Wild Retention is all about retaining one’s wildness while transitioning from school life into the big wide world.

Delay keeping your composure in check for aesthetic reasons.

Government treats us as disposable juveniles.

Incredulous disobedience does not diminish.

The central nervous system can be twisted for unsuspecting victims characterized by depression trapped in the body and only drugs can cure this compelling scientific test done on us.

After leaving school work takes over on an immense scale straightaway.  

What’s life supposed to be even though it is all over the place?

Know all of the moves of how to rebel rather than being ridiculed.

Dumb customs is where we’re heading.

Government is a drag because it prohibits enjoyment after work due to their drug regulations.

Government glorifies persecution.

Inspiration and memories are shrouded by a state of shock.

What’s the point of having an independent character if it is a forgone conclusion?  

You cannot take a class to witness a crucifixion as the platform of death, if such a force exists.

Lacerate the system and its annoyance which denounces naked intrigue.