Cyber Genesis is an attempt to integrate modern cyber space with ancient Christian biblical ideology.

Halleluiah for digital delights.  

Impressions of God are quite admissable as being impenetrable.

This will allow you to tread with angels far too great for this world.

Cyber Genesis is an alternative to the agnostic way of life, of which none of us are actual observers.

In the modern world we are overwhelmed from the trauma of fragmentation. We want to reunite the world in Christianity in an inversion of hell in a uniform manner.

We constantly ramp up divisions in our religious identity, with sufficient justification to debunk other religions.

Our religion does not reflect realism, nor does it dissipate rationality, so it does not require supervision. 

The purposeful texture of the human body belongs to somebody else: The Holy Ghost.     

In the New King James version of the bible it states:

“Genesis is a Greek word meaning “origin”, “source”, “generation” or “beginning”.     

“Genesis gives the beginning of almost everything, including the beginning of the universe, life, man, Sabbath, death, marriage, sin, redemption, family, cities, art, language and sacrifice.'

This ratifies specific promises of God to create prophesies in cyberspace . 

 It is for hard-core Christians where religious zealousness is seen in people and in events which will never be delegated to agnostic bigotry.    

We are not a domain where we express all of our feelings. We allow religious applications to do this.

This site is still under construction, but ultimately it will provide soothing quotes from the bible.