Polar stupor refers to an horizon without revolutions.  

Never leave the prodigal echoes of winter. 

The world is round due to quaint superstition on a circular scale.

The earth’s axis has a crooked stem.

You do not throw the daily requirement of fits in a round world.

There is no such serenity as resumed concact of emotional trauma.

The contours of earth are scattered black mail.

Aspire to live anywhere else other than the shaft of planet earth.

The earth does not have a responsible surface to commit to.

We are the driving force behind the abyss of polar exploration.

Casual intimacy transcends defensive fractions of the polar population.

Polar stupor is a battered levelling of life on earth. The borderline round world is too desolate to contemplate because scientists and meteorologists put the mocker on it.

Scientists orientate process with vision, conjuring the earth as a revolving sculpture without permission.

Without believing in a flat world the horizon is disruptive.

Do not acknowledge that Mankind owns the entire terrestrial globe as current news of interest.

Do not rotate in full formation with the earth. Nature itself is a carousal of morons.

Dregs of a slice of the planet are not an imaging ornament.

Obscure frustrations are on the far side of the key image of the planet, where campaigns make no difference.

Hang on to the perimeter of indifference.

The world is an atlas because gravity has been demoted.

The atlas is a benchmark mesh trapping us all.

Genius condensation will cure a great part of world climate issues.

Nobody knows how the horizon and everything else that comes up as an inward component of life dismembered.

The complete loop of knowledge has no radius.

Lose responsibility for your mind and speech and create a compressed fetish which has no global parameters slowing you down.

Gross public demonstrations and other provocations about climate change made by environmentalist troops and politicians they keep repeating are not reinforced to a great extent. 

The circumference of the earth is not good for everybody.

The admired discovery that the world is round is a hapless realization.

This site does not tackle universal commonplace issues.

Depart from sky plans.

Dismantle all regimental materialism around the world whatever the drift of density or direction of decay it is dependent on disastrously through dubious delirium which is not a delightful force of rearranging the atlas.

Any request of being active and connected to the world requires a covert peace treaty.

Animate a flee from the world.

Energy vibrates back and forth in all directions generally not considered lenient towards technical data.