Your Head Thing is a site for head bangers, the beholders of death. It is an alternative musical fan site.

Mainstream music is double-edged cruelty.

Listening to death metal music you are unacknowledged as being alive.

You are so gelled with death that you are no longer decorated as being alive.

Steamroll living life to the full comically.

Plunge into instigated death rather than dying of natural causes.

Life infringes on us like an ambush.

Death metal music is a simple and modified way of staying alive.

Weird brains are not barren waste.

Thinking is an annoying ritual.

By head banging you act like a puppet, doing things which are neither reliable nor relevant.

Head banging is more important than dancing because even tetraplegics can participate in it.

Destroy everything conservative completely specified.

Repel remaining humble because there are other forces present.

Beautiful songs are forbidden irrespective of their habit of obeying vibration submitted for approval of being practically nonexistent.

Facetious discovery of the contemporary scene is a common point protruding from collisions of dissatisfaction between people.

When head banging you cannot actually see history and culture and other resources necessary for life.  

Life is an ugly event to indulge in.

Songs are no longer in question if they originate from your purely subjective personal presence of ordained existence.

Your Head Thing is nothing about your head; it is non-linear idealism.

Release yourself from beautiful songs. 

Your head is just ready to spin.

You'll get a surprise just what comes out of your head.

Don’t let your muscles waste away solemnly.

Where terror began we just not know, but it originates from morality and law.

Your Head Thing is everlasting respite from the successive wave front of conventionality and other cosmological theories.

Deformity brings no grief, except if you live in a human society.

Wait a moment to maul the rest of your body because it may provide a brilliant insight.

Your Head Thing is about surpassing the recess of modern music.

Head banging smears the ceiling of the brain if the ceiling makes an appearance.

Your Head thing is set up to counteract the contemporary decay of modern music. 

Regular mainstream calculated music is a proactive annoyance, yet head banger music is rarely encountered.

Your Head Thing has total resistance to pop music and its accurate observations which are distant from our bodies.

Move on if you bump your head against the wall while potraying your irreconcilable differences with life so you don't fall in line with people that treat everyone identically.

Heavy metal enables you to exploit a number of modified avenues of the mind which are not market driven.

Heavy metal, death metal and punk music purge the soul stubbornly.

Really good thoughts don’t come out of head if you are a head banger.  

Head banging is listening to loud music not in parallel with any inevitable better place except the realm of the Holy Ghost.

Get upset in a groovy way instead of sitting on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself. That would be horrible if it happened to you.

Churn out grimace with suspiciousness.

Listening to death metal the body becomes an ever practical corpse which simply swirls.

Being alienated, alone or a recluse your head has a strong impression of invisibility, which is a comfortable assignment.

Your head thing is an unfamiliar place now lost but was once instrumental in the plan and escape of optimal absorption of thoughts and ideas to bear witness to.  

Perhaps that is the time for the longest suspension of thought at the very least surely.

The head rotates willy nilly when you are surrounded by strangers whose communication with you proves baseless.

Head banging is the ideal spot to catapult yourself from any monotonous indication of purpose, whatever morals you are frightened of.

Happening harmonic forces are a revolutionary reversal of cause and effect.

Serious health issues are a debacle compared to crisis-ridden death.

Giving up your existence at a doctrinal level would be cheating.

There’s a lot to see at the end of the world.

But death metal is based on the dark ages, not modern life. Fanatical mediaeval exquisiteness does not give you a murmer of lethargy.

Never become stripped of decoys to modern life.

The thrill of gazing into the void with an astonishing advocation of poltical degradation. 

There are possibly some thoughts in your head that are conventional, but this cannot be verified unless lobotomies are legitimized.

Activating a heave of death check for possible sabotage attempts on life for the converted.

Life is a random delight raising more objections to the unregistered afterlife.

Arrangement of life is the least of our worries. 

Most of all, death metal relieves you of your premature servant rut to society.