Police have us marooned in monotony, so we have nothing to lose but our knees which have become a coup for our anatomy.

Most people who go to jail are good people unequalled, they have just been influenced by the wrong crowd who have their own intrinsic merits.

Crimes could be something someone else should be doing, adding greater glory to imaginative experiments for convenience of those with progressive artistic tendencies.

Crime works beautifully for those with frozen flair immediately established as a social compass.

Deserters are forced to retreat before their lifestyles are stranded by makeshift ice conditions

Police provide an annoying consummation of lament as a popular pastime more than what they should of without refraint or confession of polemics. 

Harness alternating forms of culture which authorities cannot evaluate dramatically.

Prison visits are crying exchanges whatever consequences have lead them astray.

We offer reprieve from proper places such as prisons and other things derived from your occupation which requires frenetic reworking of optimism which is not rapid or world-wide but surrealist . 

Nobody knows what’s going on in the background of your mind if you are on the verge of imprisonment.

Allaying a magical spell drug arrests are abruptly gross because drug use is a victimless crime among other marginal activities.

Don’t let them take over what you’ve got and become subordinates to the system.

Everything henceforth is passive until police intervene.

Under Oytcho Visha surveillance challenges curl up and become spoiled.

Doom can be overlooked if it has formality.