Buttocks port is an unconventional expedition into the bum with evidence of alien intervention and other panic attacks.

Buttocks are a good bit of the body superimposed only by the groin.

Smooth surfaces completely work howlers bowlers.   

Under a cult your bum will be soft until the end of time.

There’s nothing at the back of you worthy of interest except for your buttocks.

Buttocks are good things but they can control your life if you’re not careful.

A big cuddle and kiss provides no aid unless it involves the repatriated buttocks.  

Having a buttocks port is better than having sonic nipples densely settled.

Views of the buttocks are too rare because there will be an overriding issue of political correctness which leaves us marooned in our long prison sentence of supplied anatomy.    

We don’t have the rectal mission of mind control.

Explore extremities of life you are not invited to attend unless you have the ability to squeeze another’s buttocks generously grappling for desolate nudity.

Your pants are down more than they are up.

Step aside from those satisfied with life without revealing their heterogeneous buttocks.

Everything just above the bum is our embarrassing enemy.

You can never go down too far.

You do not know whether you are wearing anything or not due to penetration.  

Threesomes are heeded if there are deficiencies in administration of institutions such as marriage.

Demise of perspective of nudity isn't worth contemplating if you scrounge for compliance with government instructions.

Unleash your buttocks and give it a sense of life in proximity to a tactical surprise muffling political correctness with outright sabotage.