Creation Jab is all about illustrating how drugs can be used for religious and spiritual purposes.

Drugs create rogue boundless joy but authorities are making rapid progress in scrambling to prohibit them to their absolute delight.

Drugs are unrelated therapy not in concordance with our own investigation of wellbeing.  

Without drugs life is merely an illustration of human societies.

Lifetime secrets do no thrive or become inclusive without restrained and sensitive drugs.

The choice of nostalgic belief is kept secret by modern governments.

Object to defensive watchers whom do not involve the vocal cords under the properties of marijuana.

There is no such thing as organic satisfaction.

Suddenly see a replacement of your life.

Life is a common experiment in an inhumane way unless you take psychotropic drugs such as LSD.

Drugs maladaptive to reality occupy significant areas of defiance of random samples of authority.

Uprooting the use of psychoactive drugs unveils the hidden port of the brain.   

There is no lewd recompense from freezing obsessive compulsive drug use.

Adhere to a long distance caution from our drug laws which are an endless triumph of resinous government.   

Without swallowing drugs acknowledged as a fetish the body tissues become a secretion of hopelessness without the ability of retrieval.  

Drugs are good for you if you enjoy reminiscing about your unresolved life.

Back to back coolness of amphetamines do not provide confrontation, they are passive drugs.  

The brain is a reckoning if it is deprived of drugs and their ultrasonic intensity of lost youth.

Guaranteed transgressors of time offer no glimmer of hope unless they purport drug use and other aesthetic interests.

Drugs help you rediscover the person you used to be, without raw government intervention, so long as no one goes near it.

Don’t believe in sweet talking wakefulness because it maltreats you.

Drugs provide possible answers of how to recreate the awe of childhood and all kinds of things.

Complain about the repressed strivings of mature people with grounded potential.

Many drugs put you into a passive daze, but they are all illegal.

Drug laws deprives us of a resolute sleep, they should be a commercially available virtually unregulated retreat. 

Doctors guillotine your circulation by not suppling drugs.

Drug detectors searching everyone will be on the run.

Any breed of straightness is a burden on language and freedom.

Government kills erotic experiments by object or reference or causing a large potential drop in the interpreted freedom of mood producing nothing every now and then. 

Without reality follow the way apparitions go frequently.

Drugs have been banned due to impenetrable crooked safety considerations.

Rhys Dane