Oytcho-Visha is turning into a New Zealend based political party disguised as art. The crux of our policies are on our homepage.  

Our party has sustainable artistic motives and ditches conventional politics.

Our agenda is real, stupid, funny and horrifying.

It is imported from jives incorporated within the universe as a whole.

To become a member of our political party you will be required to make a small donation. 

Please email us your name and address after you have made the donation and we will register you as a party member. To make a donation go to the bottom of this page. 

Even though you cannot vote if you are overseas, international donations are also welcomed. 

The party is situated in New Zealand, but because of its global elements anybody in the world can support out cause.

People that make donations aren't merely making a donation. They are shareholders in the enterprise. Shares are directly attributed to the amount of money you donate.

The policies of other political parties in New Zealand have nothing to get excited about; we all experience grief by them all. That is why we have created our own political party: because other New Zealand political parties have an instinct for notorious annoyance.

All around the show in New Zealand, nobody is joined in collaboration. Everybody just goes round in circles. We aim to oversee the unification of New Zealanders. 

Anything for a contribution is all you need to do. 

Your loyalty is much appreciated.

Please consider supporting our efforts.