Upside Down Observations

Our endeavour could be the seminal harbinger to see people in New Zealand and around the world become interested in politics again in a grand intriguing occultist manner for our own gratification to take advantage of. 

Why create another religion, when a cult will suffice?

Without a cult vocal gestures are mere formalities.

Without a cult or religion the permanence of the soul and its constituents will vanish without any biological indicator.

Only a cult can create unbounded integrity made to measure to full capacity without the need of self-realisation of human development.

We are a remarkable example of having a preoccupation with madness exuding from people on drugs without taking into account our influence on the principal refinements of our degenerative environment.

We operate proportionate to occurrences or events affording shelter from government fascism, subsequently we become withdrawn from all government matters. If you appear as the principal guest of conspiracies, the banishment of senior bureaucratic leaders is a technical possibility with no further difficulty if you maintain a safe distance from governments.

Mass culture has no strategic qualities of the highest calibre because there is non-interference by conspirators remapping the world with spontaneity and austerity. 

As conspirators we house retrospective confidential meetings with the critical poise of metabolic reactions entirely and unequivocally under the influence of drugs celebrating our glorious past.

Oytcho Visha is for those that have granted themselves a tactical resistance to revelations summoned by self-preservation.

Our approach towards politics is through creating a ruthless accrual of aura reduplicated as a special privilege from exclaimed mythology devoid of diffuse conservative elements required by society.

Modern life is a debacle causing enormous harm. The absence of morale has deteriorated our mental roles in life significantly in a way you are taught to believe.

Governments contribute to an administration of fascism which we no longer notice, with military assistance we have a gripe against, and they advance political degradation in an swerving way, proliferating only through a small degree of maturation which has no fundamental motivation for an impression of belonging.

New Zealand government cultivates the traditional venue for fascism as a strategically erroneous social system, which can easily be overridden by a cult which has a religious dimension with exceptional opportunities and ordeals.

Governments are supposed to facilitate the ease of our struggles, but all they do is leave us going nowhere without any reasoning of tremendous political importance we can remain loyal to.

They have multiple ways of teasing us so as to make us believe our lives are good, but in reality we live in a hole, leaving our lifestyles deliberately dislocated by inertia so that we cannot participate in political parades.

We vouch that modern culture is not a delight and we take an interventionist approach on this.

Most of our agenda is disguised as aesthetic strategies which are constructed so as to emphasize the mutation of pedagogy, creating a counter-blow to people with the exclusive possession of governmental portfolios.

Our enterprise has sustainable artistic motives and ditches the material and methods of conventional politics.

Do away with the primary functions of governments totally because we have a hyper-sensitivity towards them.

Government delivers the dregs of life to us. They render all manner of drugs that help our minds enter unchartered areas illicit, allowing governments to probe more deeply into our domestic affairs. There is much evidence of this contamination of our private needs.

Because of health officials, we live in a big black void, where all pathways radiating to the eyes vanish in all directions when exposed to forms of light which are not nostalgic. 

The irregular gaze of the eyes is considered unconsciously socially inappropriate even if the eyes are functioning well with response blocking intrigue.

Human welfare maximisation has been created by recent experiments; we are a long way from having it perfected because government is our tormentor. 

Human welfare maximization comes in one hand and out the other unless you take potent sedatives without any seconded approach.