Everyone knows of a hip replacement or a knee replacement, but nobody has ever encountered a neck replacement.

Without a neck replacement you head becomes unmanageable.

Your legs are not in a good position if they are used to hold up your head. 

A neck replacement is carried out to assess the mess of the brain, but there is no priority for this, it may even enhance your reputation.

The trouble with the neck is that it is too long, it should be attached to the pelvis.

Neck replacement is a repulsive force which ricochets vertical forces.

Block the neck as it rises from the spine.

Replace the neck and all of the body which overlaps it.

Sudden and slight advancements of rotation of the mouth cavity are leftovers of assumed control.

Turn the neck this way and that way for good measure.

Take a detour from the shoulder to the head with retrospective curiosity.

During a neck transplant the head is not attached to anything.

This is a site of dismissal of how politicians and media representatives ramble on and communicate with the public (they need a Neck Replacement).

Neck replacement creates an exit from most political affairs.

Politicians have chartered voices which won’t retreat to fetch a message from.

It is processed yapping irrespective of context.

Search for ways of speech right through where your head is.

The neck sits on the shoulders absolutely terribly. Don't look up there, you'll probably find something.  

People get something out of their spine arrangement as a daily routine which frightens us.

The neck is a stereotypical extension of the spine which will never be straightened out.