Psychotic dolls have a rough assembly of focus not supported by considerable tracts of observations and experiments. 

Psychotic dolls have an unfair advantage over human life because they have wide avenues of evenly distributed evolutionary selection. 

There’s very little room for error connecting minds and people.

People are stupid because they recognize life.

Psychotic dolls do not have a snug fit with information and other geek phenomena.

The law is remote for psychotic dolls who have an immense capacity to be misjudged.

Higher rates of coolness are mandatory if you are a puppet figure.  

They are upright hovering loose people on the road to insurrection by murmuring in the droves.

Psychotic dolls are frightened by the complacency of voluntary attempts at predictions.

Do not trust noticeable outward factors of life, treat them scornfully and don't let them reappear as an emotional conflict.

Use drugs instead to discover the cause and evaluation of your frequently elevated disorientation.

Life is a specialized emotional burden, even for those with dominant personalities.

Hesitate when people provide more adaptive rational ways of thinking because they don’t bring relief or great comfort.

There’s plenty of time for doctors to take out pieces of your brain when you have a lobotomy.

Lobotomies are crucial to success in life, especially if you are a tourist.  

Being cast from life is a given thing, you don’t need good judgement.

Do not witness numb gossip because it is debilitating to your neurotransmitters shuffled around.

Have you ever tried to make your life entirely woven like a puppet unheard of?