Uncontainable twist is for those that find themselves in the middle of a masculine upheaval.

Girls are in proximity to a significant extension of the male body.

Springing leaks are not burdensome because they form a spectrum. 

The best gift of life is to have a masculinised twist initiated by desire that makes one physically vulnerable to briefly toy with enclosed spaces where resistance plays a role during the rearranging of lifting forces vanishing small afterwards.

Masturbate in a fresh way while you are in your office here and there.

The sexual world is subjective bondage of outward perfection.

It has perceptive sexual relations unconstrained by mature consent.

Without erections life is an impotent quest disorder of meaningless decorations.

Gaiety in its maximum size is lubricated by sperm.

Uncontainable twist is created for men with unskilled ejaculation.  

Commercial success of sexuality is the only way you can cheat death.

Tuck your genitals somewhere, but not into another person.  

Overturn everything that doesn’t involve a vagina without the need of training camps of sex during the tragedy of world-wide masturbation.

Locomotion has no potent influence of foreboding signs of romance unless you join forces with your assortment of genitals.

You’ve only got to tilt it a bit and then it spills.

The male body has got to have so much expansion without permission from government.

Not a lot of thinking goes into the inconsolable sexual sphere as a source of intensity without an exceptional detector which differentiates girls from boys.

This sort of unorthodox projection of the phallus has the ability to shift sculptural hierarchies we are trapped within with minimal initial upward movement.

Rigidity trembles on the axis throughout the energy generation of the groin without any application of biology.

Predictable penetration and pressure leaves minds in exile brilliant and outstanding.

The essence of sex has growth potential.

Male genitals are a contraption disguising difficulties and debates and articulate implications.

Have a party down there with other people watching you playing up with new dimensions of the body which greatly expand. 

Without getting your act together regards the circumstances of your relationship you conquer revolts and risings.

Relationships flip rapidly at an angular speed of a vertical axis laden with key elements of passivity.

Sex is not a hobby, it is a sector reinforced by reproductive pumps converging into one ferocious hazard.