Food stimulants is the flipside of drug stimulants.

This site purports food stimulants to counteract or substitute the act of taking drugs.

Drugs are more adventurous than food. 

This is not the dawning of stuffing food into your mouth.

Anorexia is not a fool's dinner.

We do not have an emotional distance from anorexia which is our most recent fascination. 

The gut is a temporary bacteriological replacement of access to time.

There was a study on beer consumption in 2022. It found that drinking 2 pints of beer per day helps reduce your chances of getting dementia. Being impartial to beer has its benefits. It reduces the chance of dementia by inhibiting liver stagnancy, the key factor in many mental health issues. 

We advocate drugs to be used for aesthetic purposes as well as to be prescribed by doctors for those who suffer from depression or anxiety. But these drugs can be dangerous if you do not take particular health precautions. This website is a risk assessment of the drugs we advocate.

Opioids such as morphine can make the digestive tract less operable, but there are ways around this: taking food and beverage stimulants.

Taking such stimulants may negate the need to take sedative drugs in the first place.

Doctors often allude to negative aspects of drugs on the individual and omit giving us information about how much drugs have in creating success stories in people's lives.

One caution to take from a recent case study is that somebody gave up alcoholism and turned to opioids instead. He was dead within a week. You need to detoxify from alcohol for a brief period of time before taking addictive opioid drugs because your liver may be damaged.

The liver and brain is the main victim of drugs and alcohol. The liver carries out its maintenance on itself at 2 o'clock in the morning when the mind is in deep R.E.M sleep. Getting a good night sleep has great usage if you want your liver to work well.

Having a night cap of whisky also benefits sleep. Out of all the spirits, whisky is the only one that lowers rather than raises the metabolic rate.  

Whisky is better than cocaine swarming the body because cocaine increases your heart preferential palpitations.

Whisky is quite a nice cap to end the day. And it is something we can do ourselves; we don’t need permission to engage in it from the government.

Loose leaf organic hibiscus tea taken in high strength will aid the liver in recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction. Rosehip buds and tart cherry juice have a similar action. They purge and detoxify the liver of drug and alcohol use. They are available from health food stores.

Hibiscus tea is a deep rich red colour and one of the richest sources of vitamin C. Loose leaf is recommended over tea ground into powder and put in tea bags because doing this oxidises the tea.

Sour drinks such as sour red wine and hibiscus, when taken regularly, also give you intense dreams and a good night's sleep.  

Hibiscus tea is a replacement for red wine. It tastes similar but is much more sour.

Hibiscus tea is a strong sedative, it has a calming effect and is a coolant. But the sedative effect doesn't work instantly like drugs do. The effect accumulates over the time.

Hibiscus lowers blood pressure. Those with low blood pressure should only take one cup per day maximum. On the same token, it is recommended for those that have high blood pressure.  

Hibiscus and rosehip teas are thirst quenching. You can take two strong cups of hibiscus or rosehip tea in the morning and not need any more liquids for a long time after. If you take a strong enough brew you will never have to drink water again. Hibiscus is an anti-ager, it stops your hair from turning grey and you remain more youthful overall. And hibiscus, just like alcohol, is also an appetite suppressant. 

A combination of chamomile and passionflower tea taken in strong doses also has sedative effects and benefits a good night’s sleep. These are commonly avaiable in a range of 'sleep' teas.   

Adhere to the law of extremes. If you take to much of a thirst quenching and purgative tea it will inevitably have an opposite effect in the long term and make you dehydrated. But after taking it for a while you reach an equilibrium where you don't feel dehydrated any more. Your body adjusts. 

Magnesium also helps with getting a relaxing, soothing sleep. For maximum absorption, the best magnesium supplements to take are in those in different forms: magnesium citrate, magnesium orotate, magnesium amino acid chelate and Magnesium Aspartate. Taking co-factors alongside them, in particular, selenium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D3 also helps with absorption. A good magnesium brand will provide all of these in one pill. Magnesium also cures cramp for those with sedentary lifestyles.

Alcohol is a remedy for liver stagnancy. Liver stagnancy is a probable cause of the most virulent form of psychosis and depression. Hibiscus tea, being an elixir, can also help cure these conditions. 

Hibiscus and rosehip is far superior to taking caffeine-rich green tea to detoxify because it doesn’t interrupt with your sleep.

The only use for green tea which has not been decaffeinated is that it shrinks cancer tumours.

Green tea combined with black tea can be fermented into a drink known as Kombucha tea. This drink does not interrupt sleep. Directions on how to brew this tea can be found on the internet.

The side effect of some opioids inhibit the digestive process of peristalsis. Peristalsis occurs when the digestive tract becomes partially immobilized.

Peristalsis is the wavelike contractions in the wall of an organ such as the stomach.

But a liquid food based diet will offset this. Hibiscus tea is a major component of a liquid food diet. It nourishes the blood and interior tissues, creating a feeling of sedation and bliss.

The intestines are not a moment of truth anyway.

The less you eat over time the more the stomach shrinks. This also can offset the shortfall of peristalsis.

When people have a nervous breakdown, a psychotic episode or a panic attack, most doctors will not prescribe you with opioids, simply because they can cause inhibition of peristalsis. But with these key measures put in place these side effects can be mitigated.

Ketamine is being studied for use as a prescription drug because it has an effect similar to opioids but without the side effect of inhibiting peristalsis.

Methadone is prescribed for drug addicts because it rarely affects peristalsis.

Strongly steeped hibiscus and rose hip tea also have a purgative effect which is complementary to peristalsis.

The astringency of hibiscus tea may cause a short period of indigestion after taking it. If this becomes a problem use rose hip tea instead. 

Most fit and healthy people won't have to go these extreme measures to avoid any temporary stalling of peristalsis. The poor will be the most affected because of the cost of products such as hibiscus.

An enzyme rich diet can offset the use of drugs and alcohol. Things such as kombucha tea and kefir are rich in enzymes. 

These are tips every doctor should give to their patients with an alcohol or drug addiction.