This site is all about cats, in particular what it takes to make them purr.

A cat purring signifies contentment and relief and an affinity to Nirvana. 

Cats eat mice, not packaged foods from the supermarket.

Mice infested areas are sematic.

Cats only purr in human company, finishing off all disputes with life, needing nobody else to relate to. 

Hearing them purr beside people means they are well acclimatized to the human environment.

Taking care of thyself is a residual priority. Creating unification with your cat is top priority.

A society boycotting the presence of mice is the worst thing to do for your cat. It is the only food they enjoy to the fullest. They are also the precursors of play. 

This is why cats eat grass. Because processed food from the supermarket have no enzymes. Tinned, canned cooked food and biscuits and sachets do nothing for a cat's metabolism.



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