns us all into a huge crowd of robots making inevitably pointless rational choices almost unknown.

Anarchy triggers otherwise impassable memories only when you are under strong sedation.

Oytcho is a giant poise of regular culture and other disruptive behaviours pending on a scan of what remains of your brain.  

New Zealand does not have a mammoth economy, yet it is still destabilised according to democratic projections of deliriousness which requires pack ice.    

The world economy is a faction of times past insofar as it precludes snowdrifts of social and political movements.

New Zealand is increasingly being dominated by a vulgar general rush of foreigners.

Paranoia is absorbed faster than exported reality.

The country is in a grubby market wrestle with needs unknown.

We are petrified of posterity and its domino effect on moral codes.

Politics is not an officiated triumphant craft unless you join a cult and its probe of secrets without foresight of detailed knowledge actually carried out stupendously.

We have divine and precious remorse that we were ever civilians having to answer to the public or the eloquence of swollen congregations.

Be proud of being frightened by politicians lashing out at you.

Acclimatize to a thrashing of blame for making government vanish without a successful physical or emotional investigation mustering us.

Under pressure there is nothing particularly startling. Treasure the moment comfortably handling it defensively before eventual collapse every free moment.

In politics we are estranged by the narrow security of needless tension.

Without a cult life is pretty much the same. Discoveries and ideas have no reverence of a projectile range you would expect as a planet.

Our policies come from a lavish supernatural force.

Anybody can walk in off the street and get a PHD in political science if you simply let them be.

This could spell the end of the heir of all ages.

Politics is an established tremor small compared to the entire galaxy we are not keen to pursue without proportional comeback calibrated unconventionally.

Politics is a high risk demonstration of power, it does not create informal satisfaction.

Our current ministers have no potentiality of being noble with worthwhile effect of strength of a team woven in an heroic age where light is not produced as an external agent.

The whole of contested play is amusing because we no longer have an admired political realm in general view.

Where is courtesy and decency in this hazard of a world?

In politics confidence is a present danger because it does not have a quantum-mechanical effect.    

Property developers have an obsession with accommodating us in prison-like housing. This is our major policy: to inhibit the actions of property developers.

Because of property developers knocking down character homes to create multiple small housing units idealism is almost constantly kaput. People are forced to live in cocoon-like confinement.

Property developers broaden the horizons of concentration camps.

In New Zealand living quarters are made for carcasses not people.  

Modern Politians have bad rotten judgements that accumulate next to you joined in series.

If you live in a pit you’re back in business digging a hole for yourself for the next generation equal to the function of itself.

Government doesn’t let you know the pain they cause. It is all a conspiracy.

Politics humbles nobody. It is a scam of actual efficiency of anything of interest.

Companionship is the last frontier.

Great political discussions are carried out in a sleep-over not seen by an injection of foreign observers of anyone.

Oytcho Visha is a mutinous devotion to sleep. Shut up the series of wakefulness lingering amid humanity.

Oytcho has equivalent parallel resistance to applied derivation of tangential possible futures.

The aim of Oytcho Visha is to create a pristine retro fitted world fraught with religion time after time to enthuse transfigured enthusiasts at the frontier of suspicious behaviour.

Our leaders have projected power without approximated light which has no connection to the planet.  

Oytcho is a collective maul strike unanswered by the established presence of the modern world.  

Politicians do not fight back from uniform disasters unless they are imaginary like climate change.  

Oytcho is a fortitude against oppression which goes well beyond the impending night.

Lying in bed and being at the centre of disappearing politics makes you a better man until you are arrested for conspiracy with no reprieves.  

Suspicion would awake the dead in a slow and measured fashion.

In New Zealand and the world politics has become a community organisation. We aim to install it in a dictatorship instead.

Demographic society is engulfed in uncool representatives. Every day is the same situation all over again. In contrast Oytcho confronts the unknown with a clearance of jaws synonymous with dislodging the mainstream that greets us.

Our present New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins should be ousted because he visited China recently to visit the prime minister there who had nothing to see, nothing to say about the Russia-Ukrainian war. He described China and New Zealand as being a friend and a partner.

There is no way to mend these relationships unless New Zealand bans all exports and imports from China.  

Currently politics in New Zealand is a terminal aristocratic carnival.

Everbody that is into New Zealand politics is already conquered because they are a statistic not necessary in these circumstances which are contrary to the forthcoming of fulfilment of proportioned freedom.

Under Oytcho Visha New Zealand will be ruled by stumbling lunatics resulting in greater miracles.

Great leaders are never reasonable, they are committed to loathsome elements with no possible explanation.

One of our major policies is to slacken or displace New Zealand's drug laws, which are a drag of maximum range.

There’s not much you can’t do with an addiction.  

Drug laws are an unbearable malice to society.  

Drug use is an unclaimed felony out there somewhere.

Drug laws are a reckless average on normal human beings suffering criminal justice.

Opium is a grandiose tattered occupation that makes you independent from governmental resistivity.  

Government multiplies the clear vision and strength of conceptual depression we have to endure.

Drugs such as benzodiazepines sedate you. Consider other options to a vigourous mind demonstrating preparation for violence difficult to ascertain without them.

Shelter probably comes from the night with drug consent.

Foremostly there is nothing available on earth to feel good about unless you are taking pacifying drugs castigating the international scene.

Due to mass immigration New Zealand's ethos has gone horribly wrong due to the obligations of voice-controlled politicians.

Mass immigration as well as tourists and explorers of New Zealand have had a devastating impact on culture because pioneers have not increased in density.

Nationalistic pride is a striking innovation.

Our protocols are valiantly blank in terms of current news of interest.

New Zealand is in a health crisis. There is a shortage of doctors and nurses. Assume the galaxy is not here anymore. You just have to sit and wait to fit you in.

New Zealand is dying. In a month’s period only 46% of patients in Dunedin’s A&E department were seen within six hours.

As a political party we want to cool everything down super quick often.

The remainder of earth will freeze over and be encircled by reduced warmth.

Oytcho Visha is a swarming ice dominion not to be turned aside by mistaken judgements dictated by people whom are not our comrades.

Chill: Come home with it if you are abhorred with the offspring of blundered heat of nations without coincidental synagogues.

Do not believe in heat span expansion which corresponds with suitable instruments such as physical phenomena and conduct.

Substitute thermal agitation irreversibly with resistive orientation you derive from adherents to a cult devoid of administrative positions.

Under a cult amputees are fit for purpose decieved gigantically by vital mechanisms.    

Heat creates appalling expectations and wishes, resulting in a stupid farce hurriedly tried.

Our policies are based on frozen heat transformations from several point charges, created and embedded in vertical numbness.

As a cult New Zealand political party our key policies are quite radical and extreme. But everybody should be able to express their lurking beliefs, no matter how controversial they are. Chance will be a good thing rather than human determined attributes belatedly.

Journalists command nothing. Oytcho is a totalitarian reminder that old school westernized Europe has tremendous implications in today’s world.

Mute tomorrow and forget about today without additions to the future and the power it transmits in masses per unit estimated as an average expedition.  

Tomorrow will not be anything ordinary because it could be fatal in a primitive way.

Search where you’re at as a servant rubbed up against society without a pressure measuring device.

Devour assemblies of people scattered in fragmented ranks with no screeching purpose.

Transgressive sorrow has no resonance of intellectualism.

The left wing or the right wing: We have no intention of being accommodated by neither. We will not be slashed by these extremes. It’s a funny unstable desperate way of carrying out a normal funeral, which is a joke.

Split features are misleading in politics.

New Zealand has a combination of small swift spreading systems completely filling the gap of the psyche.

Vision loss is a crucial venture for those grappling with politics.

Rebuke general instructions of photo or video sessions. 

If you weed out the drongos of society there would be no world left.

Needing somebody to hate you is not as easy as it sounds.

Present government only has generic claims on individuals.

History shows partiality which captivates in terms of change and resisting forces some day.

Book your health and wellbeing as segments of features disturbed by haunting brains.   

Another of our aims is to create a kerosene consortium. The modern world is too squeaky clean. Without the smell of Kerosene a room can feel tacky. The fumes of kerosene bowl you over. They smell of it takes you back to when you were a child. Like gas and heat pumps they are also better for the environment than burning firewood. The only caution is that the fumes may increase cholesterol levels in some adults.

People that burn wood are jungle bargainers. 

Under present government policies endure ambush of your very soul you no longer have a clasp of perpendicularly.

All news media has choreographic objectives apart from equipped fascination of staged moments.   

Democracy is a degenerate hierarchy as though you’re hypnotized.

Empires are built easily, all you need is fans and enthusiasts who do not know what is going on, along with anyone else. 

Our enterprise is not directed at our fellows, they are directed at our crowd-pleasing enemies.

Unwavering refinement of New Zealand culture will need a mission, an alliance which will never be out-lived.

Highly trained New Zealanders have created a brain drain by going to live in other countries which are a genocidal landing place. We want to make our country a better place so that people are not tempted to travel and go overseas.

Travel is all just habits, addictions inbetween the crevasses of concern and frustration.

We are disengaged from ordinary life skills, we are just leaping about like lunatics without any variety of pastimes of tourists on every corner of the effectively transferred globe selected by using regions of supplied entrance tunnels to earth.

Live in a country which goes bonkers, not one where it is sometimes necessary to go all horrible just to stay alive.

We are way ahead of internal forces of politics which shape and mass our identity with unfathomable hysterics rather than through conferences.

Governments cannibalize independence, leaving your lifespan tragically short of image-forming devices such as words.     

Politics is a self-evident problem because we all make individual contributions to the turbulence of it.

Present government has essentially constant consultations which are an indicator of nothing but narrow vertical red tape.

Government imposes lifestyles upon us all at once, there is no leeway.  

One of our main policies is to reduce the daily working week. Daily life is a job if you work more than four days per week. Working five days per week is a warrior's orgy you audition for before you are put into captivity.

Workers are suffering from communal exhaustion.

Five day weeks do not ring a bell, it is a form of dire uninhabitable oppression.

Government creates a threefold quagmire difficult to extract yourself from: school, work and the anticipation of a pension. We are hooked up for the future without many implications at different intervals. 

Five day working weeks have become an impermissible common ritual without any underlying principals or external forces.

Break up your partly animated long career of working five days per week.

Abort things in life that destroy you without precedent.

Five day working weeks are a man-made continuous operation. They are a serenade of doom.

Degrading five day working weeks are a career factory you don’t search for, it is enforced upon you.

Five day working weeks were created only because of hell's construction work.

Clear excess work out wherever you are if you value improper life.

With five day working weeks sublime hell is all around just like democracies.

Resorting to popular working days is a chartered sin by mistake or design.

Five day weeks are a hell merchandiser,

Five day working weeks are a 24 hour ear bashing.

People that believe in five day weeks are sin campaigners unsure of their identity or organs used in neurological diagnoses in between the foreground of their mind.

Five day weeks are only a speculation of employment and are intimidating as well because they don't have internal rivalries.

Four day working weeks give forth everyday strangely occurring labour.

New Zealand has a lame labour force and the only way to defect from this is create four day weeks rarely openly discussed because five day working weeks have exacting requirements barely tolerable.

Work is not the pinnacle vehicle of life.

Reverse the slavery of work you cannot heal from.

Four day working weeks won’t jeopardize employment or propel deficits.

Fearing the worst, five day working weeks are a nauseating haunt.

Five day weeks you survive on a treadmill with automatic exposure to others.

With five day weeks the confinement of exhaustion is guaranteed because it is barely controllable even by negotiation.

The workforce has no comradery because many people do not talk English as their first language, that is why four days will work: because there is a lack of comradery amongst the work force.   

Ironically five day working weeks exacerbate inactivity.

A personal range of slavery dictates lives undisguisedly.

The five day working week creates the foulest of fatigue and there is no conciliation.   

Those working five day weeks rot in misery without the process of mutability.

The five day working week is unimaginably long and has missing surroundings.

After a lifetime of work you may as well assume you were an insane coil in the economy.

Be positive and say you’re returning back from death instead of having a day off work.

Life is lunacy if you are currently at work which should be your day off.

The hardest part of all is constant rest for the people from reasonable time and surrounding tissues.

The reasoning behind a four day week is that it will increase workplace efficiency. It will also reduce medical disorders and prolong wellbeing. Think of the retailer or floor walker on their knees all day for five days who develops arthritis in their knees at a young age. It doesn’t seem right. It is basically slavery with no proximity of freedom to resort to.

Standing on your limbs all day your body will deteriorate quite a lot. We don’t see the point of this.

Wrecking your legs you do not enjoy the rest of your day unless weight is heavily reduced from the idealisation of your body remanufactured from a conspiracy speeding around your spine which government has totalitarian control of.

Four day weeks will greatly decrease the number of people on sickness benefits, this will provide a way to fund them.    

Many New Zealanders feel like they are being put under the radar to commit to a five day working week, thus survive off the dole. But a four day working week will get people off the dole front of being without a recipient of life.

Reducing working hours will bring longevity, so that people will stay younger and be able to work beyond retirement age.

A five day working week causes weekend lethargy. Under a four day week lethargy will floweth so that you don't feel it.

Lethargy will mean all of probably nothing forever and ever.

Released from lethargy you will become elite, without anybody analysing your brain function because it does not enter the fray.

We live in an era where everything revolves around ageism, and work creates premature aging. This justifies a four day week.  

There is a sense of dissatisfaction working with people of a different background or race to you who you don't understand properly, that’s also why people don’t like to work in New Zealand. It is simply inappropriate.

Our country is in a catch twenty two. We need more people to fill jobs, but we have a housing shortage crisis so we cannot invite any new immigrants. Getting people off sickness benefits and the dole by offering them a four day week will solve this without judgement.

We also will try to ween off law firms. For radicals evidence is damning for the inelastic intensity of past enlightening law.

Laws are a form of aneurysm reverence you give somebody. 

Oytcho Visha is all about saving Christianity, which is not easily obtained these days due to well-hidden and camouflaged hierarchies where you can’t exert yourself in a surly manner.

Surliness beats comfortability bound for nowhere because of a long-term supply of swift subversive sorrow.

Sumptuous posh gasoline is an efficient way of fuel consumption defeating global warming with notorious ruthlessness.

Only under a cult system is there an infinite guarantee to stabilise life and lock out lingering external forces of human presence in the world.  

Unwind and purge customs and other death warrants.

Our policies are for fools leftover from the digital age personally negotiated.

In New Zealand there is flat-out incohesiveness. It mimics the indispensable noise and hurry of modern overseas cities with only a moderate force of resistance.

We have no geopolitical interest in acceleration of human population figures.

Oytcho Visha is an overactive fiercely vague interruption of conventional politics people climb aboard.

Defeat speculation of advisement which attracts undue attention from anybody with the right to intervene.

Oytcho Visha is a plain messy intervention of practical politics differing from all other political parties radiating from New Zealand.

It represents a complete denial of clear enough principle surrounds of New Zealand politics and its disastrous excesses of assumptions.

In many cases iconic amorphous cults are better than erratic self-reliance.

Creeds are a recovery process of life tossed straight at you.

Government oppression which lasts a long time is associated with incorporated cool compiled memory loss of better manners.

The controlled crawl of desire is behaviour which is too simplistic and is the smallest component of our blurred disfigured agenda.

The way it is sort of set out is a bit Mickey Mouse, not for squares.

We fall agonizingly short of something or rather: normal life, if that's what it is.

Live, act and belong to a cult rather than be swiped by mass culture.

We are petrified of the injection of mass culture into New Zealand.

Otherwise the atlas is an absolute trap of light rays striking texts and other geek signals. There's no sun out there now. Even the sunrise has loopholes. Night and day come at you all at the same time. It all depends on your capacity for materialism and other things requiring peace negotiations.

Sunlight is corrupt stuff to tackle.

The sun is thick black smoke to blow your regimen of lights out successfully.

Constellations override the sudden terror of optical spheres and other consumer goods.

Nobody can dismiss our lashing of rhetoric; that’s the chance you take if you want to achieve shapeless amorphous ecstasy.

Fortuitous modes of action are a revelation in the modern world.

Life is sort of a thing of opportunities where you can't take what you want.

Under current government regulations innocent people are flicked into a descent into barrenness or other forms of early death involving common sense.

You have to go with what's available or there will be a persistent fear of individual experiences. We will blanket current New Zealand government with mushy brainwashing mockery.

One of our key initiatives is to rename New Zealand's parliament building in Wellington (called the Beehive due to its architectural structure). Parliament will now be called Goshuntunck. Bees live short, fleeting patchwork ephemeral lives, so the name is not suitable to create a sturdy governmental stronghold. We don't recognize the name 'Beehive.' Do not vote for the Beehive.

The Beehive has savage floors not easily maintained by low-heat-capacity.

The Beehive names the government team with velocity of insects whom have no perpetual definition or meaning.

Our current sphere of stuttering and stammering suspension of physical pressure by professional advisors is an ignorant tragedy with expendable intrigue and charisma.   

How silly can you be to listen to people ploughing onwards as a presentation piece or something or rather?

We aim to change New Zealand's current flag to the Oytcho flag. New Zealand's current flag is virtually the same as Australia's, the only difference is that it has one less star.

If you want to find dumb politicians you don’t have to go any further than Australia. Benchmark cowards they are as their starting point toward the origin of life. 

Australian Politians act around the same age as two year olds, exchanging ideas when they come around. They are restricted to the toddler category in many situations.

It doesn’t matter what prime minister you’ve got, just as long as you can carry out an exclusive interview with an ape.

Citizens perish like a perpendicular breeze measured by independent means.

Inward prejudice is thrust upon you, creating the miscalculation of defeat .

By embracing Maori language you are bringing decrees into an already oppressed European race devoid of comprehensive tracts of mannerisms repeatedly intercepted.

We have no qualms with Maori language, we just don’t want it pushed in our face. 

Don’t get sucked in by fresh and local racial abuse.

Actually New Zealand has a shortfall of Maoris.  

But how embarrassing this jumping around doing the haka.

We all have inner prejudices which require hierarchical modification.

We all have a black body clock equally between us.

The fringe of functioning democracy is a national blessing affair.

The current government of New Zealand creates statutory declarations which don't protect us. Creating a cult offers protection as well as reducing the need for the recruitment of police because everybody is on the same wavelength.

Police are hard to control but easy to make the mickey out of.

Police target people who are alone and all out of kilter with society.

There is no dispute, New Zealand politics has the unrecorded negotiating processes which annihilates you and your passive periphery personality.

Police create a society-wide enclave of growing uneasiness so we can’t have any whacky parties which have no institutional framework.

Politics is a prospective systematic promenade with no peace feelers in New Zealand. 1800 new police men and woman are showcased in the latest budget, heightening the anxiety of those seeking artistic freedom.  

Police compete against liberty. They have learning difficulties and arrest people for morphine use, which is unsurprisingly a victimless crime.

Hypervigilant politics leads to death, not stimulant intoxication of addiction to withdrawal symptoms. 

Morphine use is a somnolescent syndrome previously associated with freedom, but it all been banned and replaced by social withdrawal and alienation.

Government provides us with supplementary chains by banning what substances we can reasonably market and consume in all cultural variations.

Government is a meteorite of quite useful maladaptive ways of turning us into retards, eliminating peripheral human therapy for example.

Government slaughters musicians and other artistries through drug prohibition where even remarkable survivors perish.

Drug laws cause fierce unwarranted friction of the smooth continuous flow generated by drug use of the activities of oppositionists.

Drug prohibition creates more crime and death and stigmata than consuming drugs themselves.

The more we thrive to receive comfort without interference the more we are scattered into the abyss.

There is no chance of being unshackled in a monumental way.

Without drug prohibition intolerable thoughts are unloosened when required.

Drugs create secret meanings with no boundary adjoining them, including room temperatures.

Reducing the police force is worthwhile because it is not working. In a case scenario a dairy owner in Hamilton, New Zealand endured 12 violent robberies in the period of a year.  

Immigration is a fatal cause of turning New Zealand into wounded purity without trial. Our motto is to make New Zealand a robust yet pure nation again. At the moment New Zealand has a disgusting aura. Reduce overpopulation attempts, we can't do much more because too much room for commercially available emerging facets of culture. Our desire for purity is so bad that we recycle purifiants.

Despite being advertised as pure New Zealand is a contaminated kingdom with only globules of eternity..

We are the managers of the divine dabblers in an acceptable range.

Let it happen instinctively without failure, intimidation or threatening.

Oytcho is a paradise sanitizer whom no man will ever possess.

The majority of European cities are bursting at the seams with immigrants seeking out power to squander government funds like a hurricane force.

Up until the late nineties New Zealand societies weren’t made up by all shapes and sizes of people. They were mainly made up of European, Maori and Polynesian people, as well as vampires upon nightfall. Now these days the projected ignition of several different cultural reservoirs we are overcome by for the first time since the concept of walking atoms.    

We treasure the Maori. New Zealand is somebody's homeland. 

Multi-cultural societies have mediocre variables unless you manage to crash in hindsight.

Such societies are neighbourly undressed punishment.

In multi-cultural societies there are strangers all of the time combined with everything except motivation to reuptake culture and other adaptive behaviour whenever it is out of sight.

Be not fully conversant with what life should be, whatever colour you are, or other unusual activity.

An immaculate sense of duty is swept away because of personal encounters with others combined into one mass.

Our chief aim is to reduce immigration, tourists and refugees entering our country. Even idyllic New Zealand townships such as Queenstown in southern New Zealand have become a dodgy diabolical rat race. Characater homes are also being demolished by property developers to make room for small apartment units and poxy little modern hotels.

Tourists and immigrants take a big chunk out of our country.

Replace tourists with expressive torture where we belong unaccountably.

Tourists lose their jubilant exploratory appointments when they travel to New Zealand.

New Zealand has become swamped with immigrants and refugees, yet we have no personal security, some of them could be terrorists crossing our borderlines seldom visited.

Property developers are as thick and greedy as pigs. In Christchurch New Zealand an entire cul de sac of houses was demolished to make way for small social housing units.

Social housing don’t treat you right.

The overcrowding is more frustrating than a terrible and dangerous nuisance.

Queenstown has lost its hallowed contagious freshness through devastating suspicions of rerouted repercussions difficult to comprehend.

Confiscating and destroying reasonableness is clearly forbidden and hard to distinguish from small fluctuations of reason.

Nature’s ruins are throbbing with annual vacations if you are looking and listening. 

There’s very little room to move or capacitate yourself.

Large-scale plans of absurdity express hope and gratification and a permanently impaired reception of interrogation of nonsense.

Tourists initiate the remnants of lingering.

Great abusive frustration is catastrophic.

Immigrants have no feelings for our country. Connections and continuities are absent or generalized to maximum displacement before falling to bits.

Immigration has transfigured the divine boss: God.

New Zealand culture has long ago been destroyed, mainly due to the impact of immigration we have become endowed with.

Our current operations will create an absolutely immaculate world via the harmless ultra-filtration of ethnicities.

New Zealand is under siege due to immigration stretching our support networks. 

There is also panic that there is over 3000 New Zealanders who are disjoined from society and homeless. 

Many New Zealanders have no motivation to work anymore due to lack of cultural identity. There is a shortage of bus drivers, pharmacists, nurses, vets and many other employment avenues.

In New Zealand half of teachers don’t feel comfortable teaching in multi-ethnic class rooms.

Teachers deserve better than week in week out discrimination of killing education.

This is a scenario of life threatening confusion if you choose to clumsily admit it.

Attracting teachers to schools is a major issue unless they turn up in surgical pyjamas.

Profound education and practice is as dangerous as it sounds.

It is challenging and costly to bring a refugee into the country. They need to learn a new language and even basic things such as going to a doctor become an issue. When they visit a doctor they require not only a doctor but a translator and a social worker. They also often need paid transportation to the doctor. The system gets starved of maintenance and we all become unofficial refugees in our own country which demonstrates oppression for  anybody living in it.

Most New Zealanders are suffering from outmost marginalization something shocking like a big hollow they are forced into.

New Zealand has been swindled of its purity due to mass immigration going and going and going with more warnings still to come. 

Due to mass immigration government has implemented the mooring of homelessness not able to be retouched.

We embrace epistemology: this term means "ways of knowing". There are many different ways of knowing in the world. One can envisage a world without police.

Volunteer for social decay as you travel around the world dredged by hospitality.

Our main policy is to create a transformation of our drug laws in opposition to our current government’s laws which imitate other country's politics which we revolt against. Socialisation is a disease without the health maintenance of drugs.

One of our key policies is to make cannabis use legal. It is good for you if you are bent and buckled up with arthritis or ripped up by other inflammatory diseases which gnaw at your joints.

Without cannabis we are living in a meaningless idiotic prison.

Under present government rules the masterpiece of pleasure is decommissioned.

Our agenda is to end the war against drugs and the outpouring of crassness it creates. 

Clusters of associate health ministers destroy our well being, without the ability to be rectified.

As government tightened their grip on drug use, our musical and artistic culture endured a deprivation of rights. Modern music creates harmonics gone bung. 

Drug prohibition leads to inconceivable aesthetics.

Aestheticism should be given the right of way.

One of our policies is to create an inconspicuous cost of living. People will develop anorexia which is not a problem to face objectively through mediation frozen over.

Prozac and its successor SSRI drugs will be all be banned under our polices, probably owed by the fact that they can cause psychotic hysteria, without the excitation normally associated with hysteria.

Prozac and other SSRI’s can induce spontaneous faults such as crime and violent behaviour. People who have been imprisoned for these acts that have a history of taking these drugs will be given a retrial and possibly be permitted at any time to be transferred to a mental hospital.

Many men commit violent crime because they do not have a lady friend or wife looking after them. They are Virgin monsters everywhere if it sounds like you.

People with several objectives of seizure activity are murderers of ordinary situations.  

Walk away from medicines doctors prescribe you and take vastly illicit drugs instead with experimental results.

We aim to give doctors more powers in prescribing drugs such as benzodiazepines and amphetamines for people showing signs of severe depression, stress and anxiety associated with the decline of culture. 

So much for our previous Prime minister Jucinda Adern calling our country a team of 5 million. At Height of her ignorance she tried to make us believe that our country was united.    

In the last election a referendum was held on whether to legalize cannabis. 48.4% supported the legalisation proposal. 50.7% did not support it. New Zealand is a very divided country.

The sounds of unity are a gore saga.

In New Zealand 50% of marriages end up being uprooted. There is no system that binds them with rewards.

In the same referendum New Zealander's voted for euthanasia to be legalised. One of our aims is to create a dedicated euthanasia Committee. Dying is the perfect gift of intensity. Life is the bully, not death. Euthanasia will become a routine break of your lifeline whilst groping helplessly for it as a social experiment cradled by government.

Deathbeds are small crystals of anatomy.

Synthetic death is hard to plan for all concerned.

Euthanasia is recommended when you don’t have enough traction to pull yourself out of harm’s way, such as being in a marriage.

Life God invented is the only life you’ve got, it is a shame that euthanasia will remove you from the edge of your seat.

Traverse death true and faithful where reasoning is not true.

When we die it is only a little hurdle. You are wiped from the earth you once encountered.  

If it wasn’t for death life wouldn’t be a flourishing issue.

Just because the cranium needs a panel beater rather than a look out doesn’t mean you should die.

Methodological death is devoid of vibrations which propagate energy inexorably.

Envisage prevalence of the afterlife with pure class so it does not outlive retaliation of life.

Death is a thrill, you don’t deserve to be euthanized even if your life is colourful and exquisite ever so slightly.  

Survival is God’s problem not ours. We should not take life into our own hands.

Death is retrospective winding down.

Euthanasia is far from a full proof blitz on the human body as a quick once over.

If euthanasia were allowed God will be off-duty.

Euthanize ourselves now because doctors offer us endless extinguishment of pain relief.  

Death has incomprehensible distance from most medical problems, including dementia tangential to normal passing time intervals of life.  

You don’t want to lose neither life nor death. For some people euthanasia is an exalted purifying ironic execution.

Euthanasia is for us or anybody because we are closely spaced due to mass immigration.

Death is pretty easy because life has so many demands and obligations.

Dying is your own satisfaction, it is a saviour already to lament  over.

Government polices endorsing euthanasia are very oppressive, they restrict natural death even for natural gentlemen. 

When life becomes an inter-cultural abrasive trap euthanasia is recommended if you wish to.

Slow death makes a positive pioneering impact on life if necessary when no other forces are exerted.

Slow death is actually quite pleasant because you avoid tax issues.

Euthanasia is an escalating unfair unreliable departure from shrouded death. 

There’s satisfaction in bringing others on your journey.

Beyond realism there is a reality of only one example: humble death to be struck down by despondency.

Look for things wrong in life, don’t destroy it. You've got plenty of time to die.

Afterward, being euthanized it is a marginal issue whether you have ever lived at all.

Life and death are not bought into balance as we fall victim to death sentences of a single force.

For a person that has been euthanized it will be the worst possible funeral you will ever go to. It will be pretty pointless.

Euthanasia is pilot murder. It is a fake death.

All humans have a tonne of symptoms. Euthanasia is good for the bewitched economy on the receiving end.    

Drugs such as hooch enable you to entrust in life as a fix.

There’s a lot to lose when you reject death.  

Life is identical with death, which is small compared with the to-do-list of infinity.

Let life go on as it is supposed to, you do not need to be assigned to death and other accusations.

A collective appeal for life done through a cult which supports drug use provides escape speed from euthanasia.

Nobody has the right to take your life corresponding with whatever.

Other policies include:

To provide two-storied residences in each of our main centres which gothics and punks can inhabit free of charge. This imitates the now defunct McGillicardy serious party which operated in the late eighties and early nineties in New Zealand, supplying punks with places to live and musical accessories while the cities were becoming more gentrified and yuppified. The residences will be collectively called Gofrocem. 

We will recruit discarded individuals of society whom government struggles to unlock.

Other polices include:

Omit the excursion into artifical intelligence. It takes people all their time keeping up with their own intelligence, let alone artificial.

New technology barely accounts for the crisis of life.

Do not put any more investment into roading. Trains and buses are the safest good traffic conductors.

Raise the school leaving age to 17, when you’re old enough to see the world differently, when you can’t get away from it too soon. 

Children leave school because they are sick of the training stage of life.

Provide people in jail whom have difficulty sleeping good doses of the non-addictive sedative quetiapine. Two thirds of people in prison have some kind of mental disorder or drug addiction, they should not be treated as criminals. Quetiapine transforms prisons into a heavenly cell. It also calms the prisoner, making them less likely to be violent towards other inmates.

Most people in prison come from an endlessly appalling background, it is not their fault that they have terminated their modest freedom when they feel like it.    

Cancellation of daylight savings.

Scrapping the excessive tax on cigarettes.   

Cigarette nicotine helps the individual harness a positive, uplifting reform of consciousness, eliminating depression. But anything that is an uplifting pick-me-up is either banned or heavily taxed by government.

Lifelines are cast away as condensers of bliss.   

Vaping is an inaccurate waste of time compared to the aesthetic delights of fabulous tobacco smoking.

Tobacco carcinogens are not taken seriously, they are positivist slogans which do not retreat.

Cancel the bureaucratic position of the Minister of sports.

(We have zilch interest in commercial sports.) 

Mustering sports people is not the quintessence of life.

Ban all professional sports from New Zealand because they have a stranglehold on our culture.

We don’t want to reach to the other side of the world and its energetic games which are provided with no evidence.

Life is a sod of a game, we don’t need additional sports.  

The total mass of sports people are standing there waiting like lambs going to the slaughter. They are self-evident cattle if you want to go to that extreme.

Sport and marathons need filtered just like other heavy stresses on the heart and brain reduced by restorers of co-existence with handicapped people in formation.

Surfing is also not advocated. Beaches are damn near vandalized by humans.

Draft in journalists that don’t propagate sport as a healthy rivalry.

We would rather allow refugees into our country than support sports.

It will be illegal for homosexual couples to adopt children.

(Having one father or one mother is enough, let alone two.) 

Eliminate bucking gay people and anybody in alleged proximity.

Abolish accompanying figures of sexuality, make it even more potent.

Reinstatement of the Sabbath. Shops opening on Sundays will be highly controlled. No more work on Sundays so that people can spend time with their family.

It will not be a legal requirement to wear bike helmets while cycling. (mass immigration has made our city roads in New Zealand very busy, and government is to blame for this. They shouldn’t reprimand cyclists.)

Making it illegal for property developers to sub-divide sections.

Developers are turning large properties into tightly packed buildings whilst destroying trees in the meantime. Be very vigilant in ways that don't take you long to forget of property developers.        

Planting trees around New Zealand’s water ways.

Restore customarily native trees as decorative objects relatively unrestrained.

Encourage farmers to plant trees as shelter for their poor animals.   

GST on buying trees and plants in both urban and rural areas will be axed.

(Trees make poorer urban areas look more beautiful)    

We are not struck by the awe of humanity. Who would want to destroy major rainforests channelled through medieval times?

Workmen won’t need to wear hi-vis fluorescent vests anymore.

Fluorescent vests are a gay uniform.  

People doing labour intensive jobs such as in civil construction, those working in the roading and building sectors, will get a 10% pay rise.

Nightshift workers won't have to pay tax. 

(Nightshift reduces your lifespan slightly, thus early reimbursement is essential.) 

Pensioners receiving non-means tested funds will be encouraged to roll up their sleeves and do community work to further the beauty of our country.   

This will include growing trees around our rivers.  

Southern New Zealand is beautiful because school children can go into school camps bound by forest, rivers, hills and mountains without the possibility of being attacked by predatory animals, such as Auckland yuppies.