Introduction: What is Oytcho Visha?

Oytcho Visha is a united underground nationalistic liberation committee with the intent of eclipsing modern mass culture, followed through by a negative response to mainstream conventional politics.  

Not easily exposed to mass culture we ourselves are classified as a sudden and unexpected global power, thoroughly compatible with the expulsion of universal rules we are not in the position to establish.

We provide heightened appeasement to counteract the demands put on modern civilians, at the same time as working furtively to erase mass culture, which modern cities have abused for years.

Our enterprise has been created for those who think that life unravels as a scary demented farce.

We rebel against special authorities with broad powers invading our minds.

Oytcho Visha is where opportunities are given traction for those that live the most discontented and rebellious lifestyles ever released.

We import jives incorporated from the improper use of the universe as a whole.

As conspirators we strategically demolish otherwise genuine schemes which leave us deep in thought, engaging instead in the science and exploration of paranoia.

Hordes of conspiracies have irreversible exceptional powers when a clear manifestation of the panorama of life declines.  

Oytcho Visha has been created for those who can't resist dark forces and sentiments.

Our destiny is completely dark. We proceed to deliberately withdraw or detach ourselves from anything which victoriously enlightens.

Enlightened and perceptible qualities of culture which are the predecessors of thought bring death to civilization.

We are isolated from heat and light, which are the exploiters of humankind.

Those petrified of decadent dark nights should not engage in our way of life.

To avoid being the slave of bright light requires intensive propaganda rather than simple ideas and impulses you are accused of.

We maximise objections to many political matters which others decline to recognise because they are an assemblage of correction mechanisms designed to oppress us.

The current system of course is destructible because it is anaemic for a large amount of people. 

Among other activities, appropriate input into politics is carried out whether through imagery, memory or a treatise.

As a cult realm, we propel our own terminology and designate our own grandeur.

Mainstream wisdom is a tumour on the brain with an exhaustive inventory.

There are many merciless ways of being oppressed without delay in today's world which cannot be overruled by formalities unless you endeavour to create conspiracies which are secret mode of transmission incompatible with life.

We are commissars of the cultural cold war which has occurred over the past half century.

We offer a gateway to disorder and incoherence which arises in conjunction with the remnants of the powers and capacities of European culture which no social service can repair.

Thence arisen is the next cultural cold war as our artistic privilege without vulnerability to democracy or other investigative strategies into culture. 

We don't know what the world needs now, but enchanting methods for devouring the New World Order certainly would suffice. 

From the initial impression one would assume we are going through a cultural apocalypse of such a kind that its spreading influence is utterly uncompromising, yet modern governments allow this to circulate as a doctrine. 

Much of our site is designed upon the consuming power of rhetoric and all of its aspects, applications and pitfalls.

The core of our enterprise is to provide a positive application of assistance for those having a stratum of psychotic reactions to the outstanding discoveries of modern life we wish to vacate from.

We endorse drugs of varied chemical nature for those whose cognitive faculties are orientated exclusively towards a state of deprivation and neglect, coupled by alienation, which are not always easily revealed.

We aim to create favourable anticipations to downplay this condition we are subordinated by because we have too few functioning sensory fibres not altered by precious and respectable drugs.

This is our compensation for a relapse into the suspension of all activity other than scepticism of anything peripheral to our enterprise.

Humanity is not a spectrum; it is a vault which oppresses us in order to preserve latent industries.

Modern culture has inaccessibility for occultists and creates invariably observed failure by a conservative estimate.

As a consequence of this, we are not vigilant about the maintenance of life.

We represent the annihilation of all your sensibilities you pay sufficient attention to.

This is especially crucial if life treats you as an empirical object in your structural disposition you attempt to perceive.

Deny conjectures of the mind as an inexplicable synthesis of conditions.

In here everybody’s under the impression that we are being hunted down by the medium of life, which is not an adequate medium to defeat us because numerous variants exist as an alternative.

We freeze pure speculation because it is capable of waking us out of our stupor in different parts of the body for a prolonged time from the passage of the postulated existence of our brain membranes.

This is done through regulation of behaviour in relation to principles relating to infinite divisibility between the individual and their external environment.  

This is if you take the right drug to alter the pre-existing structures of the mind which you are not supposed to do under government control; control which is clinically apparent on a universal scale, yet where mutations appear.

Our vintage manner of execution will work to our favour in creating variants to modern culture, which is no longer a versatile system and is capable of creating only degenerative phenomena in regards to links with the outside world. 

We ridicule the basis of reincarnation because we are poorly adjusted to the celebration of the physiological conditions of life which require redemption.

We are a flabbergasting faction, given a wider formulation of what being flabbergasted comparatively means, in whatever primordial mode of existence you have acquired.

This is an enterprise for those that have an innate fear of wide open spaces globally engineered often without warning.

We are emboldened by the avant-garde Eurocentric and Slavic cultures, specifically to destroy fundamental biochemical reactions to modern mass culture.

Any variation of European and Slavic culture needs demolished so we don't have to experience consciousness of it. 

European culture is being diminished in a manifold of areas and will inevitably crumble in the totality of things unless it is protected by oppositionists to mass culture.

Our agenda manifests in part as the science of the human body and how it works. We usurp several medical themes: themes which people might find either beneficial or pathological upon observation.

Contrary to modern science, we take a blurred, vague approach to the anatomical and physiological features of the human body, making it near impenetrable to any outside spheres of influence.

Silently through surplus demonstrations we show we lack efficiency of any particular muscle group of the populous not mobilizable by drugs.

An invasion of rampant, demented excitement is how the human body works. Every other physiological aspect affecting the body is hurled into oblivion because it is seen as an enemy of the people.

We accuse people of having compartments of the body as an iconic channel of life based on their unidentifiable intestinal plasma ending in tragedy.

We are a cult which can’t really be measured by any technique with favourable results. This is because we have a constant preoccupation with bundles of neuronal discharges fostering destruction, which authorities cannot intercept beforehand. This is an honour; it is a privilege which cannot be screened by authorities in an affective or emotional way. 

Techniques of extraction of forms of depression clumped together in the brain require the perimeter of our drug laws to be slackened.  

Fossicking for a culture to believe in is not a good aspiration unless you have no name, description or identity you can recall from memory.

We are the cultural medium of canonical distraction. The formation of metabolism is absent in our reservoir of fantasy. Cosmological hyperphysical proof of existence suffices provisionally. 

We provide a realm of jubilation as an explanation of the resistance to normal metabolic behaviour irrespective of what it corresponds to in regards to body temperature.

Heat is a steam comet. 

Sensory experience is not a phenomenon conditioned by human kind. It is conditioned by streaks of naiveté.

The supreme penalty is that defence mechanisms are processes of selection essential to metabolism which we dispute.

We do not believe in aerobic activity because it possesses our souls with unprecedented aggression.

Oytcho Visha is a cult which nobody in a similar fashion can duplicate. Without cults, devastation is free to expand however the cause social production is injected into the economy.

Under a cult system you don’t have to speak your own mind; the cult does it all for you. Speaking your own mind isn’t an exciting contribution to your future.

Our body mechanisms have immunity from etiquette.

Be cautionary of the elaborate glory of life because it is all created by biochemists and health administrators banning drugs that provide us with personal salvation.

Diverse factors inherited and confirmed by the human population are under certain circumstances a manifestation of fascism which cannot be redirected or eliminated no matter what biological specification you encounter.

We speculate upon the value, reputation and selection within the human race not merely determined in accordance with the environment immediately transmitted to our brains, which are not given the priority of expression because they do not accrue the highest mental processes. Only drugs allow you to do this.

Spatial configurations of the organism are noticeably absent.

How to create a cult: persuade people with your commands where the objective biological significance of life occurs irregularly.

Oytcho Visha is a sanctuary for dissidents not authorized by divisions or hierarchies which are an obstacle to our claims of being combatants in the cultural cold war, from which we have no other outside stimulation.

Even fatigue is enjoyable if you follow the procedures of a cult and are detached from normal life which determines your metabolism, which is not guarded by spectators or admirers with incontestable rights to examine us.

We discriminate against the mass movement and desires of those that seek participation in mass culture to saturation point.

We do not salute or worship the proliferation of life which has tractability.

Our economy progresses through the natural mechanisms of fascism in both financial and intellectual ways for those that don't have an aesthetic education because it is forced under lockdown.

We tackle the peripheral atrocities and injustices of the modern world by cleaning up their ubiquity with suggestive evidence of effort and organization.

Our transdisciplinary frontiers of power rely on drugs for empowerment, without the need for doctors regrouping their forces around stereotypes and myths regarding so-called 'drug addiction'.

The saddest part of modern culture is that people require addictive medication to be able walk without linearity relevant to motion. Instead what should occur is reliable evidence of confusion and convulsions which government robs us of.

The war on drugs is unwarranted because drugs make you the subject of serenity. It is a victimless crime and the banning of drugs immensely enhances criminal society.

We confess that under current drug laws unparalleled social disorder and crime comes out of dormancy and resonates around the primitive environment of the globe, without the slightest interference of parameters of retreat unless you have induced feelings admissible as madness.  

We wish to rework the bottleneck of primitive emotions which we have an indistructible indifference to.

We do not work in symbiosis with geo-political worlds which require jurisdictions.

Hesitate when anybody tries to provide you access to the spreading factors of reality because it is the object of so much research that it will turn you into a disguised convalescent for onlookers to fragment your identity as cognitively transparent. 

As organisers of a conspiracy, you are witness to reality's dismissal throughout whatever road you're heading down in the world, which gives rise to aesthetically relevant reactions.

Take conventional deep despair normally carried within ourselves, and instead transmit it to the outside world.

The perpetuity of pride does not acknowledge irregularities or facilitate permutations of culture.

Our schedule has relevance for aesthetics and art; it is not inherited by the characteristics of living organisms and their metabolic reactions.

The civilizing constraints of humanism are banished so that you cannot confide in them anymore, because they create internal tension you cannot defect from unless you take drugs.

At Oytcho Visha we have a cellular pattern of a dictatorship.

Ariseth a way of ruling the world in practically every issue, justice and education respectively, although justice is ill-defined as yet.

We disclose that we will one day destroy the modern internet with artistic activity as a signal to restrain all website territorial activity, restricting ourselves to our own cultural motifs and entities.

We are not tenacious specimens preventative of war because this way of life is sterile with inertness multiplying in our tissues we are defenceless against because it has a convenient linkup to fascism and its acquaintances of maximum power.

Oytcho Visha is a frantic response to the present manners of people around the globe which are only spotted essentially by being a member of a cult commensurable with doomsday which is not compensated for by theoretical debate from friendly foreign sources.

Doomsday protagonists are only doing their job. They are not influenced by changes in their environment unless it gives them convulsions and other modifications of anatomy which we treasure.

Global leaders provoke a state of alertness which cannot be profoundly altered unless you take drugs to metamorphosize research and discovery of appropriate approaches to the brain.

We support artists and musicians that acquire a sumptuous dichotomy with mainstream culture as criterion for their existence.

Moreover we evoke a unique and privileged general essence which will never endure proper metabolism.

State your claim on an unbridled cultist atmosphere in the whole object of your experience and do not regress to become a living being.

Our cult is crammed full of conspiracies which dissect the protocols of modern institutions.

In the modern world there is unforeseen fragmentation we cannot retreat from, thus war is inevitable.

We try to accompany policies in this deadly world with as much finesse as possible, which is opposite to the nature of war.   

When understanding life, agreement is not always necessary, even through a minimum prompting by people blameworthy of relative volumes of potential varieties of nihilism we have an affiliation to.

A full on cascade of nihilism is a promising field if you have specific energies dependent upon cold sensations not replaceable by thermal phenomena woven from the external environment.

There is no correctitude we know of in our geographical circumstances other than launching an all-out war rebuilt to the specifications of the cold war you confine yourself to.

We implore a renunciation of consciousness transferred to normal humans defiant of life, just like being the recipient of the chemical nature of a drug holocaust transmitted singly across the world, which reconstructs cultures selectively separate from the locomotion of the animal and plant worlds for instance. 

Our enterprise has high purity until eternity, neglecting or effacing factors of normal human hereditary irrevocably.

We have no respect for anybody with an installation of life because it is wilfully misleading and not sufficient to destroy reason in detectable amounts.

Our resolution to reform the world is through esoteric riddles which defy visibility and speech and other life-support mechanisms.

We embrace conscious intellectual activity bound for nowhere.

Our application of power is mosaic in a cutaneous way, we celebrate differences in skin colour of people as an oddity viewed against a backdrop of claims, judgements and convictions of the fallacy of pure whiteness.

We do not provide stereotyped human practices and there spreading influence either naturally or in an experiment.

We plan to create a news agency in the near future which breaches the networks of modern culture in an obscure fashion, corresponding roughly to a takeover of all news and media channels, especially Facebook.

Facebook is the internet for dummies; and there are some vain sods on there.

Facebook creates havoc of our privacy as a reflex phenomenon to our hermetically sealed lives.  

On Facebook, humans are on display superimposed by crude vanity which does not afford the best defence against the highest possible unity among mankind.

Facebook is a corporate industry spanning its way into our homes like a cystic duct. It is a drongo conference. 

The appearance and internal structure of Facebook converts culture into a lazy cavalry.

Facebook is prefigured as a mimetic puppet economy you pay service to as you implode.

Facebook is becoming a loquacious e-commerce platform. People like each other as a dealership of programmed human-shaped ornaments which break easily right before you, which is of immediate concern.

Through cowardly using free internet services, Facebook users are the modern version of the proletariat:

There are plausible reasons enough that they have all been deliberately engineered as peasants.

The major problem with Facebook is that it comes for free. Infatuation that comes for free will progressively become as functionally mundane as the pyloric sphincter.

It makes it uncomfortable for everybody, that on social media sites such as Facebook, one’s own personal timeline is fissured and pitted with advertisements.

Because of Facebook, a significant proportion of human rituals are purged, and hitherto it is rendered in your cellular matter which is a constituent of your destruction. 

Facebook along with You Tube are places where mongrels thrive.

Facebook and other social media sites are fast becoming a pit stop for sodomizers.

To bulldoze the Facebook Kingdom is one of our chief aims. There will be damn stuff breaking everywhere totally.

The social network will be screwed terminally.

Facebook is a teenage craze, it is not distributed for adults trying to revive old traditions with idiotic enlightenment.    

Facebook is a morbid assignment implicit in its provenance of pain and thermal sensations of different intensities.

Twitter and the prehistoric chirps coming out of it will also soon become obsolete; someway, somehow it will be all over. They should all be taken to the dump really because they provisionally occupy ourselves with imposing rubbish difficult to clear by the sphere of mortal beings with the predilection of becoming immortal. 

Twitter is peacock culture. There are people on there chirping their little frocks off.

P.S: A solipsist refers to a person who believes there is no such thing as truth or justice. The organism is a physical object with no outside influences.


                                     Adjacent Conspiracies 

On more practical terms we are an anti-government publishing house based in southern New Zealand.

We do not have the utmost hesitation for a governmental stand off. 

We are also an outlet for the mounting pressure from foreign observers.

We are a haven of xenophobia; we hardly absorb at all politics of other countries spread out over the surface of the earth, because they are constrictory of various elements of the presence or absence of propulsion internal or external to a greater or lesser extent making it plausible for obtaining satisfaction in and of itself through thick or thin.  

Through our interference with conspiracies we are in no way adjacent to the spirit of New Zealand under our current capacity of political schemes which possess our somatic disposition with chronic destruction. 

In face of every problem prioritization depends solely on host resistance to authority, which need demolishing.

We have uncouth policies to counteract the development of politically correct generalizations.

We aim to compete in the next election to contest New Zealand governmental power and dictate New Zealand politics to the world eventually. We are currently a politic party in New Zealand, albeit unregistered as we didn't get the minimum number of voters necessary in the last election to become a bona fide political party. Obviously governments have means of restricting new political parties.

We don’t reveal many of our policies because they are a catastrophic secret address encountered from everywhere.

We make unexpected deductions about the human race not found in any branch of science with objective familiarity.

In New Zealand politics there are no invincible remarkable personalities creating unforgettable moments. Government develops clarity and translucency which attacks the organism worse than war does. 

Government creates an exhaustion of opinions frequently and commonly appertaining to oppression with maximum frequency and becoming increasingly obtrusive as a thermal sensation. Governments have created global warming as a simple signal to reduce pollution in our sensory pathways.

Whoever rates this country as fantastic must be spastic, because it is full of atrocities and injustices characteristic of a waking state.  

Nationwide instructive oppression is tempting in a way because it makes you aware that you cannot trust government absolutely enough to save yourself.

Rational doctrines are hard-to-find monologues with a magnitude of moroseness confirmed by experiments of no biological interest.

Psychotic activity prevails here somewhere outside the body.

Being yourself is not always good, because it is horrible when you can’t get out of yourself.

Confirmed sightings of demented social circles create pure bliss.

We don’t have a reputation for celebrating the guidelines of life and love reciprocally.

We wish for the termination of employment of sociable, human politicians.  

We don’t cascade in perpetual motion with the finest people on Earth.

We make multiple trips into faulty distortions of reality, generating sheer potential for conducting receptors of fantasy chemically induced without stimuli from the outside world. 

Natural or acquired, we will have precarious success in reconstructing reality as art, illustrating unity people will struggle to become acquainted with on the basis that we have unconscious pathological themes at our disposal creating the disappearance of rules and norms.

We have a myriad of traditions, but few people in attendance immediately available to transform them into sensations, so we demand reparations from the social sphere.  

Our personal representatives are not responsible for regulating the state of wakefulness thus are not capable of integration into the mainstream.

Specific types of behaviour the mainstream requires of us such as prolonged thought we are consigned to suspiciously with a crippled state unfolding with trustworthy results.

This is a complete contrast to the outside world which invariably observes failure in the remainder of the length of your vague charges of ascribed consciousness. 

We facilitate the effects of nihilism without recourse to reality or any other sympathetic system of life which increases cerebral activity.

Mass culture is a suppression of isolation for which there is no braking mechanism.

In the modern world parties are biffed, festivities thieved, excitement is botched, feeling good is impossible, bliss is shackled and there are no exhibitions to be admired to satisfy you. No wonder so many people have dementia.

Developing dementia, it might just happen without realizing it that our brains are indissolubly connected habitually, even if you don't know who's who.

We have an ongoing feeling for patients with dementia because nothing really happens in their minds to put a burden of reality on them by any fraction.

Protect your disabled privacy.

Without the assimilation of drugs the human body is a structure responsible for doing nothing which fulfills in any facilitated or elucidated way. The body is only employed theoretically by detestable subordination.

The gentleman’s guide to life is a repulsive destination. Find salvation elsewhere if you do not want to uphold the squadron of human nature.

Oytcho Visha is the home of obscure and forbidden sentiments not civilly treated in advance to enable the overall process of the recuperation of the chronicles of the human race.

Pushing on forwards, life is deemed uninhabitable without the possibility of reconstitution by any international administration spectrum.

The greater degree of integration is all out of kilter because the interior of the body has no defence unless you belong to a cult or alliance to create your physical identity preferentially as routine without any open conversations or negotiations. 

Without any connections or continuities to fate we acquire new characteristics not due to any measure of reality harnessed to oppress us or outmanoeuvre us because our enterprise has a convulsive dimension effective against a wide range of oppressive mechanisms.

Our imperative is to turn New Zealand into a distinct independent imperialist state which has a regulatory action which does not accumulate dangerous influences from the rest of the world founded by scientific discoveries.

How MMP politicians think is excruciatingly resistant to razzamatazz; moroseness does not retreat. Under MMP politics the cultural cold war is indiscernible. MMP politicians create a massive contribution to morose trends, with an unconditional surrender to crassness.  

In New Zealand there are restrictive devices which no longer enable you to exist. They have banned drugs, and want to have cigarettes banned by the year 2025. The have also proposed banning vaping in public spaces. 

If there is one thing that is certain, New Zealand politics is locked down by fascism like nothing has been seen before because the politician's attitudes are erroneous within their postulated action, shifting harmony from our neuronal network.

Morons are disproportionately represented in the New Zealand political realm.

The human spirit deserves the grief of sadness of no concern to government.

Guaranteed escorts to fantasy failed long ago just as they were potentially capable of creating a network.

Driving everybody loopy is a constant torment unless a global ruler emerges without a conscious state.

Ruling the world surreptitiously, somebody has to do it. 

Capitalist systems are a waste of time if you don’t seek global rule involving the transfer of phenomena enforced confidentially. 

Underneath there is a whole heap of stuff going on which you cannot see from the outside where you cannot look straight inside to from outside influences.  

Regardless of our differences on specific terms and other military matters, we still want to rule the world, without any fundamental observations which reduce our vigour with special detector properties.

The cultural cold war is preliminary to modern warfare, although the enemies are non-specific.

Occupying forces are mobilized for no apparent reason.

Oytcho Visha is not a reconciliation mission of human affairs because all they create is friction.

The consequences of happiness are difficult to define unless you juxtapose the latest trends and fashions.

We create awkward theories and conspiracies which would be slammed by those who believe in mass culture.

Anything which justifies the mainstream we rebuke rather than respond to.

Our geographical circumstances are merely signifiers of our location, so that we are not defeated by diet, stress and exercise.

With belonging to a cult, global conferences are all over and done with.

Oytcho Visha is an outrageous transformation which liberates you from those in command of humanity.

We are an eccentric hiatus from the latest range of labour camps and prisons we call reality.

Due to mass culture European countries have lost their heritage of stamina for generations.  

The world is a very huge and sprawling prison for the moribund classes as well as for prominent civilians.

Chuck men into a reality which depicts no reason within the universe, space or time.

All our ideas will be eventually discarded as surly which is self-imposed by those expressing a desire to participate in our enterprise.

We potter about with political experts only for sabotage purposes.

Dimensions of real time are vulgar because they coagulase with space.

We don’t need anybody to express permission for our plight to regenerate mutagenic elements of culture which causes chaos conveyed by army administrations.

We produce unnegotiable sarcasm cleaved from mass culture which brings you down to the ground and onto your knees.

From your back your legs give way.   

As complex organisms we oppose the judgement of the world, whether finite or infinite, which attracts opportunities and promotions of work which is a casualty even if you don't fight wars.