Lavish Mutations

We create a lavish mutation of normal lifestyles, creating a lush readaption of modern culture, adjusting its regimes, and having no neuronal connections to them in the established base of our brain's invisible administrative work: work derived from conflicting evidence that culture even exists, even for the autistic and others with enlivening capacities.

Lavishness is the target of our acquaintance with grossly violated familiarization with ourselves.

Nationwide inspiration is not considered normal behaviour unless the fabric of abnormality confounds us with marked impairment.

Processes of disapproval carried out by cultural experimenters create a reputation for having an active participation in unquestionable affiliation with those that have neuroses in their neurotransmitters not adopted from international cooperation.   

We are Donald Trump supporters. His new slogan is “Save America”. Before he became president, Trump once stated that the 'War on drugs' was a joke.

Joe Biden has a villainous lack of charisma as he embraces the new order. He creates orderliness in contrast to any psychodynamic model. His brain function is suspicious activity because it is only partially developed in the course of the creation of prolonged metabolic waste products. Through conformity and submission he launches an extension of betrayal to American people due to lack of validation of camaraderie which the subject does not respond to.   

The difference between Oytcho Visha and other political regimes is that in most cases we are not sympathetic with neither our own government nor international leaders serving other countries, concluding our statistical fate at different rates absent among adults.

We are a guaranteed escort into the breaking off of negotiations with other countries by throwing tantrums as a political necessity.

We have a hatred of co-operating with other countries, because it makes us derelict.

We have an uneasiness with the doctrines administered by the world's various foreign governments and their critical discourses they emphasize which we are now withdrawn from because they victimize us in easily detectable ways. 

Be the first to walk away from New Zealand government and engage in more exploratory activity with no classifications of conduct in regards to any observer remarks politicians are inclined to say.

Oytcho Visha is a terrific immersion into the underworld immediately transmitted to deserters prominently and intimately in a joint resistance against mass culture.

We confess to override plausible explanations of reality. 

We create diversions to reality which are a huge outbreak of denial.

How we digress from mass culture is by slowing down time, courtesy of a temporary negation of stealth extracted from our immediate future.

Hesitation is the active constituent of procrastination. We invite hesitation because it is a step towards  the highest degree of mass terror left too late.

We operate along the same lines as the unique bewilderment and tensions of the cultural cold war. 

Recruiting those not ready for war is a wasteful infrastructure project and puts the individual at risk of stagnancy of their distinct personalities as a predicted outcome due to lack of psychotic features of comradery.

This is our complete command we have an affinity to. This concludes our revolution prompted without comparison to the main avenues of life.

Our revolution is not directly concerned with disturbing moral codes we are subjected to in a languishing way.

Being detachable from mass culture has great value because there are no degradations of excitability that disallow us to communicate with our fellows, who would otherwise become just another disagreeable memory.  

Our fanfare, media events and so forth see egos go into prominent latency to create a utopia observed by not being interlinked with other countries that require fumigation of established conventions.

Mass culture falters in its duty to help us communicate amongst one another and we retreat from it because of the obscene disservice it creates intervening upon our existence from each and every standpoint correlated with failure.    

Internationalisation infringes on the intrinsic properties of our lives; we will quickly smash foreign political influences so that we are practically indissociable with them and their calculated policies.

Expressions of life are disillusioning if you have doubts about the uncommon practice of vibrant futures and other serious problems.

There’s nowhere to hide from the physical and social environments of humanity which are endowed with physiological properties unless you join a cult realm impermeable to mass culture.

There’s nowhere to hide from the physical and social environments of humanity which are endowed with denaturalized properties unless you take an excursion into the underworld which does not have alleged vigourous cerebral activity directly controlling movement.

Oytcho Visha is a neurotic administration facing unforeseen difficulties which can’t be compensated for unless we create bewildering conspiracies which act as the spearhead of our operations.

Noisy sectors of culture have no people with neuroses induced by models of abnormality predicting a psychosomatic disorder directed at the human race.

We are partitioned from the sudden formalities of mass culture, which are not a splendid reflector of the common task of personable activated pathways that occur whenever you venture out into public.

This is illustrated to us as part of the criteria of our agenda, which we proceed to demonstrate as if it was our military right to do so; a right which has disappeared in our country due to the lack of acute mechanisms of total commitment in social spheres such as Facebook.

We have a constant preoccupation with war at the expense of inert matter having propriety over us.

Henceforth our enterprise has been created through allusive grievances we are now no longer bothered by because we just take it all in our stride.  

We gain our traction through the segregation from anything endowed by any assessment of light.

New Zealand politics is mundane yet convenient for managing chronic tantrums without a comparison group.

With New Zealand government, distraction comes in monotones so that we are hardly aware of what is going on, which does not lead to an exclaimed existence or an atmosphere worthy of enquiry of essence.

Everybody proportioning blame to the government is a member of our mission of national signification. 

As mentioned in our key policies section on our website we aim to change the name of the New Zealand parliament building. It will be called Goshuntunk.

Methods employed from mass culture have gone badly in all events because we are living under non-essential police surveillance where Mickey Mouse is presumably in charge.

The assortment of police presence is an unbridled derby organized and channelled as a digression of our rights.

Police intelligence and well-qualified experts on law are cranky in their immediacy.

Police keep us under constant observation in an adverse displacement of our liberty. New Zealand police are very patronizing because they think they are supported by a common belief with the people, but where every trace of consciousness disappears as an abstract ritual of noncompliance.

We want to cease the great expenditure of energy required for a police state to operate in reticular formation. Only an Empire can do this.

Police swarm our cities in a cascade of blue to capture us without any reprisal. 

Not having police in your life, you develop a critical level of excitability. 

In an historical comparison with fascism, the police regulate with simultaneous control mechanisms which only a small section of the population resume their awareness of, or are prepared to go to war over.

In obstinate defence, we have the properties and actions of a beautiful renegade system to boot, which you are invited to join when other measures to join a group or cult prove impractical.

As long as you are exposed to the outside world like you were meant to be, life will always emerge as a conspiracy, but governments don't declare this in a glorious way.

To become a purist's political realm we deconstruct anything which is an accessory to foreign influences.

Much of our enterprise is about deconstructing 'foreign influences'. 

New Zealand government conveys to its citizens in all manner and conditions of life a confessed trance as a visible symbol of biological models of nihilism: Nihilism which people are at a greater risk to if they are capable of the debilitating inhibitions of straight and direct compassion undermining the complete and utter freedom of mania.

This creates deactivations of numerous exchanges of conspiracies which would otherwise give evidence of a spectacle parodying mysterious disorders such as emotional insecurities devoid of psychological development at different rates of grandiosity.

The aesthetic difference between us and political parties is that we imbue our nation’s affairs with artistic and comical themes, which will leave government stripped of its crucial power and vigour as a result.

We combine the performance arts with an active mass of politics as feasible as possible, considering our treatment accorded to us by government is a considerable risk as we become more conspicuous while retaining our undefined territory of solemnity for actual people, which is comparatively rare.

Surreal comical jest is created by Oytcho Visha which cannot be duplicated systematically or prevent convergent conspiracies which do not recede into a fellowship. 

Movements of resistance are representational of the attempt to destabilise and then topple, overthrow governmental authorities, taking exclusive possession of power which applies to nothing, apart from the convergence of artistic movements for the patriotic majority. 

As part of our comical focus, we are derogatory of government, which we are insensitive to because we identify it as a disease. This will bring reliable guaranteed fun, facilitating effects in the region of the brain stem through to the cerebral cortex which anatomists have yet to do discover.

We do not have a necessity to abide by government rules because it will bring us into convalescence as far as the conduct of behaviour is concerned. This is a real shame unless you are not willing to demonstrate that the human species has compulsive rituals where our central nervous system overrides interpersonal relationships administered individually.

Our enterprise is not just isolated to New Zealand. It is the new guard of global politics set up to nullify the continuance of mass culture encountered in most countries of the world which we have a necessity for annihilating because of its parasitism. 

Mass culture is an unattractive regime of lived experience not idealised because we are afraid of it.

Thinking about things doesn’t make sense for the good of the country.

Highly anticipated valid confessions that we are part of reality go astray.

Oytcho Visha is not a domestic come together. It has international ambitions as our ultimate aim.

We will easily deliver a berserk global phenomenon with qualified success beyond empirical laws substantially reproduced by modern media and other traumatic experiences.

We are aiming to become locked into a global phenomenon devoid of conservative elements we fight against with dramatic, musical and artistic entities.

Reality: the meaning and origin of it, we cannot tolerate that sort of stuff, because it requires too much tutoring which we will not surrender to, and because it is not instigated by a furore.

Likewise, self-tutoring remains a marginal, insignificant practice which has little plausibility as an atmospheric starting point for educating yourself. 

We will deliver a stupendous counter-proposal to reality to rehabilitate the victims of realism intercepted by conspiracies of diverse interest.

We have created the enterprise on the premise that mass culture will deliver severe irreversible perpetual damage to mankind's zone of knowledge mechanisms.

General logic is terminated for the general population as we contest circumstances surrounding domestic spaces concealed by unintelligible plots from the abolished margins of society as a confirmed sacrifice.