Broken Citizenries

Note: This site is still under construction

Oytcho Visha is a united underground alliance with the intent of eclipsing modern mass culture, followed through by a negative response to mainstream conventional politics.  

Oytcho Visha is an attempt to turn the New Zealand nation into an imperialist state.

New Zealand will have an underlying allied mystique with inadvertent rational control.

If we were to govern this country we would escape or avoid foreign translucency directly knowable.

We would avoid any non-essential engagements with other countries with unanswered xenophobia.

Because of its integral remoteness New Zealand has a precious advantage in the nearest approximation of global politics.

We are not necessarily assigned to the reign of contemporariness because of our comparative isolation seeping into parliament.

In politics we have a sustainable lagging of stage presence.

MMP politicians come from a pig’s ancestry. 

The political economy is a series of disasters and false premises.

We are not obsessed with kinship with other countries because it would jeopardise the ritualistic invisible world.

We provide heightened appeasement to counteract the demands put on modern civilians, at the same time as working furtively to erase mass culture, which modern cities have abused for years.

Our enterprise has been created for those who think that life unravels as an absurd, scary, demented farce. 

We have an exemption from the criteria of life.

Nothing else comes into the equation apart from compensatory unresponsiveness.

Encyclopaedic exaltations are left vacant.

The atlas is dealt to and forgotten.

Revert to unascertained attentiveness.

Unscheduled disorientations of fine weather.

Our destiny is completely dark. We proceed to deliberately withdraw or detach ourselves from anything which victoriously enlightens.

Enlightened and perceptible qualities of culture which are the predecessors of thought bring death to civilization.

We are isolated from heat and light, which are the exploiters of humankind.

Daytime is a political strategy hacked to pieces if you have a mentor.

Suspicious sunlight stays behind the scenes stratospherically concealed.

Nonrandom history needs massive economic resources to readmit the sun back to outer space.

The hassles of life are an exertion of negligence. Anywhere you go you get the same reception: hassle mania without any diagnostic systems for the vulnerable optimists exerting no control over their life.

The surrogacy of the lowest form of life to emotionally invest in comes with a severe risk of resuming normal sexual activity through contraception against functionalists.

Strange, puzzling and ambiguous forces do not go astray for veterans of psychosis in the process of reorganization and deciphering of family members unduly non-combatant but still with relative impact derivative of adjoining hereditary which has an enormous influence on our neuropathology we are devoted to.

We are threatened by the assumed productive forces of the middle class institute widely administered to incriminate your private thoughts without reparation or safety, but rather through coercion.

Without provocation human existence is a staunch way of staying alive in the bedlam of the model approach to earth which accommodates us without example or rule.

We do not duly acknowledge self-awareness because it is construed from visible regions of mass culture which do not create an interpretative furore.

International global events are doctrinal in their contexts of operation and reject and persecute us as a welcome substitute for behavioural therapy.

Systemic rationalizing forces are presumably done behind closed doors to protect their authority and status because there is too much going on in the outside world.

An epic habitat requires a bold mutiny as the final act of elusive pessimism, not methods and tools.

Our legacy is to maniacally capture the inherent contradictions of a socially and culturally primed industrial age, then integrate them with ceremonial fervour.

Our plotting of darkness puts a malicious freeze on all that is lively and multi-coloured, without suggestion of montage; and finally, we bring the autonomy of colour itself to complete closure.

Those petrified of decadent dark nights should not engage in our way of life.

Daytime is the embodiment of pollution of the gentry.

We embrace the anaesthetic incubation of darkness in all areas of life.

When daytime strikes it is recognized as an exquisite deep trance we are totally committed to unless we are arrested by police, who cause pressure and doubts about the future not taken into account by any detailed cognitive model and other potential threats.

Much of our site is designed upon the consuming power of propaganda and all of its applications and pitfalls.

To avoid being the slave of light requires intensive propaganda rather than simple ideas and impulses you are accused of tolerating.

Our plan here is to abolish the abundance of oppression constantly at work which substantial research cannot reflect due to the neutral signals relayed to us which do not evoke seduction because it is impossible to execute due to a behavioural assessment crisis.

This new-found freedom is a frightening scene to anticipate because of its indifference to all social and political phenomena through self-administered free associations of accumulated thought inexorably eroded.    

Willingness to sacrifice liberal thought helps you cope with things so you can have superiority over them. This rebound effect fortifies your capacity to cope.

Galvanized motivation requires courage attributed to nothingness of the hue of increased desire.

We live in a fragmented world. The integration of our culture and our character we find hard to recognize as a fusion of elements.

World history is blind to the final showdown of material existence.

As a cult realm, we propel our own terminology and designate our own grandeur.

Living on your own without a cult your soul becomes twisted, buckled and neglected due to the kinds of misdirections given to us in the presence of predictors of self-defeating positive entrances into life.

Among other activities, appropriate politics is carried out whether through imagery, memory or a treatise.

Reinforcement by a cult to counteract methods of oppression are required when they are present to such an extent where profound knowledge or courage is needed accordingly for an indeterminate period.

Occultism equipped with absolute fundamental extravagant radical power gives rise to immortality lacking consciousness of people and other variables of innocence lacking instructions and directions mission related.

Our endeavour is to create conspiracies which are a secret mode of transmission incompatible with the slightest interference from the fullest account of the outside world.

We will dominate the World Order without mutual assistance from government delegation doctrinaires whom do a discredit to our alternative modes of arduous juxtaposition which require caution by control freaks lacking knowledge of what it is like to be forced to become human.

This mainly involves taking over the media spheres and internet platforms of the 21st century. 

We don't know what the world needs now, but enchanting methods for devouring the New World Order certainly would suffice. 

Devious domination and exploitation of social spheres provides us with no complacency, which makes us ravenously glad because there is no emphasis on the continual threat of emotion trapped in the body and killing civilians.

With our revisionism we disentangle from unconvincing arguments well received from those with agonizing civilized eternal values we do not consider to be a formative event because it is carried out by the tamers of the contours of reality.

Due to drug laws in the modern world mental disorders are so rampant that they are intimately related to the nonconsenting nihilism of governments not allowing us to strive for the delusions of public declarations and other instrumental behaviours which remain largely suspended big time.

Modulate your admiration towards governments because their reign is outside of humanity and offers nothing throughout your life because it is demonstrable of neurochemical hierarchies.

Our subjectivist biochemistry is controlled by doctors irreverently.

Appropriately for these fragmented times, we advocate the disappearance of public opinion and democracy. Their enveloping structure is not enchanting, thus we have a disinterestedness of them because they are not gloriously affirmed as almost routine cataclysmic commotion which cannot be pillaged.

What use is life on earth without expansive conspiracies which have simultaneous therapeutic use for fanatics?  A world which manipulates us with commercialized fallacies proposing nonalignment with the uncontrollable and unpredictable tease of civilization’s expectations.

As a response to this, Oytcho Visha is an indispensable, all-powerful, omnipotent realm which is a remnant of the enchanting factions present in the era of the cold war.

Perfect peace is claustrophobic.

We seal off survival through subterfuge which is not superficial, supplying similar situations as the source of shenanigans of strategic selfishness of scary spiritual significance you may not stick around for because it is enormously demanding of the ammunition of thrashing self-sacrifice.

Life is a mentally retarded trauma with a preference for molesting us through social conduct which has no respected dialogue because we are ridiculed by the meaning and tradition of being in a human atmosphere which amplifies progenitors of drug reform.

We are commissars of the cultural cold war which has occurred at various stages over the past half century. This is in preparation for the prevalence of fantasies of WW3, which is not to be despised because our empire would risk rigid rejection which does not invoke intention or consciousness when things don’t go our way by traits of discovery should we have to admit as a strong component of neurochemistry reified.  

The cultural cold war is preliminary to modern warfare, although the enemies are non-specific.

We rekindle the wars of old unexplainably which backfire upon us in an impertinent boohooing of a liberal outlook on life.

Occupying forces are mobilized for no apparent reason and so cannot be controlled by liberal gestures of supportive psychotherapy, education or justice.

Oytcho Visha is equipped with a bizarre political manifesto with no clear standpoint.

In a cultural cold war you just don’t know what crops up, but it is not fitting kindness for the purpose of controlling feelings. Yuppies are flushed away as the war climaxes supplying several virtues recognized or rejected.

Oytcho Visha is an imperialist regime, an Empire, where there is an infinite guarantee that nobody knows what’s going on at any certain time as far as the customary norms of behaviour are perpetuated. Norms which are not authorized on a larger scale because they have a high probability of succeeding in a public and verifiable way at our own expense.

To make major advances in history, associations of the past are shaped by nothing consisting of knowledge. They merely consist of our senses of the immediate future affecting the present and the past so that modern life and history are fundamentally the same in the way they neglect us.

Even through modern methods such as psychoanalysis, which requires astronomical requirements of us for our lives to become more regulatory, our sensory pathways are an impediment of vigilance, which is particularly promising because it has roughly the same outcome as other malevolent forces enduring an extinction procedure.

Multi-cultural societies do not work. They produce a profusion of interconnections between people which have no functional significance. 

In such societies building connections, creating communities and looking after each other is impossible.

Volumes of cultures without emotion come to haunt you in a series of disappointments.

In multi-cultural societies people grow up with terrible inequity whilst accounting for their current episode of predisposition to construed life.

Lingering of similarities and differences is the normal distribution of cultures in our isolation period.

A beautiful variation of cultures is dangerous without abstentions.

The last vestiges of safety ratings have no leads thus they are postponed.

People are consummate units of paranoia worth relentlessly evaluating further easily considered as unscheduled lives and careers being destroyed among a cross-section of the populous without a national identity.

Immigration ram raids economic stability and emotional security in ways even clinical psychologists cannot understand.

Being rattled by sorrow is just a masquerade of economic and social factors strong in exposed places of personal incompatibility.

Confused cultural identity fuels instability. Language barriers and cultural misunderstandings are rife and influence a physical state of retardation teasingly.

Because of immigration into European cities, the survival of nations has been smashed. 

Flexible prototypes of lifespans create uncooperativeness.

The vacancy of colour of people does matter. But it is vocal strangers that pre-empt the uncontrollability of white slaves of xenophobia.

Carefully managed attachments to others do not benefit the community in an underlying way. They need occupied by conspiracies targeting political consciousness as an outcome in itself.

European culture is receding and diminishing and is paralleled only by premature Armageddon.

Under multi-cultural societies it is hazardous to be in sync with the credentials of social life because there is not a trace of composure.

People from different cultures do not have invincible connectivity with each other. This is attributable to will power which is developmental of the complete victory of acquired fear.

To counteract this we advocate hypnosis subliminally activated during a resting state as if we were facing an executioner with decisive confrontation all completed and finished and gone. 

Diagnosticians of culture have conditioned reflexes and refuse to accept the aftermath of sleep which can arouse stupefied masqueraders making major advances in prospective factors of psychopathology not limited to or hampered by ethical considerations.

We also offer a gateway from the disorder and incoherence which arises in conjunction with the remnants of the powers and capacities of European culture by making them effectively silenced through the negation of pure understanding without any theoretical output to reminisce over due to inexorably decreased concentration secretly decided.

Forgetting our lessons of humanity in favour of mutinous contradictions and ambiguities creates a barrage of dreams and fantasies for future generations who would otherwise have no physical capacity to facilitate the traditional parade of combat.

Thence arisen is the next cultural cold war as our artistic privilege without vulnerability to democracy or other investigative strategies into culturally patterned behaviour and communiqué and other subsequent banalities stockpiled in government.    

Conformity and submission to authority does not escort our consciousness to undefined and unruly domains because of a fear response and other secret events of perception.

The core of our enterprise is to provide a positive application of assistance for those having a stratum of psychotic reactions to the outstanding discoveries of modern life we wish to vacate from rather than station ourselves within academically.

We endorse drugs of varied chemical nature for those whose cognitive faculties are orientated exclusively towards a state of deprivation and neglect, coupled by alienation, which are not always easily revealed in any settlement.

We aim to create favourable anticipations to downplay this condition we are subordinated by because we declare we have too few sensory fibres not altered by precious and respectable drugs which create aloof life events as their exciting series of unresponsiveness.

Drugs are an absolute necessity if you want to accomplish a way of life shrouded in obscurity in imperfect human time frames and other affective disturbances unresponsive to mass culture.

Drugs should be able to be purchased because they pierce the sanity of our disposition when it is in its critical condition of destruction.

Humanity is not a spectrum, it is a progressive degenerative disorder which oppresses us in order to preserve latent industries.

Male-dominated society is amateurish in its imitations of power it conveys, which is not relevant to reflections on life by any detailed analysis of powerful and binding gender roles you are a victim of.

Working life is deficient of meaning and filled with unforeseen difficulties and diffuse damage to the psyche unless you are working under a prolonged cult alliance showing the positive aspects of the whole confused and disorientated social order we are under as nonprofessionals. 

Without a cult workers have a relation to reality without docile ritual or ceremony which would await you without any self-determination, in spite of your search for things not seen as commonplace or authoritarian, which is an absurdity and an injustice, except in debatable emergencies.

Modern culture has inaccessibility for occultists and creates invariably observed failure even by a conservative estimate.

We represent the annihilation of all your sensibilities you pay sufficient attention to.

So-called observed freedom is due to go into exile due to recent assessments theorists emphasize as a plausible route to cognitive elements of culture which have low reliability for unwilling participants.

Conjectures of the mind are an inexplicable synthesis of conditions defying systematic study.

This makes us resilient to making decisions for ourselves.

In here everybody’s under the impression that we are being hunted down by the medium of life, which is not an adequate medium to defeat us because numerous variants and dramatic elements exist as an alternative to the fundamental qualities of life overall.

This is because the backdrop of the postwar period is perpetrated as probable prolonged profound experience particularly for parents prepared to preach without purporting anything offering protection. 

We freeze pure speculation because it is capable of waking us out of our stupor in different parts of the body for a prolonged time through the postulated existence of our brain membranes.

Our vintage manner of execution will work to our favour in creating variants to modern culture, which is no longer a versatile system and is capable of creating only degenerative phenomena in regards to links with the outside world wherever you have evaded capture. 

This is an enterprise for those that have an innate fear of consistent make or break wide open spaces which we don’t have an actual perception of because they are not biocatalysts of exhilaration.

Made to measure landscapes are a mistake because they are a dangerously threatened territory potentially vile because they require control and responsibility.    

You can't do anything if you look at the big picture of things of a life-threatening size which can only be alleviated by a wrath encompassing the circumference of the world without a perfect example of expanded individualistic interpretation which needs sanctioned.

Distance and movement breaches the privacy we used to reflect upon which has been taken over by public facilities we espionage geographically.

Centralisation is our enemy because it provides us with no suspense in the way we regard the sentiments of life devoid of the lodgings of high society we have nonattendance of.

We are emboldened by the avant-garde Eurocentric and Slavic cultures, specifically to destroy fundamental biochemical reactions to modern mass culture in all cases typical of delinquents and their aftermath of social relationships restricted to neighbourhoods seldom far from spontaneous occurrences of societal disapproval.      

Any deviation of European and Slavic culture needs demolished so we don't have to experience consciousness of it. We erase it from our neuronal networks without fostering a control group.  

Whatever and wherever it is, mainstream culture has the habits and expectations of culturally divergent appearances not associable with ourselves or our organic chemistry which has been molested by drug laws.

Why do distraught sociable people need to be so conditioned rather than being revenge seeking figures? 

European culture is being diminished in a manifold of areas and will inevitably crumble in the totality of things unless it is protected by oppositionists who have serious complaints about mass culture.

Oytcho Visha is a retrospective showcase event where the mysterious recesses of the old world proceed with the frantic manic ambience of an anarchical storm:

A good place to take the wife.


Declaration of Weirdness

Our agenda manifests in part as the science of the human body and how it works. We usurp several medical themes: themes which people might find either beneficial or pathologically warped upon observation or common belief of some sort.

Our aim is to remodel customs without any biological model.

We have an allergy to torsos and nobody does it better.   

We derive knowledge from the physiological conditions of life which require redemption.

Oytcho Visha is a revolutionary cult realm, and we provide the windows into numerous occultist outlets contained within the neural tissue.

Making several approaches to remove reality from everyday life can create a cushioning effect against the ulcerative trends of modern culture.

We will provide next generation solutions to the world's problems. This will enhance whole body wellbeing from the cerebral cortex to the toes.

Oytcho Visha is also being created as a vehement political force to counteract the treacherous scenarios of today's world which attach to our bodies like membranes.

Contrary to modern science, we take a blurred, vague approach to the anatomical and physiological features of the human body, making it near impenetrable to any outside spheres of influence.

Sufficient habitual declaration of weirdness creates empires.

Techniques of extraction of forms of distinctly human depression require the perimeter of our drug laws to be slackened by those that have undergone the great secrecy of occultist transformation.

Under a cult system you don’t have to speak your own mind; the cult does it all for you. Speaking your own mind isn’t an exciting contribution to the backwardness of your future biological hypothesis leaked from government sources.

Our body mechanisms have immunity from the sedimentation of etiquette in our brains.

Be cautionary of the elaborate glory of life because it is all created by health administrators who in a war effort ban drugs that provide us with the best personal salvation which everyone is aware of the placid threshold of.

Diverse factors inherited and confirmed by the human population are under certain circumstances a manifestation of fascism which cannot be redirected or eliminated no matter what biological specification you encounter.

Henceforth spatial configurations of the organism are noticeably absent unless there is a strong positive response from drug use as a valid experience to counteract insufficiencies of morale which turn you into a reject as a result of a ban of all medical treatments which are the elixir of life.

We discriminate against the mass movement and desires of those that seek participation in mass culture to saturation point.

We do not salute or worship the proliferation of life which has tractability of our sensory perception.

We tackle the peripheral atrocities and injustices of the modern world by cleaning up their ubiquity without suggestive evidence of effort and organization and other anatomical defects released from the brain cortex without mature consent.

Our transdisciplinary frontiers of power rely on drugs for empowerment, without the need for doctors regrouping their forces around stereotypes, stigmas and myths regarding so-called 'drug addiction'.

The war on drugs is unwarranted because drugs make you the subject of serenity. It is a victimless crime and the banning of drugs immensely enhances criminal society.

Human misery is not sinister. Drugs should be allocated to us even if it is a rigourous medieval scandal punishable by death.

By banning drugs you activate fascism and whatever other malice which tickles your government's fancy undetected to eliminate their projective image.

People in good states are sent to prison. 63% of people in prison have mental disorders. They are not a matrix of criminals.

Indulgent bliss is not perilous. It is an invariable route to go down for those people handicapped by government regulations and other memorable examples of oppression which make it plausible for you to become psychopathic as a sacred task in all likelihood.

It is a sadistic and callous crime to ban entrusted pleasure enhancers because it will provide a structured approach towards longstanding fascism and its serious side effects stricken with long-lasting confusion. 

We confess that under current drug laws unparalleled social disorder and crime comes out of dormancy and resonates around the globe, without the slightest interference of parameters of retreat.

In our world everybody is insane on an ephemeral basis, some people even have outbursts of insanity everyday in ways which cannot be rehabilitated unless our revolution triumphs without the need of a peace treaty. 

We do not work in symbiosis with geo-political worlds which require jurisdictions.

Take conventional deep despair normally carried within ourselves, and instead transmit the hazard to the outside world upon which many phobias are attached correlated with daily life not worth drawing attention to as a compromise of total commitment without paramount motive for pervasive normalization.

The perpetuity of pride does not acknowledge irregularities or facilitate permutations of the burden of culture which has a resemblance to apparent fascism discovered personally by realisation rather than through an appeal.

Our schedule has relevance for aesthetics and art; it is not inherited by the characteristics of living organisms and their metabolic reactions. We have no guilt embracing the aesthetics of drug use because prohibitionist's circulation of generalizations about drugs simply have proven to be wrong.  

Oytcho Visha is a frantic response to the present manners of people around the globe which are only spotted essentially by being a member of a cult commensurable with doomsday which is not compensated for by theoretical debate from friendly foreign sources.

We support a scenario where artists and musicians can acquire a sumptuous dichotomy with mainstream culture.

Moreover we evoke a unique and privileged general essence which will never endure proper metabolism.

State your claim on an unbridled cultist atmosphere in the whole object of your experience and do not regress to become a living being.

Our cult is crammed full of conspiracies which dissect the protocols of modern institutions.

In the modern world there is unforeseen fragmentation we cannot retreat from, thus war is inevitable whenever it suits as a conditioned aversion from journalists.

We want to get all the terrible things out of this world, but this is problematic because it will ironically involve cold wars.

We try to accompany policies in this deadly world with as much finesse as possible, which is opposite to the nature of war.   

When understanding life, agreement is not always necessary, even through a minimum prompting by people blameworthy of relative volumes of potential varieties of wishful nihilism we have an affiliation with.

There is no correctitude we know of in our geographical circumstances other than launching an all-out war rebuilt to the specifications of the cold war we confine ourselves to not under normal conduction of conditions leading to progressive mankind.   

This is because we are incapable of playing a role of creating promising techniques to explore brain chemistry in the newly emerging field of unfair stress disorders best viewed as erosion of brain chemistry installed in us to expedite perishing and dying, for instance.

We have no respect for any assertion which is not sufficient to destroy reason in detectable amounts.

Our resolution to reform the world is through esoteric riddles which defy visibility and speech and other life-support mechanisms which require response prevention.

Insanity: annihilation of the senses can be induced by this mechanism without any underlying justification or resolution because our attitude changes in an escalation of conflict granting us massive aid.

We embrace conscious intellectual activity bound for nowhere.

Employment of our cognitive faculty which accompanies all thought or logical functions makes us vexatious and we want to flee this feared situation in favour of mutation across our lifespan preceded by masterful reasons for dying in family or society.

Our hypnotic momentum neutralizes the activity of elitism capable of penetrating our cellular matter, which is a contradiction to thinking beings.

We do not provide stereotyped human practices and their spreading influence either naturally or in an experiment.

We also plan to create a political media news agency which breaches the networks of modern culture in an obscure fashion, corresponding roughly to a takeover of all news and media channels, especially Facebook.

Facebook provides unseen and unprecedented access into your private home imagery. It is a somewhat troubled fabricated legacy.

Facebook is the internet for dummies; it is a mosaic drongo conference of reused social life. 

On Facebook children grow up with conflict-arousing cogent vanity, devoid of mandatory fetishes which can change the world. Instead Facebook is clear-cut guilt-provoking.

Why utilize this empty amusement by reason of sanity you are spoilt by through the residue of your social life and other tragedies?        

Facebook is drongos knocking about together with urgent requests to be befriended as a warning signal to your reclusion from opportune moments.

Facebook is a miscarriage of metaphysics because it has no plot precipitated by historical events.

Facebook is a corporate industry spanning its way into our homes like a cystic duct. 

On Facebook you demolish your innocence to the point where your surroundings are enveloped in the unfamiliar yet to be demonstrated by uncertified emotional conflicts you are not called upon to confess.   

Facebook is prefigured as a mimetic puppet economy you pay service to as you implode.

Facebook is becoming a loquacious e-commerce platform. People like each other as a dealership of programmed humans which are not determined by incidental intuition.

Through cowardly using free internet services, Facebook users are the modern version of the proletariat:

There are plausible reasons enough that they have all been deliberately engineered as peasants.

The major problem with Facebook is that it comes for free. Infatuation that comes for free will progressively become as functionally mundane as the pyloric sphincter.

It makes it uncomfortable for everybody, that on social media sites such as Facebook, one’s own personal timeline is fissured and pitted with advertisements.

Because of Facebook, a significant proportion of human rituals are purged, and hitherto it is rendered in your cellular matter which is a constituent of your destruction. 

Facebook along with You Tube are places where mongrels thrive.

Facebook and other social media sites are fast becoming a pit stop for sodomizers.

Facebook is heralded as the pervert's reign surging into our particularly noticeable households.

To bulldoze the Facebook Kingdom is one of our chief aims. There will be damn stuff breaking everywhere.

The social network will be screwed terminally.

It will be broken up in bits and pieces everywhere.

Twitter and the chirps coming out of it will also soon become obsolete; someway, somehow it will be all over for the chatty little birds with human thoughts on there.  

Twitter is birds picking at your ears.

Facebook, You Tube and Twitter are frayed and buggered.

P.S: A solipsist refers to a person who believes there is no such thing as truth or justice. The organism is a physical object with no outside influences.


Swarming Atrophy of Philosophy

Our key aim is to retrieve the zeal government has confiscated from us.

We primarily undertake politics without detection by the postponed status quo.

We are not merry inside because we are servants of government who we don’t benefit enormously from.

New Zealand politics has nothing indicative of entertainment in the context of growing up with more reinforced passivity, and not for standardized assessment procedures in many instances drilled into us.

Under dire immigration policies from previous governments New Zealand culture has been extinguished on an habitual basis.

Overseas input is trespassing the big gap of fundamental aspects of New Zealand life. Hope for the future is switched off with varieties of diversion which are necessary props of no intrinsic value because they have no docile impulse of resistance to be afraid of.

This creates a rationalistic chasm of national significance.

Remember the sceptical abundance of reciprocity we had with government. It’s all gone now.

Fascination remains our only source of defence and not done through conformity of self-interest.

Governments do not have a superabundance of charisma, let alone philosophy and aesthetics the law mimes.

Government steals mutations from us which are not perceived by all parts of the brain in a gratifying manner of restricted experience of humans and other anthropomorphic mistakes.

In New Zealand innovative forces are mummified.  

Government impregnates us with a destructive mode of senseless rituals fundamental to the human condition only by specific diagnoses.

Under current government policies the ultimate thrill of life draws to a mechanical halt.

This mass of neglect grooms us as the sludge of society and other similar therapeutic phenomena because we are grotesque militants whatever measure of rehabilitation we seek conciliation in.

Community standards you are committed to are disabled by ambivalence. Retractions and ambiguities are components and subsystems derived from the eventual retrieval process of life.

By retractions we mean we are a reign of obnoxious reflex reactions to modern life.   

In New Zealand politics there is no outstanding dramas; special milestones don’t come along, which creates inert membranes and psychomotive disturbances which have no deterrent effect on subversion.

This is why we want to create Oytcho Visha as an Empire rather than a publishing house or political party.  

New Zealand government run under the MMP platform is a broken system. Why would you want to keep something that is broken?   

The indecisive stimuli of MMP governments is an atrocity. MMP is a fragile escort into the political realm.

MMP politics is a childish stand-off.

MMP politics is pretty ho-hum stuff and contributes to misery secretly as an epoch in itself we are continually bombarded by  along with other higher dignitaries.                                

We are inspired by the anti-Soviet publishing house Posev, who supplied musical material and equipment to Grazhdankaja Oborona, a punk band based in Siberia in the 80's and 90's.

The band was run by the leader singer Egor Letov, who originally exhibited punk values, but in his later albums reconfigured his works to radicalism of the virulent far right nationalistic variety. He turned his back on anarchy in order to make Russia sacred and immune to immigration.

Anybody embracing an Anglo-European-Soviet furore unaccountable to nobody is a member of our mission.

All we are trying to do is save the last vestiges of European culture which serves as a transition from insecurity to stability.

We are also an outlet for the mounting pressure from foreign observers who provide promising methods of relapse in the way we utilize our community which invades us.

We are a haven of xenophobia; we hardly absorb at all politics of other countries spread out over the surface of the planet as conspicuous features of futility.

Through our interference with conspiracies we are in no way adjacent to the spirit of New Zealand under our current capacity of political schemes which possess our somatic disposition with chronic destruction. 

Prioritization depends solely on host resistance to authority.

We have uncouth policies to counteract the development of politically correct generalizations.

We aim to compete in the next election to contest New Zealand governmental power and dictate New Zealand politics to the world eventually.

We don’t reveal many of our policies because they are a secret address encountered from large-scale advances into a world of obscurity absent among adults unless they take drugs to modify their depiction of thinking and actions if afforded the opportunity.

In New Zealand politics there are no invincible remarkable personalities creating unforgettable moments. Government develops clarity and translucency which attacks the organism worse than war does. 

Whoever rates this country as fantastic must be spastic, because it is full of atrocities and injustices characteristic of a waking state.  

Rational doctrines are monologues with a magnitude of moroseness confirmed by experiments of no biological interest.

Defects in the system cause mental retardation well anticipated because they have no liveliness when you make your first commemorative appearance in life.

Psychotic activity prevails here somewhere outside the body.

Psychotic syndromes are an absolutely beautiful disorder because they have no respect or gratitude for your state of mind.

Being yourself is not always good, because it is horrible when you can’t get out of yourself via a dichotomy with your brain.

Dementia drives our cerebral cortex rhythms that occur in convulsions not realized through precursors of assisted learning.

We wish for the termination of employment of sociable, human politicians and other seemingly troubled but nondepressed hideous people who need reformed in a silent conspirational manner.

We don’t cascade in perpetual motion with the finest people on Earth because it is an obstacle to our welfare.

We have a myriad of traditions, but few people in attendance immediately available to transform them into sensations, so we demand reparations from the social sphere.  

Our personal representatives are responsible for the mimicry of the state of wakefulness, thus are not capable of integration into the mainstream.

The definition of Mimicry is “The action or skill of imitating someone or something, especially in order to entertain or ridicule.”

We don’t pull ourselves out of bed to glance out to the unheard of manipulation of the world, with only outlawed clowns giving us temporary respite.

Specific types of behaviour the mainstream requires of us such as prolonged thought we are consigned to suspiciously with a crippled state unfolding with trustworthy results.

We facilitate the effects of nihilism without recourse to any demarcation of reality or any other sympathetic system of life which increases cerebral activity.

Those with normal brain development usually have attitude problems.

In any emotional dimension something bad will happen because of specific objects or events that set them of greatly out of proportion by confession.

Mass culture is a suppression of isolation for which there is no braking mechanism of paternal affection.

Without the assimilation of drugs the human body is a structure responsible for doing nothing which fulfills. The body is only employed theoretically by detestable subordination of universal meaning.

The gentleman’s way of life is a repulsive and embarrassing predicament not rectified through appeal. 

Model citizens are impatient for spiritual enslavement because they are spared the burden of known patterns of troublesome quarrels and other excursions from the fake symptoms of everyday life.

We wouldn’t recognize the scale of model citizens unless you pointed it out within the plague of coherent framework of real life.

Oytcho Visha is the home of obscure and forbidden sentiments not civilly treated in advance, signalling a tragic end to the absorption of colour in our bodies, whether we have clinical impressions of being black or white.

Life is deemed uninhabitable without the possibility of reconstitution within the physical risk factors of the international administration spectrum. Competitiveness and ambition are not for everybody, but they prove decisive in any case.

Our imperative is to turn New Zealand into a distinct independent imperialist state which has a regulatory action which does not accumulate dangerous influences from the rest of the world founded by the era of scientific discoveries and their different affective ranges.

MMP politicians show no mercy for art and aesthetic accomplishments and have no recurrent grotesque or comic elements because they are too self-assured by their conditioned reflexes.

In New Zealand there are restrictive devices which no longer enable you to exist. They have banned drugs, and want to have cigarettes banned by the year 2025. They have also proposed banning vaping in public spaces. 

If there is one thing that is certain, New Zealand politics is locked down by fascism like nothing has been seen before.

One other thing exemplary of fascism in New Zealand is that we are not allowed to drink alcohol in outdoor public spaces. 

New Zealander's can't drink in public.

We live under the surging standard social conditions similar to what the Taliban would implement. This is stupidly dumb.

Morons are disproportionately represented in the New Zealand political realm, thus we oppose all their faculties and messages they pose to us grievously.

The human spirit deserves the grief of sadness of no concern to government. In regard to its methods of procedure government will reach vanishing point without being able to reproduce itself, even in an abstract portrait.

Because of government, guaranteed escorts to fantasy failed long ago just as they were potentially capable of creating a network without consent.

Nostalgically, Oytcho Visha is not a reconciliation mission of human affairs, because it requires heightened vigilance of widespread emotional symptoms leading to your identification.  

The consequences of happiness are difficult to define unless you juxtapose the latest trends and fashions.

We create awkward theories and conspiracies which would be slammed by those who believe in peremptory mass culture.

Anything which justifies the mainstream we rebuke rather than respond to with increased concentration demanded by our exploiters.

Our geographical circumstances are merely signifiers of our location, so that we are not defeated by diet, stress and exercise.

Oytcho Visha liberates you from those in command of humanity and the demands they put on you.

We are an eccentric hiatus from the latest range of labour camps and prisons we call reality.

The world is a very huge and sprawling prison for the poorer classes as well as for prominent civilians in our centralized economy under conflict through incomprehension refusing to come to the fore. 

Due to mass culture European countries have lost their heritage, but with transformational potential this problem can be tackled in various ways, so that the problem can be progressively diminished through several controlled studies causing dashed hopes of destruction which society teaches you.

One way of dealing with this problem is to chuck men into a reality which depicts no reason within the universe, space or time. 

Dimensions of real time are vulgar because they coagulase with space.

We potter about observing political experts only for sabotage purposes rumoured as a scandal of social differences and values.

We treat chaos as it is conveyed in time and space by quasi army administrations, so that you will never be lonely anymore.

As complex organisms we oppose the oppression of conventional labour, which is agnostic, disjointed and multi-cultural, which is a casualty even if you don't fight wars.

Recall that one day humans had souls attempting a chimerical status precipitated by no source of political necessity.

In politics you only get one chance to witness divine revolutionary events of revenge.

Politics requires of you abnormal reproductions of life no matter how outlandish they are taken as a random sample which you are not preoccupied by in its scope.

It just makes things that much easier when you know it is now or never and you are not just an innocent bystander.

Individual intuition traced by authorities is displaced before they can indoctrinate and dominate you with theories of life with sheer optimism which the mind is not prepared for.

This is a withdrawal of the accusation that people can’t combine in reactionary forces of inquisitive pessimism.