Stolen stomach is a website for those that have anorexia; they have an impersonal relationship with the core of their diet.

Food is not lovely. It is servanthood of death.

Disinfection from anorexia is a double farce; you are no longer allowed to live, neither you are unable to die.

Delicious materials are not made of food.

Appetite is broken up into little pieces.

Those with eating disorders deserve impervious knighthood.    

Stomachs are afflicted by a bewildering array of nutritional energy.

Foods are ambushed merely by functions of sugar.

Long or short term food fantasies are concealed rather than harnessed for the majority.

Foods trespass the mouth.

Any amount of reasoning suited to taste is a body cavity.

The meaning of life is a left over last-minute replacement for external diet.

Take the gastrointestinal parts of your body out because they are an automated impediment.

Food is traumatizing death chowder which requires emergency crews.

Cyber autopsies: Let’s get the bad out of the way first, because they are modifications made for people, not dieticians.

If you are perfectly healthy you are in a daze of consumption.

Pretend your tummy is all full urgently.

Love emptiness as a ritual counter-productive to diet.

Foodies are culinary robots.

Cool earth is a decorated dismissal of diet.

With anorexia you are insulated from swallowing.

Gutlessness is the greatest scientific experiment without rebate.

Eating is a total waste of time but nobody sees this as a periodic arrangement.

The stomach is property only partly owned by you. Government controls what you consume.

Food is a gory unattractive reference frame for diet.

Everybody and everything starves at some point. You couldn’t ask for better in the aftermath of normal life.

There is a choice not to be indebted to the visual approach to food.

The blunder of appetite ceases in all you need to know which is exactly what you need because there is a bunch of arbitrary food products on the market indoctrinating our neuroses.

Any notion of food doesn’t affect us in any way whatsoever.

There might not be anybody in alternative existence that conceives the notion of food because it damages artistic intention.  

They envy only conspiracies that do not transverse anything that consists of a diet. The stomach mass is redefined as a conspiracy which has no contractions or other nongravitational forces whatsoever unless seen as an artistic method.

Foods represent universal impermissible nutrition which only have value or interest for beasts.

All people’s lives become fictional figures if you lose your appetite while doing favours for the new world.

Governments decide what we surrender to consume as they conduct their business which leaves us captive.

Hunger is an unfamiliar occasion rarely individualized but part of the vestiges of culture.

The stomach is not an absolutely amazing nutritive sphere, so it doesn’t matter if it gets stolen or immediately exposed to forthcoming wrecking activities pushed forward by an economic crash.

Eating seasonal food is an unkind flux which brings life-affirming destruction and other accessories to the remaining human body after surviving the education spectrum.